I Am Being Stalked and My House Being Bugged

I am being stalked and my house is being bugged. This has been going on for the last two years.
I am 40 and single woman. I live alone.
Two years back I noticed that whenever I went to the bathroom, my neighbour would come out of her house. I changed the time of my going to bathroom, but my neighbour would still come out. The moment I entered the bathroom, her door would open, she would do something quickly and then go back into her house. It didnot matter whether it was 12 in the night, 5 in the morning or 11 in daytime, she would come out definetely. What she did during this time I could not see, because whenever I went to investigate, she would hide. This continued for 365 days for 2 years. My bathroom is inside my house and there is noway anyone can see when I am entering it. I tried lot of things to check it but could not. It would stop only when there was no electricity in the building. I looked for secret cameras in the entire house but could not find one.
I was also simultaneously being stalked by the neighbour. They used some detectives to follow me. Wherever I went, they came. After I had visited some shop, they would visit the same shop and badmouth me. They probably used some CD or mobile images. Strangers laughed at me and people whom I have never met looked at me with hatred. Everybody seemed to be knowing me but how I do not know. Nobody directly told me anything. This again continued for 2 years despite my best attempts. My emails were read and my phone tapped. My privacy was totally destroyed. I was extremely mentally disturbed. Nobody believed me and nobody understood and nobody cared.
I finally gave a police complaint against two neighbours. Both these people are 45 somethings, happily married and have big kids. In both cases husband and wife were togather in the act. After my complaint, one stalker family immediately moved out of the building. The other stayed put. However the secret camera problem persisted.
I finally changed my house and the city. That removed the secret camera problem. I have now some peace of mind. I am also a stronger and more aware person now. I have started studying the stalkers and know how they operate.
But I am still being stalked by the same vengeful people. There are at a time 5-6 guys at different intersections in the road. I dodge them a lot but they find me easily. Their behavior is just like the CIA.

I would like to put an end to this stalking. I also want to know how secret cameras look.How can I tell whether my new house has them or not. How can they be disabled? Is there a website about them? How are they obtained? How can I get rid of the stalkers. I cannot keep on changing cities all my life? Does anybody know?

The name of the person, the thug doing this is 1) B . K. S Chauhan and his whole family. address= A-103, ashalaxmi apts, ravinagar sq. The wife & husband wrere doing things independently and did or did not know what the other was doing.
These people are bats, if they come across a sranger lying dead in an unknown road, they would steal his blood and run away.

2) L. D. Agrawal and whole family, address=A-101, Ashalaxmi apts, ravingar sq.

I want both these people to be hung upside down and burnt alive.In 1000 years I will not forgive what they did.

This is a part which I added on 18 April 2016

What these guys were doing actually is this:
1) They were watching me through a hidden camera and whenever I went to the bathroom, somebody from there house ran and stood behind the bathroom window. The timing was very perfect. The flat was constructed in such away that behind the bathroom there was a corridor and people could walk through it. So whenever I went to the bathroom, this person specifically, chauhan’s wife (or kids or husband) always ran and stood on the corridor behind the window. I do not know what she did because I was in the bathroom. The moment I came out of the bathroom, she would go back into her house. This happened with perfect timing about 10 times in a day. The timing was perfect and not one time did she miss. It gave me very clear hint that she was watching me through some camera. Otherwise how is that possible that when you are going into your bathroom which is in your own house, an outsider can come to know that? It is not possible. The only explanation for that is that they are watching you through a camera. This happened 10 times in a day, 365 days in a year, for 3 years without fail. Whether it was 8 in the morning, or 12 in the night, it happened every time. Many times I went and stood outside my flat and checked what she was doing, but whenever I stood outside, she would run inside her flat. Only when I was in my bathroom, she would stand outside, just behind my bathroom window. It was not because of any sound. She could not hear any sound. I cross checked many things. I was after all a scientist. How could I believe this? I had to cross check and verify whether it was only my hallucination or not. I checked and cross checked everything. I realized that there was some hidden camera through which these thugs were looking. I tried to search for that camera everywhere in my flat. I checked in the tube light and in all bulbs, and many other places. I did not know about stalking and persecution at that time or about hidden cameras. But whatever I knew, I searched. But I could not find the camera anywhere. Yet the camera was there. Because the chauh and gave me in explicable proof of that every single day with correct timing. It disturbed me a great deal. It tore me from inside. That somebody is watching you the whole time through camera; it completely broke me from inside. It is like putting a person inside an acid tank. I felt like that. Every second, every minute, each day, an outsider is watching you through a camera. It completely disturbed me and unsettled me.
2) Secondly whenever I went out to the market, somebody guys on would stalk me. There were 5-6 guys on bikes, wearing black goggles. They stalked me and were spreading some rumors about me. I tried to dodge them very much. But whatever I did did not help. They are too many in number and at all places. Up and down, east and west, every where surrounding me. I could not escape them. They were spreading lies about me secretly and every person that I talked to was fighting with me, many were taunting me, laughing at me. Many people fought with me without any reason, including bus conductors, shopkeepers, bank officers etc.
3) Thirdly they would make huge noises on the roof and side walls on my flat. The ruckus was huge. They continuously tapped with a hammer on the side walls of the flat. Continuously for 3-4 years. If you went from bedroom to kitchen, the noise would start coming from above the kitchen. If you went from kitchen to drawing room, the noise would start coming from above the drawing room. There was other noise too which was deliberately made.

