Gang Stalking: Truths From Untruths

This really is a hidden business. For the people instigating it, they feel justified to do this and will also know that the target will not be believed. I don't doubt that mental illness is real but the actual physical stalking of a person whether by one obsessed person or many people in a gang is real; it is this which can drive a person insane and then, if treated, only the symptoms of gang stalking are treated and not the root cause; the gang stalking.

All complaints of gang stalking shouldn't be just written off as the person being mentally ill but should be looked into. There should be a questionnaire given to the person quizzing them on what they have experienced to determine if it is just mental health or something more.

I do somehow feel though, whether I am right or wrong, that there is something not quite right about the way society perceives a person being stalked by a gang; you get stalked by 1 person that you know and you are taken seriously but get stalked by many people that you don't know and that use Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques (a well known phenomenon among the hypnosis community) and you are written off as an insane fool.

I am not one of those people that believes all the lies about 'seeing through walls' and things like that as I believe that that is an attempt to discredit us; to make us look even more insane than we are already perceived to be. Another thing a lot of websites say is that it is government controlled; well I am fairly skeptical on that one also and I also believe that is an attempt by them to make us look like illogical conspiracy theorists.

Stalking is a real, logical, technical phenomenon. The only reason why victims of gang stalking normally go on to develop mental illness is because if they tell anybody they are not believed so it is the isolation which causes them to develop mental illness and the gang stalkers know this is to their advantage.

I like to keep an open mind and have a full rounded way of thinking about things and perhaps some of what I am about to mention is a mere coincidence but I ask you; are these things normal?

> Having a sense that something is not quite right.

> Having a man walking right behind you and clicking with his tongue

> Seeing certain men more than once and them giving you piercing stares

> Standing next to you and then they put their hand in their pocket and jangle money for no reason whatsoever.

> Quite a few times, noticing that when I get up to get off the bus a man sitting in front will stick their leg out across the isle even if they aren't getting off.

> If I notice them in the street and I walk towards them they stop exactly where they are and look into a shop window, normally tilting the head up and to the left with a weird look. Yes, a lot of people look in shop windows and that is normal but when you pick up a pattern then it just seems rather weird.

> A while ago, when I doubted even more that what I was seeing was anything like this, there was a man just standing on the opposite side of the road from me when I was waiting for the bus and he didn't take his stare off me. When I looked at him, he nodded at me, not in a friendly way but in a kind of creepy way.

> When I went on holiday once, there was several men that I picked out that acted rather suspicious and even my mom noticed some of their actions. This was also back when I had more doubts than I do now.

On the nighttime when we were enjoying a singer at the holiday venue; there was a man across the room from me who never clapped and was looking straight at me with a very evil look on his face. I just write it off as me being paranoid; then there was something my mom also saw and told me in the room and that is that he had made a 'slit throat' gesture with his finger to me as-well.

Later in the holiday, we noticed someone rather strange in the hotel opposite us; when we sat outside for a cigarette we noticed that in the top room of the hotel opposite there was a man staring right down at us; it wasn't a pretty view where we sat and he was sitting, literally, right by the window.

Don't get me wrong, I cannot be certain that this is all connected and perhaps it isn't, perhaps I am deluded but it is beginning to seem a bit weird to me. So I have written this to tell anyone in this kind of situation that you are not alone in this and that we should form together and stay strong. They may have many advantages over us but we should follow through; taking every day as it comes no matter what.

I found a helpful video on Youtube by a woman who seems to know what she is talking about if you want to take a look:
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Thru-wall detection is either (a) thermography or microphones or hidden cameras (b) use of ground-penetrating radar, to locate the position of targets in home or other buildings. GPR is also used to cause arm. It is microwave technology. Other wavelengths can be used (infrasound can also be used for inducing middle ear activation, to induce imbalance (when you get up, you are dizzy or lose balance), and to to mimic speech (V2K) and also higher frequency wavelengths for laser like damage to ears, eyes or hands, feet (sudden pain or injury).

NOTHING the stalkers use is super secret - much of it is available for sale on the internet. Furthermore, the USDOD has readily accessible public information POSTED on their website concerning the development, testing and use of similar anti-personnel weapons/technology.

This is NOT MKULTRA or any of the government-backed actions you see postulated by many victims. This is NOT Masonic super secret activity. This is plain-old, vanilla envelope type syndicated mob activity, in a new package, since they teamed up with the globally connected drug cartels more than 20 yrs ago, in an effort to fight back at US and allied nations working to bust up global criminal syndicates.

