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Sounds Worse Than It Is

It's only the American media system.  I once worked handling intelligence reports for the Armed forces and therefore knew the truth instead of the lie.  It made knowing this very onerous.  I'd rather not know directly that my government lies to me.  So, I watch comedy shows and Jepordy (sp?).  Not too many lies there. Unless the comedy is a spoof on government.

dorobo dorobo 70+, M 5 Responses Apr 23, 2009

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I tell people my husbands passing was beautiful, It may be hard for some to understand, but my son and I were there, he opened his eyes and acknowledged us both, and I say made love to me with his eyes for the last time, When he took his last breath I felt a warm embrace. Just Beautiful...

Grams, you speak words of wisdom. Sharing in the celebration of life on the way out is to do honor to a relationship. We often try to ignore the last days/hours in an attempt to make it go away but go it will. Our tears can't change it. Our loving kiss of being there can make the parting easier for the one leaving.

If you believe every other word maybe you an get some truth, just maybe... And yes I would want to know if I were dieing, Knowing my husband was dieing gave us both even more precious moments,hours, days and months.. No shoulda ,coulda's woulda's..

The old but true saying is, "Ignorance is bliss" If you knew how to find out the day you'd die, would you want to know? Not me.

is it better to know or not know?