"I Am Being Jerked Around By a Job Opportunity"

Early last week I came into contact with this owner of a Med Spa here in my area. She called me in for an interview and discussed possibly hiring me. First she said she would like me to come in and work for her a few days to see how we work together. I am a Medical Assistant by the way in case you are wondering what I do. She said she would pay me for my time off the books for coming in and we would go from there.

 I go in last Friday and worked with her for about 6 hours. She showed me around and I observed while she was with some of her clients. I helped out a little with her phones and cleaning instruments. When I got ready to leave that evening she asked me to come back Saturday morning and I agreed. By the time I got home she had left a message on my machine for me to call her. I called her and she said she didn't need me to come in Saturday to just come in Monday out of uniform dressed in normal attire so she could discuss pay, hours and some of her terms to see if we were in agreement.

 I assumed this meant she was going to offer me the job on Monday. So Monday morning I get all dressed up and out I go to see her. When I pulled up our front of her building I said a prayer to God to please not let me take this job if it was not going to be a good choice for me. When I went in to the front desk her Receptionist said she had just left to run errands and would not be back for a least a couple of hours. So I asked her to have her call me.

 She called me 4 hours later because I saw it on my caller ID. She did not leave a message or anything. I thought she would have at least said something to the effect of "Sorry I missed you today I totally forgot you were coming in" But nope not even a message was left at all. Finally today a week later I get a phone call from one of the girls there asking me to come in to speak to her. She said they wanted to offer me a full time job and would like to speak to me about it. I am out of work now so of course I need a job and thought ok let me go see what she has to offer.

 I get there and it turns out another girl there interviews me. She tells me they aren't exaclty offering me the job yet but would like me to come in and work a few days and see how it goes and they will pay me under the table cash money. Ok if you noticed in the first part of the story this is the exact same thing I was told last week and I never even got paid for last Friday. I mentioned that to her today. I said I was told this last week and I never got paid for being here last Friday then I asked her will I get paid for the hours I worked last Friday? She told me No I dont think so. 

 So my friends and anyone reading this what in the world are these people trying to pull? Are they trying to get me in there a few days for free labor? She told me oh well we are doing this because there are other girls who want this position and they are going to come in and work a few days also to see how they do and then we will pick. I have never seen anything like this in my life! 

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6 Responses May 4, 2007

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i dont care who you are i am hirring for a 1 time thing and 1 oppertunity only i am hirring a sex partner who then cannibalises and kills thier partner in real life this would be a non paying job

Report them to the labor board and the Better Business Bureau. You might check with the Better Business Bureau to see if there are previous complaints for the same thing.

Definitely a NO NO!! You are worth more than that! I believe that they probably are trying to get freebies, and this is their little scam. That's not the way to treat people. Real bad for PR, also. They should probably watch themselves. I also was thinking BBB, just like Windy.

This can be checked up on give the better buisness bureu a call tell them your checking on a possible job and just want to see how hey rate. It's worth the call!

yeah...don't go back till you see some money.