This is war, and the drug cartels have instituted in NATO nations, the same types of psychological warfare that is employed at home (in the Middle East, South and Central America, and North Africa and Central Europe and Asia).

The DHS Fusion centers are used to find targets and the information is then fed to the syndicate forces to use targets to train new recruits, and to fuel the high demand among hard core gamers for reallife targets for 'group military' action. The Gamers are already addicted to the idea of hunting and hurting others (especially if covert group activity is the objective form of action). They will readily buy the lies they are told about targets.

If you **** off someone who then reports you to the Fusion centers or to active syndicate local groups, that person may PAY to have you hurt. Citizen groups may also steal valuables or try to force victims to flee, and claim homes, stored goods and vehicles, to help fund local efforts while draining victims of their belongings. This is Harassement-for-hire, and it is just one part of the evil multi-armed work of the syndicated mob gang stalker cooperative.

Their ultimate goal is civil upheaval and fragmentation. This is multinational terrorism, at a low level on the radar. They COUNT on law enforcement being either too underfunded, or overwhelmed, or infiltrated, or un-educated about gang-stalking, to take serious action against these groups.

That is why, with the very large number of victims, the Syndicate has overstepped themselves and brought on the acute attention of some very heavy duty interest in the US Federal government.

Wrong. Gang stalking is a federal government operation all the way. It costs millions of dollars and uses the most sophisticated surveillance equipment available, including satellite technology. Freemasons, the CIA, the FBI, the NSA and other government agencies are involved, along with local police departments and local fire departments. They're all up to their ears in this criminal activity because they all support the destruction of the Constitution and the dissolution of the United States into a one-world government known as the New World Order. Most of the people who are "targeted" are activists who oppose the New World Order and don't want mankind turned into a microchipped, remote controlled slave race. See

I've been "targeted" by gang stalkers since 2004 for the "crime" of being an honest man and doing my job as a journalist by exposing corruption in the CIA, the FBI and the U.S. military. And now I'm being poisoned to death by grocery stores and restaurants in the community where I live. The scope of this scandal is mind-boggling. Read all about it at

You know what; it is stupid of me to even think all this. I give up my case; it was just me being paranoid. Don't listen to me. Coincidences happen and that is normal.

Do you know how crazy that sounds?<br />
'Into the skull'.<br />
<br />
What you hear, does not go 'into the skull' it is interpreted by the brain from your eardrums.

Hello emma,congratulations on how you have approached this subject,anyone reading it will be impressed by the level headed attitude you show in relating your experiences.Ive been gang stalked/community mobbed for over 10 years,and live in england.The small e in england is deliberate,and far more suitable than the rubbish patriots claim for it.I can answer some of the things you mention,through experience of the situation,and think you should be aware of some of what I do know to be true.Im here as a friend,not to lie or deceive you,but as a fellow human being who just wants to help.Im not a pushy person,so if you do want to talk just email me here.I hope you do :)

Hey, thanks for the support; I am so glad I found this community even if it likely that perhaps some of the perpetrators are also on this site. You must stand strong through it and not let them bother you too much. Train yourself to handle it. If you have had this for over 10 years you must have a lot of courage. I have only experienced this for about a year and for the first few months I thought I was being totally stupid. What things have you experienced? :)

Their main weapon used on me is the voice to skull device,which I dont know if you are aware of,but its 100%real,trust me.I am who I say I am,and nobody else.I dont know how you will react to my mention of the voice to skull,or V2K,as its also known,because in short it enables,here we go,synthetic telepathy.Before you dismiss this and me as insane,do a little research and you will find more than enough evidence this technology exists.Its being used openly for advertising an american tv program,"The Paranormal",in america.Before going further,I want to check you still want to hear me,ok?:)

I do not believe in this. If you hear voices in your head then that is a real mental disorder, even if it has been caused by a reality of being stalked by a gang or other group. I do not believe in that sort of technology as that is too far fetched to me; I am very skeptical.

This 'voice to skull' is a trick to coat the real problem of gang stalking so that the real targets look like they are insane. As I say, any of this voice to skull technology, seeing through walls and microwaves etc are almost certainly not real.

What makes you believe that this V2K is happening to you may I ask?
How long have you believed it?