What Does My Ghost/thing Want?

I have had paranormal type experiences all my life, and do have a belief in these types of things. My mother also practices traditional lakota sioux practices, which involve sacrifice and offering, and things that most would find very scary, or at least on the strange side.

However, my current ghost is the one I want to deal with. I have always had some sort of attractive property for things (electronics turning on without being plugged in, things moving or crashing or breaking when they weren't in any danger, etc . . .). When I first moved into my current apartment, we felt  a presence living in the bathroom. A very harmless presence, almost childlike. This doesn't surprise me, as the building we live in is very old, and the building has burnt down before in the past, I believe in the 50's, but Im not sure.

The first very scary thing was writing on the window. I went upstairs, to my bedroom, and noticed writing in the condensation on the window. There looked to be about 10 or 11 different types of handwriting, and some things were written in latin, some in english, and some in other languages. My uncle translated the latin to mean something like "It is her" or "She is one", something like that :(. The presence in the room felt very scary. At first I went through the different explanations. Maybe someone wrote it on the outside, but we are three stories up, with no ladders to get to each individual balconey, not to mention that my floor does not have balconies, and there is no one above us. Then I thought, maybe someone broke in, but everything was locked, and that doesn't explain, the different writing and languages.

Later, we did have a kind of break-in I suppose. My roommate had locked the front door before he left, and when both roommates got home together that day, the door was wide open, but none of our stuff was missing, or had been gone through. And we have a large screen tv, laptops sitting out, and fairly expensive items just laying around the house. Now I know that some of you may think that this was the work of my roommates, but it was definitely not. They are very anti-messing with that otherworldly stuff kind of people, and one of my roommates is really freaked out by the entire situation. They just say its me, which it may be.

I know I am not crazy, because when I was in a car with two of my coworkers making a late night fast food run (I know its bad for you, but on occasion its just so good), and the cars were icy with frost. Directly in front of me, the ice started to drip down and melt in just a few places, and it spelt the word "speak". Very very clearly. Both of my coworkers saw it with their own eyes. One was really freaked out, the other thought it was super cool. I just wondered what it wanted me to say.

After this, I would sometimes hear tapping on the window sometimes, without there being anything there. We hear lots of thuds, and crashes, but I blame that on the old apartment building.

Recently, my roommate was in the bathroom and felt something touch his hair in the shower. He was really freaked out, although I feel like the thing that lives in the bathroom isn't incredibly harmful.

Last night though, I walked upstairs into my room, and there was writing again. Although it looked more like symbols, or scrambled letters, mayb eeven roman numerals. There were only two different types of handwriting, and the feeling I got wasn't nearly as scary, so I wasn't too worried, but I want to know what they want and how to fix it.

The reason why I'm posting this is because I hope someone might be able to give me some answers. A friend of mine saw Paranormal Activity in theaters, and much of what happened to that girl has happened to me, which prompted my friend to tell me to seek help. How do you know whether somethings a ghost, demon, nymph(lol), whatever? And what do each of these things want? Can I set them free somehow, and should I? Can I help them? I don't know what my role is here, and why I can feel them.


So if anyone has any helpful advice, I would love to hear it. Also, it almost feels like these things start acting up just when I am at my happiest. In fact, the thing happened last night was right after a trip I took to Disneyland, and I had decided to clean out all my old things out of the closet (inspired to reorganize I suppose) and the the thing happened right after I started to clean out my closet. LAME. Anyway, thanks for reading!!

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Most people don't realize that demons share a great interest in the lives of all people. They are very real. Never try to speak to it. Contact a Roman Catholic priest. <br />
<br />
You'll be glad you did.<br />
<br />
Demons often appear in the guise of an innocent person who has passed on. This is hardly the case. They prey on human weakness and they do so until they obtain complete control over their target. People who dive head on into a situation in which they are unaware of; (in a case like this) may find themself under attack. <br />
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This is how full blown possession happens. <br />
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It'll follow if you just leave. Get the priest to perform a blessing. Possibly a minor-exorcism and then get out of there.

The spirit you are experiencing isnt a kindred spirit. From reading your experiences. i feel uneased and hear bad screams. to be honest get to a demonologist straight away! <br />
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Have to agree. you should get a Professional's opinion. Someone who can help you understand whats going on. Look its cool and all to have these entity's make them self s known, but it could lead to something very dangerous indeed. <br />
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As they say the "writings" on the wall. get help with this!!!

I agree with the second comment. do not antagonize it or try to make contact. the bad ones want you to do that because it gives them more freedom and they're able to get closer to you. by which at that point you may not ever be able to get rid of them. you need to contact an expert in this field and follow their advice.

Firstly dont whatever you do help it!<br />
A mistake i made and now everything that happens CANNOT be banished. thinking i could help i told the spirit stay with me i can help you to find your way back. BIG MISTAKE! The spirit you are experiencing isnt a kindred spirit. From reading your experiences. i feel uneased and hear bad screams. to be honest get to a demonologist straight away!

Do you find this presence to be something you could live with?<br />
Does it *feel* comfortable, or as though it might be best for you to help it cross over?