My Life.

Ever since I was really young, 3 approx. I have seen visions, people, many things. I remember most.
Most of the women in my family possess some kind of psychic ability. Most of us have seen things, heard things, felt things.
My mom did an Ouija board in the basement of our house when I was very young. (don't ever touch those) which I believe may have something to do with some of the experiences I have dealt with. I have been told by others I have a "light", my ora is a dark blue like an evening sky. I attract spirits.
I have been able to learn to deal with most things that happen around me. I just have to keep a stick of sage for those.. rough days.
Something has been following me my whole life, I believe. He is an old man, late 40's early 50's approx. He is not allowed in my home anymore I made sure of it.
I once picked up an Ouija board when I was 15, with a few of my girl friends. It worked, great. I contacted many many spirits, was told a lot of lies as well. There were many things that proved to me that it was real, and no one was just messing around. Such as the dial spinning, (which would be really easy to see if someone was doing), and the time change, which only I could see at the moment. Every 5 mins a new spirit would talk. I didn't know what I was doing, I highly suggest you don't ever touch one if you have never done. I didn't close anything properly, I seriously regret ever touching it.
One spirit, who could talk for 10 minutes, was very obsessed with me so it seemed. He told me he was evil, but that he loved me. And he has been following me since my last life time. Where I died when I was 3 years old from being sick. I can clearly remember an image in my mind of a house, with a street and a tree in front, and the cracks in the sidewalk with grass growing between. I would ask my mom to bring me home when I was little.
Anyways, a few years later. I was living in a house in Sherwood Park, AB. odd things would happen, such as doors slamming and locking. The sound of stuff shifting across the floor in the basement. Banging. A terrible feeling almost all of the time.
I left that place, and nothing came across me in a while. And then I moved to an apartment in Edmonton, a high rise. Where I felt strange feelings once again.
One day, my love called me into the kitchen. As I got up and walked towards him, in the boot closet on my right side I saw an old man. With very green eyes. It didn't seem to faze me one bit... which was odd, and as I stood beside my man without saying anything about what I saw all the hairs on both of our arms stood right up. A chill ran through our bones.
But he didn't really make himself seem present after that. Until we moved.
I moved into another apartment a year later just down the street. Everything was normal for the first 6 months or so. Nothing, not even a weird feeling. Then one day I was sitting watching TV, with my cats playing on the floor in front of me. And a chess piece flew off of the board onto the floor. The next morning, the chess board (glass) crashed. I got up and it was broken in half on the floor. A few days later, I had some people over and my door was closed, and locked. A few hours later I walk by and it was open, with the door handle hanging off. Then weird stuff like my TV turning on by itself was happening. My phone only paged once one time, as I went to find it the screen was twitching. Just weird stuff.
My home seemed smug, and thick. Like somewhere you don't feel comfortable. I brought one of my old friends over, who has some sick psychic abilities. She can sense spirits way stronger than I can. I asked her what she thought was around me. She said, an old man. He loves me, but he hates my boyfriend! LOL... Every time my man is around would leave.
Anyways I picked myself up some Sweet grass, and sage and got that bastard out of here as fast as I could. I don't like his presence at all. It's sticky, thick, annoying. He had to leave.
So now things are calm and I learn't how to deal with things. I figure, I am alive, and.. they are dead so.. I'm higher in the pecking order of life right? This is my home, and like anyone else, if you can't respect me. Leave. :)
And I often see entities, ghosts and spirits like to stick to people like I was saying before. And when people come into your home, things may stay. Like a few nights ago, I had a spirit of a little girl. Playing around. She was having fun, she hid behind my door and waved her arms! I was not threatened to the least. But I did ask her to leave I have a hard time sleeping with them around.
I hope you enjoyed my experiences people! Look forward to reading yours :P
Shahkiah Shahkiah
18-21, F
Jul 22, 2010