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I have a sony video camera 610E. I use it for security purposes. Whenever I go out,  I switch it on and focus on my entrance and press "record". So anyone entering my door can be caught in the camera. It worked fine for 4 months. One day after I came back, I saw that in the recoded movie, the focus had shifted. I mean the focus did not change  for the first 15 min, after I left. After that the focus started moving slowly at the rate of 10 min per mm. That is the focus shifted at a constant rate of 10 min, per mm. so after 100 minutes the camera had moved by one centimeter. The entrance was no longer in focus. so anybody opening the door could not be seen. The  camera was now focused at a wall. After that the camera did not move. I did hear sounds after that of somebody clicking my lock and moving inside my house. All windows were locked from inside and also all doors were lockewd from inside(not just latched). My house is  on the first floor of an apartment building. It faces a main road. There are no houses on three sides. So nobody could have peeped from their window and seen that I was keeping a camera at that particular place.

This did not happen again though four months have passed.

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I already know the answer. It was moved slowly so that it does not make me suspicious. If you look at it in the normal mode, you willl not be able to detect it. Only if you fast forward it, can you see it.<br />
there is an electronic survellance instument outside my house which is responsible. It is in the house of the stalker. How big it is and how far is it? I do not know. I also do not know how it looks like. I have read about such instruments in the newspaper. there is a lot of info available on this in newsmagazines. Lot of people know about this but keep silent. Perhaps it is called The GSM instrument.<br />
since then the same incident has happened several times. Apparently, my video camera can be controlled by that instrument. It can be zoomed, its settings can be changed etc. This has been done a few times.

Sounds kind of creepy. There is probably some logical explanation, and my thoughts are why would it have been moves so slow? I mean, if someone wanted to gain entrance and discovered the camera, they would not have taken over an our to readjust it. Nope, it just don't make sense. I know I have a cam for the computer that will move due to the stiffness of the cord and the lightness of the camera, but in your case, I don't' know. Thanks for sharing, I hope you find the answers...