Being Followed By The Devil

Okay, so I am 17 and I believe that I have been haunted by the Devil since I was 14. It all started when I went dark side, you could say. Well, really, I had already sinned loads of times so I thought I was going to Hell anyway, so I thought up a plan; to go to Hell, and make a deal with the Devil while I'm there. I made this plan when I was 13, I waited and waited, for a year. I didn't want to wait anymore, I just wanted to die, so I started cutting myself to start things off, then I started trying to commit suicide, but that never worked. I've lost count of how many times I've taken overdoses and slit my wrists. It wasn't working so I asked my best friend to kill me, obviously she didn't.

Then I had an idea, I'd summon the Devil and ask him there and then, so I knew it was going to happen. I sat in my bedroom one night, with a candle and the lights out, I closed my eyes and said “Satan, I summon you. I have a quality soul to sell if the price is right.” (I got that line from the internet by the way) and he didn't show up, so I was lead to believe that it might take another try. So I planned to try again tomorrow night, but there was no need. He came to me in my dream.

He looked odd, he was wearing a red and white stripy suit with a top hat. His face was white as paper, with lines going down his eyes (Just like Scar from Lion King had, but on both eyes) and he had no pupils, just a funny looking colour in them which is literally indescribable. I knew that this wasn't how everyone in the films and books had described him, but I knew it was him, just from the way he stood, he looked so proud and calm. He then smiled at me.

He then said "How brave of you. It's been a while since a child had summoned me, it's a pleasure to meet you, my dear follower. How may I help you?"
"Take my soul" I said.
"What is the cost?" He asked, intrigued, I'm guessing he was intrigued anyway, since I was not joking, and he knew that.
"This might be too much, but it's worth a try..." I said.
"Go on." He said smiling.
"I want to help you escape from Hell, take my soul, and save a place for me in Hell, and when I get there, I will help you escape."
"I would love to" He said, "But don't you want anything else? Fame? Fortune? A loving family?" He asked.
"No, that's all I want. How long do I have to live? I asked.
"I don't know, you'll have to wait and see." He said, pulling something from his pocket. "A contract, you need to sign it." He handed me the paper and then a knife, a pretty cool knife indeed. It had patterns on the blade, making it look ancient. I knew what I had to do, I had to cut myself, which I was used to anyway so I happily slid the blade across my wrist. For some reason, the cut burned me, it didn't leave a burn mark, just the cut, but it burned like Hell.
"Not like any usual cut, is it?" He finally said, seconds before he appeared in my face, smiling like a crazed person. I then woke up, thinking it was just a normal dream, I looked at my wrist, finding the cut that I had just made in my dream. I thought it was odd that that happened in my dream.

Weeks later, I begun hearing voices. There was a girl at first, Lucy, then Hannah and Simon. Then a week later, Lucifer. I had forgot about the dream until Lucifer started talking to me. His voice reminded me of that eerie smile he used twice in my dream. Anyway, about two years later I started to see them. Let's forget about Hannah, Lucy and Simon for now. They were just ghosts. But Lucifer, he was the Devil. he wore the same outfit that he had worn in my dream, and never, ever spoke to me about the deal we made, he just told me all these awesome stories about how it feels, when you stand up to God.

I was admitted to hospital when I told my teacher about these experiences, scene as Lucy and Simon were bad ones, telling me to kill people and myself. Anyway, I told them that Lucifer was always nice to me, I never told them that he was the Devil.

After trying multiple medications for my "hallucinations" one worked for me, for a little while. It's called quetiapine. Not sure if that's how it's spelt but oh well. Anyway, after two admissions, I was finally discharged for good, with a better medication. Thinking that all of it was just in my head. I was diagnosed with schizophrenia. And found out later on by some random girl on my Facebook that I, apparently, don't have schizophrenia, because I don't have the facial features of one... I don't know but that's what she told me. And I chose to believe her. Soon after, Lucifer came back.

This time it was different, he seemed urgent and worried. He was also wearing a different suit, a white one, with no top hat. His eyes were the same though. He told me that there were many demons escaping from Hell somehow. He doesn't stay with me for long anymore though. It's always a quick visit, he kept telling me that my soul was safe in Hell. That he kept it somewhere hidden, where no demon living there could ever find it.

Anyway, I know some of you who read this may not believe what I believe, and think that I am delusional. But it seems to me that it all makes perfect sense.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with my CAMHS worker. I'm going to lie my way out of being put back in hospital.

Thanks for reading this far.

P.s. If you do not believe me, please don't try to make me believe otherwise. Because I won't.

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Hunny I believe I have seen him myself. But my deal was I don't like Satan but at the same time I was iffy about God. I was around 15 or 16 then. But my whole childhood I've experienced the paranormal and being haunted. But this one night God proved to me how amazing he is and powerful and pure. He was there the night I felt like the devil was trying to take me. Even though I wasn't living right God was there for protecting me. I am 23 now. Don't experience much thank God! But yhingstdo happen every blue moon. Me and God have an amazing connection. He talks to me mainly through my dreams. When im lost I just pray and vent to God ask for a sign and guidance. And he does.just that. Only thing though is God shows you what you need to see not what you want to see. Which is what you need. Satan will show u want then take it all away just to see you in pain and misery. He is a liar. Im already praying for you sweety. You are young and going through a phase. It will pass I guaranteed it will. You have to learn to grow. Don't give up.

He sounds like a good friend, he acts like one but you need to see through him.
He doesn't care about you. God cares about you, he really does.
It's time to call on God and he will help. the devil is called the devil for a reason and you have to know that. good luck and I hope you defeat Satan.
Trust in god x

I believe you, every word of your story is true. But the thing is, God is sooooo merciful he won't just sit back and let this happen. NO. Hell is a real place where people suffer terribly. There is no friend in hell n satan is really not your friend, just pretending to be. You are playing a very serious game with this demon who is pretending to be satan. They are all terrible! Evil filth that must not be allowed in your life. Sweety n I m begging you, just do the same thing as you did when you called out lucifer only this time you cry out to Jesus Christ. Do it today. He will break your contract n fill u with so much love, peace n joy you will want to stand on a mountain top and scream to the world "JESUS LOVES ME & YOU". Be blessed. ccu

i hope you find peace and god in the end friend