She Follows Me On the Internet

She has been following me on the net for months,spewing outlandish lies about me,striving her hardest to demolish my reputation. She finds me no matter where I go on the net. Three days ago she found me at a social network. She made a big ugly mess over there posting her insane lies about me. She tried her hardest to destroy my Ford Mustang Network. Right after attacking me at that network she blasted my new pc with a deadly virus. I had to reinstall my entire pc system,and buy a new DSL box. Today I had to make all my memberships private,and had to make my own networks private. I don't exist on the net anymore. I have to hide to keep that horrible woman from attacking me. I'm not private here and it scares me,cuz I know she'll find me here and attack me. She belongs in a mental institution. What makes it all the worst...she lives next door to me. She trespasses on my property,feeds my dogs,while saying ugly lies about my husband and me. I ran the fool off,but she keeps coming back. She's obsessed with my dogs. I just don't know what to do. The idiot is crazyer than a bed bug. I can't get rid of the fool. What can I do? I want my life back!

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The fool destroyed my reputation on the net and caused the members of my Ford Mustang Network to stop visiting. My network is now empty,cold,and lonely. I can't believe my members believe that loon's outlandish lies. Anyway,cops are patroling my neighborhood,in case that crazy idiot gets out of control.

Call the police on her or start video taping her. I would remind her that on the tape that she is trespassing and that you will be calling the police in the future. Don't tell her you are video taping her at this time but if and when you have her arrested you can show the video to the judge.

I know she's lying. All she does is lie. She's obsessed with my dogs,can't stay away from them. Tonight she was with my dogs. I was watching her. She was talking to herself and flinging her arms in the air. She needs to be in a mental institution,seriously.

Tell the landlord if he wants rent money that you decide who comes on the yard or not. I have a feeling this woman is lying to you as my mother is a landlord and she has to make appointments with her renters to come on the grounds or in the units to repair things. <br />
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Don't take this nuts word for it.

I told her exactly that. She said my Land Lord gave her permission to come in my yard.

Everytime she is in your yard call the police. Tell her you will have her arrested fro trespassing.

We suspect she did kill one of our dogs,

Restraining Order at the police station. Are you sure your dogs are safe? How do you know she's not trying to poison them?