Its Hard

well yeha it is hard when u have a friend that u met 6 years ago and u he  was like ur brother and 5 years after it results that he was talking **** right behind ur bak jsut because you have a guy that seems to be gay as ur friend. well thats my story i have a friend that i met 6 years ago and today i found out he was saying that i was a ******* *** just because iam a friend of he other guy and because i havent had a gf for a year!! i never thought this was going to hurt but it does!!

icantbelieveit icantbelieveit
18-21, M
3 Responses Aug 18, 2007

Maybe he is just kidding ...

Hugs!!! Well he isn't really your friend then, is he? But are u absolutely positive he said such things?

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