Am I Being Haunted?

Ever since me and my family have moved into this new house I've always felt a presence. I really thought nothing of it at first until strange things started to happen. My iPod would turn on and play the same genre of music, random songs...but all of the same genre. It eventually stopped and shortly after I would see shadows. I've lived her for five years now and the feeling of being watched and the shadows have yet to diminish. Maybe a few months ago while I was starting to fall asleep something touched my cheek for a good 5 seconds, it was cold and I was scared shitless. Just now I fell asleep and had a dream where I was in a room. I knew something was going to come around the corner. What came was unexpected, it was a shrouded figure on black and white. I was helpless and couldn't move as it drew closer. Luckily over the years I've been able to force myself awake by blinking twice but shortly after waking up I looked into the dark corner of my ceiling and saw a woman's face. Mouth gaped open a if she were screaming. Her eye sockets were shadowed as if she had no eyes. I'm pretty scared shitless right now...
Iambeingwatched Iambeingwatched
1 Response Jan 7, 2013

Ive had a somewhat similar experience. I woke up to a little girl standing beside my bed maybe a month and a half ago. I rubbed my eyes thinking I was imagining it but it was real, right in front of me. The description you gave is almost exactly what I saw except her mouth was closed. I just made an account on this website to reply to your thread, the spirit has been harassing me again tonight for some reason. I was praying when something slapped the window at the foot of my bed, when I opened my eyes I glimpsed something white moving from the window across the foot of my bed.

I had something similar to that. I woke up and a little girl was standing on my bed next to me. I pinched myself and it hurt so I wasn't dreaming. Felt really menacing. I closed my eyes for a minute and then she was gone. Never saw her again myself, but my friend did.