Gang Stalking

REMBER the low level people are being brainwashed with the smear campaigns it's not there fault there STUPID they beleive any lie they are told the real stalkers are hidding like Cowards
Indiangiver113 Indiangiver113
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3 Responses Nov 28, 2012

I didnt notice for a while because I didnt think that every thing that happened was all about me. Well, it still isnt. Im you noticed it because of it bacame trouble some. But every one is getting watched. Footage is edited for entertainment purposes. Like ch on tv. Not all gang stalkers have this but they can share clips. When I was alittle girl the gov men that took care of me liked watching the rape tapes. Channel of rapes in home invasions and other things.......

10 Million people are gang stalked a year with tax payers money. Elites in charge are laughing at every body below them it's all a power trip

Yeah It is their fault IGNORANCE is not a Deffence. It is their responsibility to get the facts or at the very least more information on any subject that they have required a interest in. And if the only interest they can muster is ******* Hockey or what ever neanderthal sport gets their fancy then they should go to the back of the bus and wait for orders on what to do next. Their the ******* reason there is horrible crimes "I didn't KNOW" ******* Retards!!