My "X" Best Friend

I have A "X" Best Friend and I have a "X" BoyFriend And the other day me and her Best Friend got on the Internet starting fighting!Her Best friend was telling me 2 get a life and leaving my "X" Best Friend alone

Now shes dateing my "X" who I have  feelings for she's doin that cause she knows that I still  him....I dont know y shes doin that 4......One time she told me that she hates him and every thing..SOME FRIEND!!!!She done my other friend like that 2 stoled my other friends BoyFriend....Any 1 give me something 2 get her back please! :( (:

love2singgurl love2singgurl
18-21, F
1 Response May 16, 2007

this may be hard to hear, but revenge isnt the answer. if you do something to hurt someone else, you become that person, and maybe worse if they didnt even intend to hurt you. stop placing such an emphasis on ****** guys that are going to go through you and your friends aisle by aisle like theyre shopping in a grocery story. move on. leave it alone. youre wasting energy caring about things that dont deserve your attention. for example, you have good stories, you could focus your attention on working on your writing.