Iam Not Broken

It has been weird, I guess I ve been gang stalked all my life and didnt notice. My fake reason was created when I was 12. But it started before I was even born. I didnt notice what it was until this last year. Part of my thing was they made any one who stalked me come to my town and have chance incounters with me any time I went any where. It was like a whos who of any one that ever called you names. What a pathetic waste of time and money. It surprised me how little they know. And how much they put into doing so little. When I was being mobbed I didnt even notice that. I live next to a chop shop. They also change out lisense plates there for gang stalkers. When I was being mobbed I thought it was just a fast and furious flex of stolen cars being chopped. Which it was but I didnt know it was all about me. Paducah, KY
Aliceunchained Aliceunchained
41-45, F
1 Response Jan 20, 2013

You always had a lot of ppl jealious of you. Maybe because your so sweet and beautiful.