Gang Stalked Do Not Talk To Psychiatrist

If you think you are being stalked and feel scared do not talk to psychiatrist under any circumstances. They will not believe you even though they may know it is true. You may sectioned (imprisoned in the mental health system) and forced on anti psychotics which are nothing more than a poison. I guarantee that you will regret it. You can be gang stalked in hospital by both supposed patients and staff.

If you mention any ideas of gang stalking to ANY DOCTOR they will instantly say you are psychotic and the gang stalkers will have won. Under no circumstances must you end up on anti psychotics.

Do not go to the police either as they will refer you to mental health in your area.

You need to just ride it out. My experience is they wont get physical, but they want to get you in the mental health system because then you will be tortured on antipsychotics and are in a system that is very difficult to get out of. It's win loose. You loose because you are now being tortured on antipsychotic and they win because they are making a living of you and you are bringing money into the pharmaceutical companies by being on their poison.
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this is true,

Gang-stalking is real, my wife was having an affair with a cop and he gave her permission to poison me to death!
After I left my wife I have been gang-stalked by my wife and her lover the cop and by his relatives in law enforcement!
In July 2009 I caugnht my wife and her lover the cop and his relatives in law enforcement gang-stalking me outside my apartment at 5:45 am!
My wife and her lover were waiting just outside my doorway and they were armed with guns, a camcorder, and was recording with a cellphone!
What tipped me off about this was when I opened the door I saw my wife's lovers brother dive behind the trailer across the street so I turned out my lights and grabbed my camcorder and aimed it across the street trying to catch him on video!
To my shock and horror my wife and her lover were hiding on the stairs RIGHT NEXT TO MY DOOR!
My wife was recording with a cellphone and she hid her gun in her shirt she is holding, her lover was holding a camcorder and a gun in his right hand!
They walked off separately hoping I would get angry and charge out after them because they wanted an excuse to kill me, and they WANTED TO RECORD KILLING ME!
The man in the baseball cap is my wife's lovers brother!

A good psychiatrist can determine if a person is having paranoid delusions or not. Gang stalking is becoming more well known so. There isn;t much a psychiatrist can do to help a person being gang stalked, aside from listen and possibly give support.