It Makes You Not Want To Tell,you Feel Scared Everytime You Go Out

Hey everyone. Don't tell me Anything childish. This is serious. It all started when it was the 1st day of school. I was with my freinds and we were laughing and having fun. I was the loudest Party girl. Like the happy girl. Then I saw these 3 boys who are in the same cult. And they are satanic. Well I liked one of them but he didn't so I said okay. And I moved on. Later on in the year i would notice them watching me from Afar I told my mom and she said they like me. But I know who they like a girl named ___. So I was like okay! Because I'm a really sweet girl. All I did was try to be nice I was even gonna buy him a present. Anyways, I found out that he had been staring at me alot at my chest or butt. And since we ride the same bus they would have a pattern 1 boy sits alone in the morning to watch me before I get on . And the other 2 sit across and watch when I get on the bus. Always had a evil malicious look on his face. And would bite his nails while staring at me. I found out there evil and are satanic. And I'm done with them now. Anyways, it's been really making me depressed,and it's mind controlling and I feel like someone is like tapping my phone sometimes. And they did touch me butt. Which is sexual harassment. I haven't told. :( because mind control. Also they don't talk english they're Spanish. So I can't understand what they say when I walk by. I'm American. Girl . But I always hear noises at night inside my house and they know where I live. But not the apartment I don't know... I had came back from dinner with my mom& sister and the door lock was like looser than it usually is like it was weird it never felt that loose. I couldn't tell any differs to my house. And I'm still in school. I'm really scared because I think they have destroyed me I did research and they are gang stalkers. I'm a victim of sexual harassment and now gang stalking hell I'm tired of this!! I'm way to scared to tell. And I have panic attacks when there around me.theyll wait for me so they can walk closely to me... It's horrifying and I want out. Thanks
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Oh to be a gang stalked teenage girl, what a majical time. I use to have adults in their early 30s pretending to be students at my school. They would only show up a few days here and there, sometimes not for a few months. Only to spread rumors and stage fake fights.Some times they would get arrested (cuz ALL GSA are heavy on drugs) then they would have to show their REAL ID. Saying their in their 30s.

It pays to trust your instincts... phone hacking is simple and the hallmark of gang stalking... loose locks usually mean someones been messing with the lock, depending on the type of lock. Maybe they couldn't get in but just tried.

When someone first realises they're being gang stalked it causes them to think all sorts of things. I'm in no way dismissing what you're saying but I've been there with the noises at night thing.

Its the product of fear ... this is the gang stalkers best friend. The more frightened you are the crazier you will act, making it more entertaining for them and less likely anyone will believe you.

Don't isolate yourself and try not to fear them.... once they realise are not afraid of them, they will fear you.

Gang stalking is like psychological warfare, the stronger you are mentally the better you can defend yourself from it.

Be strong, you have my thoughts with you.

At first reading this it didn't seen like gangstalking it sounded more like some guys that are just harrassing you...but the part about the phone and the door knob sound kindda like gangstalking. I have been gang stalked for 25 years and don't know when exactly when it started but I found out when I was 27 years old. If you are being gangstalked I would like to say the good part of it all is you found out early. I have heard they start gangstalking as early on someone as high school age to monitor you and not knowingly you are being monitored is entertainment for these perverts. Being loud can cause attention to these scientific other words the Homeland Security are bored and have singled you out! maybe like and obsession from a pervert or they might be considering you a trouble maker. It could be any reason..maybe a family member of yours brought this upon you. you will never, never know.

Well.. Umm it's gotten worse .. They've touched me twice this time. So this is horrible and it sucks to have to be watched from afar or stared at up close. I hear noises every night in my house