So-Called Best Friend

I met H through C not too long ago. Maybe around August or September. At first I did not like her. Felt like she thought she was better than everyone else. She was pregnant, and I felt sorry for her, because she was left at home alone quite a bit and had no one to talk to. We began to talk on the phone a few days a week, then everyday. Started hanging out quite regularly, and over the course of just  a few weeks, became best friends.

Things were great in the beginning. Helped H with the nursery, getting things ready for the baby. I was very shocked when she asked me to be the Godmother of her baby. But of course, I was thrilled also, and agreed. I was at the hospital when she had the baby, was the first one to hold him, and was made to feel like I was part of her family.

After she had the baby, things began to change. She would ask me to sit with the baby while she went to the store or whatever and would be gone all hours of the night. She would say one thing, do another. I finally put my foot down and told her if she couldn't be honest with me about where she was really going, I was no longer going to watch the baby.

When my boyfriend and I began to have a few problems, she was the one I called and talked to about it. After hearing these problems, she decided she no longer cared for him, and didn't want me with him. So when one of the area festivals came around, and he was seen with his ex-wife and son, that's when the problems got out of hand. I knew he was there. I was fine with that. I got phone call after phone call after phone call from people who saw him with her. When H called me and I told her I knew, no to worry about it, she got mad. She felt like I should have shown up out there, and caused a whole bunch of problems. When I refused to go she got mad.

He came home early, recounted the night with me, and we went to bed. I had to work the next day, from 6 am -10 pm, and forgot quite a few things at home, so he was back and forth between home and the restaurant. We were extremal slow, so when my boss showed up, we closed early, around 3:00 pm. G (my boyfriend) showed up at 3:15, and began helping me break everything down.

So imagine my surprise when I get a phone call Sunday from H telling me she saw G Saturday around 3 with his ex-wife at the festival without his son. Said they were all hugged up kissing on each other. Now I know she doesn't like him, and thinks my situation is really crazy,a nd thinks I deserve better, but come on now. If you are going to lie like that, at least make sure I can't account for his whereabouts at the time. I never told her I got off early. She thought I was at work until 10 or so, and thought she could get away with lying to me.

So needless to say, I am not talking to her. There are several people I am not talking to at the this moment in time because they lied to me like that. I feel like I have stab wounds all up and down my back........

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4 Responses May 15, 2007

It sounds like your friend is immature and jealous. She's immature b/c she couldn't be honest w/ you about what she was doing when she asked you to babysit for her and she may be jealous of you b/c of the relationship you have w/ your bf. She is obviously only trying to break you up for some reason or another...she has ulterior motives.

Knowing and being able to do something about it are 2 different things.

Something I have learned in my 25 years is that you can't trust anyone. I trust my husband and that's it! I feel your pain- I just got fired because I was friends with a coworker who ended up stabbing me in the back...<br />
<br />
Time heals all wounds and it will heal yours. Let your friend stay home with her baby alone. She doesn't deserve your friendship. Things happen for a reason...

oh! I hate fake and trecherous people like that!<br />
I hope somehow time heals you wounds, and you find much better/true-er friends that can be trusted upon!<br />
Some people are unreliable; and you can't change that, it is their lifestyle. Bad thing is that one never knows until it is too late... :(