Recently somebody has won a  major gangstalking case in the court in my country. It is a famous case. I advice all members of this group to not give up hope. The first thing they ask you is where is your police complaint. So file a police complaint, giving all details. The police should give you a receipt with the date and stamp of the police station. this recipt is admissible in the court of law. keep a copy of the receipt and your orginal complaint in your file.

Do file  a case in the court  asap. Do belive in yourself. Do contact other menbers. I am a PhD and well read and well travelled. therefore I am preparing to fight the case myself. win or lose, it does not matter.

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I agree with what your saying,but in my town many of the police are involved and my complaints have just been met with mockery and lies to cover their evil and illegal behaviour.What do you do in situations like mine apart from pray.

I want this to go to trail

aproudwoman, responding to one of my message would only take a moment of your time. Why not?

Though this blog is old, the info is still useful to those wanting to take legal action,<br />
although the courts are rife with corruption, with court adminstrators and judges in on<br />
the scam.If your gang stalkers are part of large cartel in media or lawfirms, or telecomunications companies such Virgin Media, they bury the evidence and go as far as doing evil things<br />
to stop facing prosecution.<br />
<br />
I began legal action August 2004, after the criminals conspired to rob an hush me up,<br />
they began a witch hunt to stop me exposing their mass racketeering cartel( much like Randy and Eva Quaid spoke about in recent press interviews)<br />
but the criminals in my case blew up the London trains 2005 to stop the truth getting.. Yes it's the horror of all horrors as far as what everyone else has experienced on here, as far as I can see anyway <br />
Despite my having to go into hiding and my overall ordeal the case got to court 2006, and they pulled out all the stops to block it, paying court staff not to stamp or file our applications, not giving boxes of evidence to the judge before hearings, changing transc<x>ript and official court rulings, fabricating and creating fake judgements to replace real one, <br />
destroying any court info which states the truth of the facts.<br />
<br />
I heard a court adminstrator tell other staff to "keep f...king around" <br />
the abuse is extended to the courts, particularly if there's lots of dirty money involved and<br />
officials getting large backhanded payoffs!<br />
<br />
That's when you witness the sheer evil humans are capable<br />
of in the lust for money and power.<br />
<br />
Read my story but I shall post the full version soon, difficult to do from my phone.<br />
My advice is explore the class action route, unless you know the lawyer personally, extreemly well cases such as this come with treachery lies and mass corruption, so best to do it yourselves!<br />
If victims put their evidence and cases together, we could start shutting some people down!<br />
<br />
But evidence has got be strong! So take photos keep records and gather solid factual evidence.<br />
By the way , I won my case 2006, which has been covered up.. It's being exposed worldwide now. Lies can only get them so far until they become unstuck!<br />
<br />
Peace love and blessings. Seven:-))

THANKS GS, high time i heard from you. THANKS, thanks, thanks again and again.<br />
<br />
though I have no faith in any government activity. I am taking this much everyday. It is not bearable anymore.<br />
<br />
<br />
In Torbay Council the name of the program that keeps a record of all the targets is called the Awareness Register.<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
Managers (via, and with the discretion of, the Health and Safety team) must keep details of dangerous customers. Employees must report any potentially<br />
violent situations they are aware of via the Accident/Occurrence form.<br />
<br />
Awareness Register<br />
<br />
Definitions<br />
<br />
Cross-directorate Awareness Register – a computerised database that contains names and/or addresses of persons (or dangerous animals at those addresses) who have initiated incidents of VATB against Torbay Council employees or whilst on Council premises. The data has a digitally encrypted password so that it cannot be read if copied.<br />
<br />
The Data Protection Act – legislation which protects an individual’s rights regarding information held about themselves; information held on the Awareness Register must comply with this legislation.]An individual has the right to receive a copy (on written request) of the data held about them (and a right to compensation if the information is inaccurate).<br />
<br />
Recording of Incidents/Individuals When an incident/individual is to be recorded on the Awareness Register, the Line Manager (or deputy in their absence) will:<br />
· Countersign the Accident/Occurrence form before passing immediately to the Health and Safety Team; where inclusion is recommended, approval by a senior officer is vital in a situation should the record be challenged,<br />
· Ensure there is a clear and accurate account of the incident (both relevant to the event and not excessive); officers can be held accountable for their decision to include on the Awareness Register,<br />
· Ensure only those who are to interview, or visit people, will have access to information held,<br />
· Ensure information on the use of the awareness register and safe working practices is communicated to employees at induction and regularly re-enforced.