I Am Trying to Be the Real Me Inside Myself

I am trying to make the person that appears to others, the same as the person within me, the real me. I want it to be easy to do his, i want it to come naturally to me. "Just be yourself"- where does the word "Just" come into it? Being myself is hard. It takes practice, and a great deal of support and encouragement, but i will get there in the end. I am being more and more open about how I actually feel. I have never been able to talk about my feelings and it will take a lot more practice before i can get fluent in the language of emotions. I have started getting much better at telling the facts of events but not how each event has made me feel.

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Yeah really...<br />
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"Go ahead and be yourelf, just don't do it around me!"<br />
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I don't remember where that quote came from, but I thought of it just now and it made me smile.<br />
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*lol* It's ok, you can tell me if you are still a psycho. If you have stopped then that's great! I believe in redemption etc etc..<br />
I suppose family is wehere we are most expected to play a role. I do always pretend to be someone else in frnt of my neice and nephew, I want them to have a positive image of me. I can't help them by showing them that I am Passive-Agressive. :/

....and no, I am no longer psychopath...that seems to no longer an accepted form of ex<x>pression. :(

"They" are usually people who are 'closest' to you.<br />
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Family seems to care about appearance. I think that it comes down to the fact that they want you to be something you are not.

Who is "they"? No one should get angry with you for beiing who you are. Unless you were secretly a psychopath or something, then I would probably prefer a deception.

What's confusing is when they tell you to be yourself...<br />
and then get angry at you for being who you are.

Harui, that is the sexiest comment I've ever had on a story. :D *lol*<BR><BR>Yay!

For me, being myself means that I don't conform to what people think I should be. I am a woman, but I hate pink, do not wear make up, play video games, enjoy action movies, don't gossip, aren't afraid of insects... basically the opposite of every stereotypical "woman" thing. I'm not doing on purpose, to try and prove a point or any sill thing like that, it's who I am.<br />
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When someone asks my opinion, I give it--I do NOT tell them what I think they want to hear. I actually have one very good example of this. Once in high school, in an art class, a fellow student asked me what I thought of her piece. I told her honestly, and politely, giving supportive and constructive criticism. She then got angry at me, because that apparently was not what she wanted to hear. So I told her, "You asked for my opinion, I gave it."<br />
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I also don't care what people think of me (in some respects). If I like cheese and they don't, fine. They don't have to like cheese, I'm fine with that. I'm 26 and I still play Pokemon games. If people think I'm silly or childish for doing so, fine. I like Pokemon, that's all there is to it.<br />
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These kind of things may not apply to you, but for me, that's what being myself entails.