Am I Being Haunted???

Everything started about a month and a half ago.  It started off with the feeling someone was watching me.  Then it went to feeling like there was someone that would rest their hand on my shoulder, back, or arm.  Then one day me and my boyfriend were setting in the den and my moms cat started chattering his teeth like there was something beside me .  I brushed it off and didn't really think about it.  This happened again one day when the cat was in the room with my mom and sister.  I walked in the room and he set up and started chattering again like there was something follwing me.  As I walked around the room he would continue to follow with his eyes.  My sister was set on saying I was being haunted because my cat was acting fine until I came in the room.  This is still happening.  I was just wondering if anyone has also had this experience and if they think I am being haunted.

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2 Responses Mar 12, 2010

Cats usually chatter their teeth when they see birds or other things that peak their is not usually a negative thing. Did you lose a close relative recently? Is the cat a new pet perhaps? Anyone who does not believe in the intricate energies of this world has not experienced anything like this before or is so shut off they won't allow themselves to. Keep checking to see if there is a logical explanation. Record your experiences in a journal. Take pictures aimed at whatever your cat stares can reveal things we cant see with our naked eyes. And yes, call your vet and make sure there is nothing wrong with your cat. If you explore all the "logical" avenues and still experience these things, there are people out there to help such as psychics and other paranormal experts. Dont be afraid, that will only make it worse.

Haunted? No.<br />
<br />
Delusional? Perhaps.<br />
<br />
Ghosts are not real.<br />
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I know you want to feel like someone or something is reaching out to you, but this simply is not happening.<br />
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Take your cat to the vet; it could have a dangerous disease.