Punish Me

today was my twins first birthday party. i worked very hard to make it a special day for them and for those of us who have been there in their first year of life. i did not invite my husbands parents because they treat me so terribly. my husband has done very little to protect me from this treatment and told me recently that he wished that i was different (meaning that he wished i would just "forgive" them so we all could be a big, fat, fake, happy family). my husband also did very little to help plan this celebration. before the party he pretends to be ill and naps. he is fine during the party, and immediately after he is ill again, violently even. during the party i ask him innocently what should happen next hoping to get an opinion and he says, "I don't know, I don't really care." when we give our twins their cake, one of them becomes startled by a noise and he suddenly decides to end the whole cake part.

he resents me so much it makes him sick. i am sick and tired and f-ing fed up with being punished for not just taking all the crap from his parents. go ahead, just keep punishing me and i will punish you right back until i just don't give a crap anymore! it was there first birthday and i should be so happy and full of joy. once again i am cheated out of the happiness i deserve.

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1 Response May 5, 2007

You certainly have every right to be upset. You have a right to defend yourself against his parents if they treat you badly! I know he can't exactly disown them but what he could and should do is stand up for you to them and tell them that they need to be nicer to you and respect you! After all you are his wife and the mother of his children! It is not right for him to blame you and ask you to change your attitude towards his parents if he does not plan on telling them to do the same for you. In the long run they are the ones losing out since they don't treat you with respect and make it impossible for you to invite them to family functions and celebrations. A lot of people have horrible in laws and its too bad that people can't at least be civil and polite even if they don't see eye to eye with you or how you live your life! It sounds like his sudden illness was his way of sulking. Something really has to give you guys have two beautiful children together and he should really have a talk with his parents about the way they are treating you! This just upsets me to even hear of such a thing! You don't deserve that from them!