I'm Being Invaded But I Don't Mind.....

The little grey tails are back!  When we lived in town we used to have tons of squirrels at our bird feeders all the time, but since we moved out to the country I hardly ever see them.  Probably because they stay in the woods where there are lots of acorns and other good things for them to eat.  Recently though, they found the plastic bin that I keep the bird seed in and chewed a big hole in the top.  This morning one of them was up on my deck and had found the bag of cracked corn that I had bought for the deer and turkeys and hadn't put away yet.  I guess that I will have to start buying nuts for them now that they know we are here.
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4 Responses Feb 2, 2008

They actually threw nuts at you??! That would have been amusing to see! I have hand-fed a squirrel at my Mom's house but these around here are too shy.

It SOUNDS fun and entertaining, but i have never really gotten along with squirrels... maybe because the ones on campus were aggressive and threw nuts at the passer-byes... now im just suspicious *LOL*

My mom has squirrels that come right up and take the nuts from her hand. I love them. The more animals around the house the better. You must feel so blessed. Thanks for sharing.

They are too quick for me. and I can't seem to figure out how to post them here anyway.....<br />
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I got a good one of the turkeys on my lawn, though.