I Cannot Get Anyone to Help Me With a Legal Matter And Health Insurance

I've had depression problems most of my life but in 1999, my only child killed himself. My mental status changed; In 2002, the depression and anxiety became worse and different. Every job that I had, I couldn't hold or I went on short-term disability. In 2005, my doctor was trying different drugs (a lot) to see if she could help with my anxiety and depression issues. She even mentioned bi-polar disorder. She ONLY mentioned it; she never diagnosed or told me that I was bi-polar.  It was not until 2/06 that I was actually told or diagnosed as bi-polar with ptsd.  I went to an outpatient clinic for help and counseling. My insurance company gave me the green light to go. However, when it came for them to pay the bills they stated that my condition was a "pre-existing" condition and would not pay.  After weeks and months of research and dealing with the insurance company; I found out that back in 2005 my general practioner, a counselor and a phsyciatrist all had labeled me as bi-polar. I was never told about this diagnosis, but it was stated in my records and the counselor and physchiatrist billed me as bi-polar.  So, I'm stuck with over $6000.00 in medical bills because of out-right negligence on my doctor's.  I've contacted several lawyers trying to sue for medical malpractice but I cannot get anyone to help me out. So, thus, on top of everything else; no job, bi-polar and still working on meds, I am stuck with all of these bills that should be paid for. If anyone can help me from a legal standpoint or has any ideas, please let me know.

kab2020 kab2020
46-50, F
Nov 27, 2006