I Am Very Sick.

I am eating poisoned food, drinking poisoned water and breathing air that has poison. I am very near death. 50% of people living in my apartment building are involved in this. If I die, I want them held responsible. Some outsiders are also involved.

aproudwoman aproudwoman
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Dear ProudWoman<br />
Please go to the police and tell them you suspect identity theft of you for lucrative jobs. The reason for gang-stalking is trying to get rid of original name bearer and take the address of fraudulent job applications. This is the way in which Eastblock agents enter the secret services under cover. They don't have the right qualifications. Good Luck to you! <br />
Irmgard Kronsbein-Bellchambers at Frankfurt Germany

PUNCH them

There is a guy who lives as a guest above my flat in my building. He is always on my track. I mean, if I get up, If I go to the bathroom, If I chnge my clothes etc, he is always tracking. If I cook or go , every minute he is watching me. He weird things in response to my actvities, Every week the guy changes. A new guy comes in. So that the guys actually neverr know the extent of damage they have done. As far as they are concerned they have played a game for 7 days. They do know they have systematically brought down a person over a period of 5 years. They are the wworld'sost dangerous people. If you can call them people. I would call them vegetables.

They keep fake food in malls. That is food that has no nutritional value. Such kind of rice, pulses, flour, etc are available. They keep that in malls. These are from branded companies. People in the knowhow, visit the malls only at certain times which is known to people of their group at those times, good original food is kept.