Wow, Really?

According to the definitions I have found of "gangstalking" out there, anyone who has had to commute anywhere, lived in an urban environment, or a suburban one nearer to urban than rural, had messy garbage men, bad neighbors, or otherwise lived in the world has been gangstalked.  Stop watching that Jesse Ventura Conspiracy show, take responsibility for your own lives and problems and move on, really.  Do you realize that if you want to remain under the radar as it were, the internet is the worst place you could possibly be.  Run!!  Hide!!  Pull down the shades and paint yourself with reflective paint to bounce the radio waves off your body so they can't see you!!

wanderingbutnotlost wanderingbutnotlost
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Could a person participate. be a perpatrator...could one. look like a strung high , freaking on there favorite, acid !!!<br />
stamped, mentally incapacitated on there forehead !!. Here to agitate, probably given a dime bag ??<br />
do unto them as they do unto us. Let it rain ALL over its face !!! and then some !!!

Hello,<br />
It's sad that your mocking victims of this horrid crime, instead of listening to us.<br />
Perhaps you participate on the other end of this sick crime, i do not know.<br />
This is a "revenge for hire" gang , at least it is in my case and it is run by coorupt law enforcement and cons.<br />
Just thank god everyday that you do not experience stalking and harassment online daily on and offline.<br />
While I am out running errands and 6 different people in their cars laugh at me, while geaturing the slitting of their throats towards me in less then 25 minutes, I do not call this everyday things that happen to people. Nor is it normal for others to try and run me off the road while i am driving.<br />
If people who are not victims start listening and seeing that community ba<x>sed harassment exists and others who participate stop and help the victims instead of terrorizing them, we can stop gang stalking from happening.

Wicked witch of the west.. a true "Nutter"... dam* ugly too !!!

Are you a perp,albeit not very well disguised?I think you must be part of the G/S fraternity,because its hard to understand why else you would make the comments here,except to further harass innocent people.Regardless of what you may or may not believe,there are people who join these groups in order to find help or comfort from an inhumane agenda against them.Make no mistake,anyone who aids G/S in any way is not a hero of any sort,just another sick,ignorant prejudiced bigot.Nothing else.You have no place here,smirking +belittling what are anything but imagined events.If you want to make your comments,go elsewhere+form your own group for that purpose.You are acting in either an uninformed ignorant callous way,or in a deliberately deceitful way to hide the truth about G/S +stop victims finding any relief from this dispicable agenda.Just take your spite elsewhere,its not wanted or needed here.

Three cheers for pedrohedgerow! I give you HUGE credit for your excellent responses to wanderingbutnotlost. I could not improve upon it. I only hope that this person has the intelligence and the grace to give full consideration to what you said. You're a rational, articulate, strong voice on behalf of people who have been targeted by this obscene crime. Thank you so much for taking the time to advocate for yourself and for the rest of us.<br />
<br />
Good health and good things to you,<br />

Hello wanda,I see from your comments that you do not credit gang stalking/community mobbing to be a real experience,not as defined by many.All I can say to you is it is a very real experience,and its not a new thing to this world.Gang stalking has its roots in government agencies methods deployed both abroad and at home.Cointelpro and Red Squad were two examples of the tactics being described by many people today being deployed in their agendas.All that has changed is the new areas and civilians targeted.<br />
As someone who has been a targeted individual for over ten yrs,I can assure you personally that what people are saying is true in many cases.I do understand that to someone who is not involved it sounds like paranoid ranting,to all encompassing to even be possible.Yet I swear to you it is happening.If you can accept the possibility,then you need to go a little further and see the implications,because that is the most important issue about the whole business.<br />
As mentioned,the experiences people who areTIs talk of would imply a determined,tightly controlled,well funded,technologically endowed and well supported operation being practised.I would say further that these people behind the G/S are very experienced at doing it,and have it down to a fine art,tuning and adjusting their methods through trial and error with the passing of time.There is only one realistic candidate who would have the financial clout,the access to the technology being used,the communication system required,and the military precision with which these attacks are carried out across the world on a regular daily basis.The relevant governments in the countries experiencing G/S have to be behind this attack against innocent people.<br />
If you look back to the origins of G/S,that is the cointelpro,RedSquad etc projects,they were without fail backed by levels of government which do not answer to anyone.<br />
Im going to stop here for two reasons wanda,1)you may not be able to credit what Im saying,and if you do theres enough here to be thinking about.2).Can you imagine how many times I have tried to persuade people to look deeper into the whole thing,when I can see the disbelief on their faces?I can understand their disbelief,yet what they are being told is true.<br />
There is also another reason,you may be a G/S yourself,coming on to this site to nridicule what is said,with the intent of misleading others who may be curious about it.I hope not.Anyway,why would I go to the trouble of this if it was not true,if you will accept I am not lying?.

Obviously you have not been a victim of G/S or community mobbing,or else you are involved on the stalking side,attempting to play down what people are claiming.You assert that nothing can stay below the radar long these days,but how would you know?Are you in a priveledged position to judge?There is nothing funny about remarks belittling those who are being harassed in very inhumane+criminal ways.This group is for those who are aware of whatbis being done,and if you have no nexperience of it,then why are you here?You are not constructive in your contributions,in fact you are the opposite.If G/S claims give you a problem,start your own group about it,dont hijack one thats there to help sufferers of it.

Hey, I'm not allowed to help you I'm stalking you!!!!! And you have never EVER been "the other poster" you are THE poster, the one with the SpongeBob boxers.

oh tisk, wishing ill on another person is bad bad juju and will cast a shadow over your karma. You really should not encourage paranoid delusions.

"wanderingbutnotlost", it seems like you're the one who needs help ! not the other poster. You are a know it all. I hope someone stalks you the same way they are stalking her !

Chill Andrew, grow a sense of humor, life's a joke, and yes ILLJ there is a vast difference. Thank you for the little amusements you bring to us all, and I *do* mean little

well, at least it's cute enough to make a girl smile, that's something anyway

well not only did I laugh, I pointed and laughed. I didn't think it would be fair to keep the funny all to myself.

we actually had to call in NASA and use some of their best equipment, it made me sad until I started to giggle uncontrollably

nod, smile and back away slowly

Not only did I see, I took pics

there is stalking everywhere, that's not the kind of stalking they're talking about here, they mean the evil overlords are watching kind of stalking.

well ALL HAIL THE GREAT GANG LEADER!! Still love those boxers

Did you see me outside your window last night? I like your SpongeBob boxers!! Does everyone in the gang wear those?

This kind of group feeds into the paranoid fantasies of some people who could probably sincerely use some help. There may be some out there having some real issues with some real people, groups or whatever, but something like that would have to really be pretty rare or it would be a public issue. In this day and age, nothing stays secret or under the radar for long.

gangstalking harassment techniques are designed to look like every day things, thats what the games all about.<br />
<br />
i dont believe every story i read on gangstalking and yes there probably are a lot of paranoid people out there,

There's stalking, then there's reading into normal every day things that paranoia twists into something it's not. Seriously.

i have been stalked on internet and in my neighbour hood for years, people breaking into our house. its amazing the amount of people who are to some degree unaware, til too late.