I Was Gang Stalked And Tortured By A Church In Troy Michigan

It all started when a guy I know called me asking for a place to live so I let him stay with me(I was being watched before it, but the attacks started when he moved in) so after he moved in, they started torturing and manipulating my mind and thoughts,He keept saying it was angels talking to me, or God was planting seeds on me to see if I wanted to be a christian as well, so I thought it was something spiritual, the next day I went to that church, and then everything just get worst, after the church they invited me to go eat, because they wanted more time to torture and manipulate me, they made me fart in front of everybody,they game me headaches,brain zepped me, they even had the audacity to voice morphing my parents voice and called me pretende they were my parents, the tortured lasted about 4-5 months, and I´m pretty sure they are still harassing me, they did everything to appears I was being delussional, they are too cowars to face their crimes, I really hope everybody find out what a evil organization they are and the pastor responsible should of be jailed for life. By the way, it´s called zion christian church in Troy Michigan. Oh another thing I have noticed some people inside the church communicate with each other by synthetic telepathy.
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Nov 29, 2012