Being Gangstalked In Chalmette Louisiana

I've been gangstalked now for 10 years. I have some information that might help some of you. If you are suffering, give this a try. You don't have to be Christian to pray this. Just trust in God and see if this helps you. I promise you, this gives some relief. Pray the Holy Rosary of Our Lady. Go to "How to pray the rosary online" and it will show you how to do it. It is not electronic harassment that these gang stalkers are using, but, witchcraft. They are driving up and down the streets all day long reciting spells on you. These spells cause tightening of your stomach, breathing problems and a whole bunch more physical symptoms. If you don't believe me, recite that rosary about 10 times while laying in bed and you will start to feel a lifting of symptoms. Also if you have a computer, go to youtube and play Fr. Bing exorcism prayers 1 and 2 repeatedly for a while and you will see. Also play holy music on cd player and watch your tormentors flip out. Contact the Alliance of the Two Hearts (Fr. Bing) in Georgia and they will verify this will help you. Pray together in groups and hold hands this will help. Use holy water and get a Benedictine Cross blessed and wear it and brown scapular too. You don't have to be Catholic, just try it and I promise you will feel better. They are about Satan and you are about God. Also, on youtube play litany of saints and type in repeat in the http box after and this playing will help. This people are psychic, and are clairvoyent and that is how they know your thoughts. They have opened their third eye and are specially trained to hear your thoughts. Don't open your third eye, it causes demon possession and if you don't believe me research it on computer or talk to exorcist priest and they will tell you that is how these people can hear your thought. Look up signs of demon possession, and it list ability to hear anothers thoughts and that is how they know your thoughts etc they are trained to do this to people but they are also demon possessed. I hope what I told you will help you. Try it and you will see. Tell others to help them and fight back. God Bless.
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1 Response Dec 6, 2012

It most certainly is electronic harassment. An entire armory of classified weapons exists and can kill in high settings. Electromagnetic weaponry is a fact, as is satellite GPS tracking and yes, slander campaigns are carried out by civilian crews, gangs, feds, neighborhood watch groups and basucally anyone a targeted person makes contact with even peripherally; intimate relationships become a thing of the past. People just aren't willing to be gagged and coerced by FBI agents to maintain a friendship with someobe on a hit list.

For the homeless, those who have been made unemployable due to workplace slander campaigns carried out in the name if 'investigations' face street skits, co-ordinated by civilian actors, etc. employing any intensity of aggression or humiliation, gaslighting, and can reflect any theme. Weaponized aerosols can contain hallucinogens, depressants, and any combination of poisons they are being used in people's household air ducts and sprayed from cars rigged with pressurised tanks. Often for people who've been made homeless, maloderants are sprayed on targets to enhance the 'mentally ill' objective; being homeless, broke, claiming to be a target of a covert conspiracy is all the less believable when you smell of ****.
The entire program, which often cuts to the chase with execution via lethal energy weapons, is intended to reverse engineer the symptoms of mental illness. Suicide is one of the highest goals these sadistic, hellbound, subhuman paid government ****** can hope for. Don't give it to them. Fight hard, really develop your spiritual life, write, speak, expose. Jesus said, " Be wise as serpents and gentle as doves.". That is good advice, and a challenge when your aggressors have all the advantages and work to deny you any. Read up on psychological warfare. All of these tactics originated in secret societies, occult groups, think tanks, Freemasonry and devil worship. They are extrapolated onto society at large every time tyranny descends: Communist China, Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany and now post 9-11 America. The worst is yet to come, so stay strong!