Careful, Myo...they Mean Business!





Oh my God! They're in training!!!!!

Nyxie Nyxie
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8 Responses Feb 27, 2009

Not cute! Eeeeeeeeeeevil!! :D

aww. How cute :)

I love it!!<br />
Squirrels are EVIL, but most especially college campus squirrels.

I am at war w/ the damn squirels, they f' up our garden every year. I want a crossbow to spear them to the ground & I'll chop their friggin' head off w/ my axe. And, toss the carcass into the woods.

Hello Myo. Let me introduce you to my leetle friend.

Looks like he's got a teeny scope on that thing, and there's an acorn in that ammo pile with your name on it.

I saw that dude! He was aiming right at me, I swear! Damn squirrels is right.

Damn squirrels.