I Am Being Lied to On the Internet!!

I visit a web forum called "Utopia"

Every single day I visit the forum I'm lied to through meme's and code talk that I don't understand! I'm very scared but my computer auto set it as my home page and won't let me change it -- I've tried reinstalling Windows but there is no escape..

All I understand about the forum is that Mad Doggie is going to be Mod in 2008 and a cyborg named "OMAC" is planning to assymilate all of its current members in the next few months.

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4 Responses Jul 7, 2008

Oh noe!<br />
I took your advice and I put it in the freezer again since I think you all can look at this ob<x>jectively, but I don't think it's working -- now there's a thread in the forum that is debating about nothing! It's like a non-funny or darkly funny Seinfeld episode; they're getting so far off topic that they're debating *Semantics*!!

Your computer has been taken over by 1337 H4xx0R5!<br />
Maybe you should try the freezer again.

I think I'm being lied to because I've asked for computer help and their only suggestions are "Take it to UP" -- which I've tried doing -- and also "put it in the freezer" which didn't help, and someone said that I should kill myself, but if I did that how would I check the results to see if it worked? They said that these are the best methods but I get the feeling that all the barrel rolls are at my expense..

Kill your computer. Then kill your TV. You will be much happier and much freer. And you will then know a lot more about what lies are.