Reading Minds

They can read your mind. So  if you decide to buy a video camera or mobile phone, and think that you will go to this particular store on this particular day at this particular time, they know all about it. So they will keep a particular model of camera or phone for you  there which will be defective and will be used to track you. They know about each little thout in your mind and use it to manipulate you or scare you.

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Now that's just plain amusing. If you knew me at all, you would know for sure I'm not brainwashed by anyone. I dislike all forms of social control. At the same time I don't think anyone would waste time and money spying on some small potato like me. I'm just not important enough. i doubt they could read my mind, and even if they did, it would be of no help to anyone whatsoever. This is all so dramatic! And just for the record, no one can have your soul, that is just nuts.

watch me 24 hours every second and then you will belive me. Do not slam another person's story just because you did not see it. How can you know something if you did not see anything?<br />
What would I gain by saying these things? money, reputation? job? Why would a person say something which he knows will prove that he is mad? Do I want to be called mad? Do you want to be called mad?

Why would "they" choose to target you in particular? If "they" have such amazing technology, why can't "they" find Osama Bin Laden? Why would they waste their time and money persecuting a civilian who has done nothing wrong? Are you an activist who spoke out publicly about something? I know that those people get targeted, but usually this happens when something could cost the government, or industry money... I know someone who is a target. I have known her since 1993. I don't have permission to tell her story, but bottom line, her entire family was exposed to a toxic product (now banned). They are slowly dying and no one will help them. They have been harmed, because she wouldn't remain silent. If you fall into this category, I understand, and I wouldn't have if I didn't know her story.

you *****, its because were free thinkers and open minded that we get targettted, as Bush says we will have the new world order, and to get that they must destoy all free thinkers to leave sheeple like yourself who are so blinkered and have already been brainwashed, FREE THINKERS STAY STRONG, they want your soul, as part of the jesuit p;lot to destroy anyone with a brain, and they know because of the energy you give off

Do you have a friend working as a scientist in defence research ? ask him. He will tell you the truth. by the way, a part of this also came in the news several months ago. They have developed a technology to read terrorists's mind. But the technology is actually only against very very good people. Not against terrorist. After all who is the terrorist?

I know you people crowd every space whether it is a website, school, college or church. For every truth speaker there are about 100 liers so that the voice of truth is crushed and never heard,. But I will still speak out till my last breath.

Have you seen a shrink about this?