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I have entered several posting on here about my problems regarding the neighbor with the plasma tv and his incessant abuse of me by cranking it so loud that my apartment shakes.  Well I've decided after three months of this torture that I will give up and move.  On Saturday he REALLY gave me the works after I called the landlord and file complaint number 18.  He turned it up and it sent me over the edge. It's not worth it!  I sent the landlord a text message of my intent to vacate and the reason why--which she is fully aware of--and for the past 4 days she has been coming by here knocking on my door and she's been calling my number constantly.  I do not answer my door or her calls because I feel there is nothing to be said.  She KNEW what I've been living with and had not evicted this jerk for violating the lease.  3 months and I get NO RESPONSE to my complaints. 3 months and she has ignored my plight.  I tell her that I am MOVING out and NOW she wants to be a landlord and get up in my face?  I say no.  This is a done deal?  I've paid my rent for 3 months and I have had all of the hell that I that I can tolerate from this man.  She let him do this to me without restraint because he is a 14 year tenant and a friend.  She wanted me to move out and suggested it twice in January instead of telling this violator to turn his volume down or kick him out. There was a hint for me right there that I missed!  Why was she telling ME to move when HE is the one causing the problem.  But now what's done is done and I have NOTHING to say to her.  I instructed her to meet me on March 2 to give me my deposit refund and it's a done deal.  I don't have a place to live so I've had to rent a room until something comes up.  I refuse to stay here for another 30 days by paying them rent and having this creature king keep his mess up.  I want to make up for the sleep that I've missed out on for the 3 months that I have suffered in this apartment.  I look forward to the quiet that I will have!
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When this person comes to your door could you say "have you nothing better to do than play music all the time. It doesn't have to be this way".<br />
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In my tenancy it states that we have to be quiet from 11pm to 8pm which suits me fine as I sleep and we all get along perfectly.There was one lady who played loud music and a couple knocked at her door telling her she was breaching her tenancy but it did stop.<br />
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Tell your landlord this person will annoy the next tenant and the next and is that what he wants?

I totally understand where you are coming from. I am so mad right now for a similar situation. Im only 21 years old and i made the decision to stop drinking and partying to concentrate on my studies which i feel was a mature decision. However, i live in units with my partner and the walls are paper thin (old fibro units) and my neighbour (who knows she's already a loud person) thinks she has the right because it her unit to party and yahoo whener she wants. She does the dishes at 11-12 at night, she lets her three year old son run wild to whatever time of night, she turns the tv on for her son and then puts the radio on aswell, and after partying all night she will leave to go to work the next morning and leave her stereo playing all day. Except she doesn't do these things on purpose. she just doesn't think!!!! Its like telling a child over and over again "turn it the **** down!!!" or "be ****** quiet!!!" It just does not sink in. <br />
This unit is the first place i moved into after living under my parents roof for 17 years so i had no experience with living in a little block of units like that but automatically knew that i would have to sacrifice some of the luxaries i had at home. During the day if i wanted to play music while i did housework, i would go next door and ask hew if her son was having a nap. Its just respect! Ive now learnt that there is just nothing you can do for people like that...after yelling and swearing and abusing her tried to explain that what she was doing wasn't fair and this 40-something year old woman yelled at me and spoke over the top of me saying things that a 15 year old girl would say. im actually in abit of shock that some adults are just like children, like they grew to the age of 15 and their body kept growing but their brain decided to stop. I beleive that is a major problem in todays society is that nobody has any respect for anybody else, or themselves.

I personally would sue her for my money back, Hope ya kepy all those complaints ! The is a rule of law called quiet enjoyment. Basically it means when you rent a apt or home or live in a neighborhood you have a right to "Quiet enjoyment of the premises with reasonable expectations of privacy and such. Look it up and go for her in small claims. FYI Ya might want to look at the lease or rental agreement and see if you gave notice in a manner approved by the contract. otherwise it could be pretty costly.<br />
Good luck. Go get her! As Landlord she is rwesponsible for his conduct as regards other tennants. Keep records, record the noise. make sure others who would testify have a first hand opportunity to hear it as well.<br />

Sounds like the guy was either hard of hearing or was using drugs. Why didn't you just call the police and have them cite him for disturbing the peace? That usually quiets them down when the cops show up.