I'm Being Trageted At Work For My Depression....

I've just gone back to work after a 1 month long medical leave for depression, anxiety and stress. It was a very difficult decision to make but I knew I had to take care of myself first so I did it even though I knew we were a little short staffed at work and my co-workers would have to work a little bit harder.

During my leave none of them called or contacted me to see how I was feeling, that made me feel bad and gave me a clue as to how they were feeling about me taking a leave.

My first day back was this past Wednesday, and everybody was giving me a cold shoulder, they talked to me and everything but there was definitely some tension. Through out the day things got better and I was feeling more confident and most of the people were chatting with me and joking around like old times, except this fat, bully, bitchy woman Jenny, she kept being bitchy and unfriendly (also Veronica was distant but not bitchy). It got to a point on Friday that we were bein snappy with each other and another co-worker warned me about her because she had heard Jenny talking about me and making fun of my "medical leave" as if she believes I was faking it and just wanted a paid vacation. On Saturday things exploded when she accussed me about taking something from her desk and told me not to talk to her anymore, at this point I replied that it was funny she didn't want to talk to me but had plenty to say about me behind my back! We fought for a while, I tried to defend myself and the legitimacy of my leave but she kept mocking the whole situation... I told her I didn't want my name to come out of her mouth unless it was for work related things or in a positive way.

We spent the rest of the day avoding each other unless it was for work stuff but I feel like people are taking her side (Jenny mentioned the fact that she wasn't the only one trashing me about my medical leave) I feel I'm being punished and pushed to the side by everybody, even my manager seems distant and pissed off...how can I work like that? I have to go back tomorrow but I shudder just to think about it, I'd rather stick my head in an oven. I feel betrayed by all those that up to a month ago claimed to be my friends (I spend more time with them than with my family) I feel embarrassed about the fight, I'm  in my 30's she's 40 or so and there we were fighting like kids---> although she was being WAY more immature accussing me of taking stuff and attempting to draw eyes on her banana with a sharpie (I was but just as a joke). I feel trapped, even if I complain to my manager about this harassement he either won't believe me or think I'm "up to something" related to the fact the "I might've lied about my depression just to get out of work".

Bananna Bananna
2 Responses Feb 22, 2009

When people don't understand something, they make fun of it. Sounds to me, like your co-workers don't understand the complexity of your illness.

I have seen these kind of things go down in the work place and believe me women especially are very caddy! It will blow over! In the meantime I know its horrible to work in that kind of enviroment where everyone is judging you and talking behind your back. I have seen women in an office do this very thing even to co workers who were out on maternity leave or had a serious surgery and took time off to recover for that! It really is an outrage because they just never know when the tables might turn and they need medical leave! I swear some people get jealous when you are out of work even for the most serious reasons and they accuse or assume that the reason for the work absence was not legitimate! It just shows the flaws in their true character! Hold your head high girl and just go in there with the attitude that you are there to do your damn job and not make friends and let them see that! They will back off trust me!! This makes me so mad when people are treated this way! They act like you were on a cruise in the Bahamas or something and it's just ridiculous! Remember one thing these office witches do not sign your paycheck or pay your bills so they can kiss your ***!