Im Getting Gang Stalked With A Phycopath Leading Them

hi i all started back in febuary 2012. i detoxed off alcohol in late january. so what i thought was a friend got the chance to fill in for me at work, plastering so the boss could keep the work flowing as im just an employee. but just after 3 days work this drug induced scum bag demanded a weekly wage which started at $480. but then demands of an extra $2800 started with extremely violent actions and threats. an attempted murder was carried out on my boss but he managed to escape with only broken bones. tyres get slashed and constant verbal abuse almost every day from him and his partner who is half abo (native aussie) and part wog. they have been driving past my house almost hourly ive notised since june 2012. they managed to form a gang of various people in the town. i feels more like 3 diffrent groups are stalking me but their all related if a bit of research is done. it realy esculated leading up to christmas. so i set trap around the house , like fishing line tied to tin cans, chairs etc and whithin 3 minutes of setting my lines they were triggered. a so call other friend of mine was seen running away. thats when things went from bad to worse. the next day heaps off cars kept driving past pointing me out to one another. that arvo i was down in the yard and the gang was partying like two houses away. i could here what they were talking about and the subject was all about me. then and aboriginal elder was talking them out of a plan to Murder me. i couldn't believe what i was hearing. then the gang of about 12 started heading my way. they had metal poles and they were making noise by hitting inocent neighbours houses and fences. i ran inside and called the police who responded within a few minutes as they knew it would be related to an attempt to run me over in a car by the same gang about 5 days before. the gang dispersed. they suddenly were talking to me on facebook wanting me to go for a drive with them and buy them crystal meth (ice). i didnt go!. the cars that drive by drop people off down the road which i can see thru the house windows. they arn't very stealth or smart, i have had 3 night sleep where they are not hiding around my house since late december 2012.. i know due to outdoor alarm system we set up and my cctv security cameras. they think their fake cams. im heavily armed now. im ready and waiting for them to return for what i hope will be the revenge attack. i think that i became pretty use to the fact that there were people always watching me right there only meters from me. they broke in to the house last june aswell while i was home alone. they talk to each other so that a dead giveaway when there here but thats to lure me out in the open. so the other night i went up onto our balcony and i said to the that im joining thier gang and ill teach them how to realy stalk me. i got smart, i pointed out better hiding spots and then informed them by doing the maths out loud that they have spent more than 120 hours on my property stalking me since christmas an how im like their idle it appears because they cant do anything except watch me and talk about me, even their 3 year old kids learned to say my name out loud, another important fact was next time don't post on facebook that their going to play mind games and try to send me crazy. its 7.30 am an the last car picked up two people at 5.30 am, 2 hours ago, so it lasts from sun set to sun rise. theres alot more i could add but ill leave it at this point for the moment.
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They stalk drug users in a much different way. I noticed this. You will only be heavily mobbed for a few weeks. But if you use drugs the ppl you buy from will give you a bad batch that will kill you. So if this one time they dont use with you thats why. But even if you dont use drugs you will be drugged. Since MOST of gang stalkers are heavy drug users it seems after they use them for a while they kill them off too. So I noticed.

I am going thru same shyt t hmu I have no one I feel distraught.