I Am Me What You See Is What You Get No Regrets !

That is right I am being me. I am spontaneous fun, good sense of humor. I like to write and I like to chat and I like meeting new people from everywhere. I do not have a bitchy bone in my body that is true, ask my kids. Okay only when I get up and I am not totally here when I am like half way between here and dreamland depending on what type of dream I am having so yea I would not say bitchy I would say mabey I can get a little crabby haha! Other then that I am just fun fun fun ! :)
Ariane77 Ariane77
36-40, F
2 Responses Jan 13, 2013

You sound like a wonderful lady. I would love to get to know you.

Well you sound like a ton of fun, I love spontaneous people. Hey! how about a walk in the nakednature...... jk...jk.. ;)

Yes I like to have fun :) I love walks and I love nature and I have taken well um rides in the woods with not many threads on persay hahah :)

Wow! really? Hmm..... well then you are a naughty little nature fairy aren't you...

Yes haha okay but that would be NAUGHTY in a very good way though see :)

Hmm....... Ya making me think tonight aren't you? I see no bad way in it..... lol

Nothing wrong with thinking about um things hahah :) no bad way never only good happy fun spontaneous sensual and all that happy stuff :) hahah !

Yes agreed, and I love happy fun sensual things... and um yea I think about things as well..It's all human nature... get it... nature, sorry I made myself laugh because of my name.....LOL sorry...

No you made me giggle too haha, and I so love nature, so I like your name on here greatly! no apologies ... :)

Sweet. ;)


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