Living With The Legacy Of Organised Psychological Harassment

I'm in the UK. I was heavily "gangstalked" in 2002-3. At least 2002 was when i became aware of it. As it unfolded i realised it had been several years in the planning. It subsided after about 18 months, but the reasons for it were quite extreme, and i still live with rumour on a daily basis.
I just about hung on to my sanity, but lost my faith in human nature. I'd like to try and turn that around by seeking/offering mutual support through correspondance or meeting with someone who's had similar experiences.
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I aggree, One little tiny part of my gang stalking is any where I work would get a flex of gang stalkers and people told lies to keep me isolated. Then because Im married they would have a guy pretending to be whatever act really nice to me. I mean you have no one to even get a coffee with... then all of a sudden some hansome guy wont leave you alone,follows you around always being really really sweet and helpful begging you to go to "lunch" with him that turns out to be some really nice place you been wanting to go for a very long time. Then a gang stalker from work or church or whateve walks by. And now they got the inside scoop. Even if thats all it was. They keep you alone so you will accept the fake ppl they place in your life later. Even though they are terrible actors and liyers and nothing aboutthem makesany dam sense.

Hi i also live in the uk and have been stalked harrassed for around nine years now , It will not stop for me as i wind them up and will do so until they find someone else to harrass , I hope you are as strong as i am mentaly , they will not win the battle . find out there names report them to whoever you can ,

Hi thankyou for your responce any help is most welcome to combat these scumbags.