4) Fourthly, they were throwing some powder at my door and windows. Sometimes it was a white powder, sometimes it was chilli powder and sometimes something else. Whenever I used to stand in the kitchen and wash utensils, a strong whiff of chilli powder would come into my nose. I tried to close the window very tightly. But the window couldn’t be clamped shut. One time I became very very sick. I had continuous cough and sneezing. I was sneezing and coughing continuously every second for 2 months. I could even go to the hospital. I was afraid that I had tuberculosis. Only after my disease abated a bit, did I go to the hospital. The doctor who saw me did not see the full magnitude of my disease.
They were continuously standing outside our door and window and throwing something. I ignored this for 2 years thinking that how can such a thing be possible. If somebody had told me this, I would not have believed it. Only because I saw with my own eyes, I believed it and even then, I looked the other way, believing that it would go by itself.
5) Fifthly, they also shouted abuses at us, called us names, insulted us and created lot of ruckus. For the first year it was less. Initially for one year I kept quite. After one year I gave a police complaint. After that the harassment increased tremendously. I also slowly started shouting at them. They then provoked me even more. They used to throw some trash at my door. In one day, at least 5 times they did that. In response I used to throw it back at their door. This fight continued everyday, and they kept on provoking me more and more. In the end I realized it was a game. The game was to provoke me and keep me in provoked state
6) They also played some psychological games surreptitiously. That is they used to repeat some acts which I did inside my house. So if I said something inside my home, they would stand outside my door and say the same thing. It gave me irrevocable proof that they were watching me through some camera and it completely unsettled me. If I did a physical work, the woman would do the same act in front of me whenever I stepped out. She did not say anything at that time only laughed. They were very proud of that. I do not know how anybody can do that and be proud. I concluded that they were watching me through camera every second. It was very weird.
Had I told this to anybody nobody would have believed me. So I actually did not tell this to anybody. The camera part, even today I have not told to anybody. It sent shudders down my spine every time I think of that.
In between whenever a relative visited us and stayed with us for a few days, the whole game would stop. The chauhans behaved as if they had absolutely nothing to do with us at all. It was very strange. There was absolute peace during those days, no harassment, no shouting, no running, no thak-thak, a complete change of scene.
After 3 harrowing and very cruel years, I gave a police complaint in 2007. I did not mention about the camera. I was anxious that police would not believe me. However the police inspector read everything and asked me questions. I was surprised that he understood perfectly even though I did not understand it at all. He asked me only one question, “Do you have a boy friend?” I was shocked that how can such a question come up here. I thought that the police was funny. I could not see the connection between boyfriend and this.
But that was also my first clue. It took me several years to understand the connection between boy friend and harassment.

So the chauhans and agrawals harassed me continuously for 3 years. They did not have anything to do with me as I did not know them nor did I talk to them. They had absolutely no motive. In both cases the whole family of husband, wife, kids and others was involved. They just silently and in underhand manner did all this, thinking that I would go mad, commit suicide and nobody would know. Had I committed suicide at that time, people would have said that I was mad and blamed me and nobody would have suspected them at all.
In 2008 I went away to another city very far from this city. I kept the whole thing very secret. I thought that if I do not speak about it to anybody, nobody would know. I lived in a strange and new city where I did not know anyone. Where I had no relatives, no friends. I did not talk to anybody. However there too, the same things happened. The neighbors did exactly the same thing the chauhans did. In fact wherever I went, the neighbors silently did the same thing. This happened without any exceptions everywhere. In 2012, I installed a security camera outside my flat, which decreased the harassment by 50%. Then on the road, I started yelling at my stalkers and calling them names. That decreased that part of harassment considerably. But then new things started.
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I know impart what you are going through. All true stories are simular but a little different. I've struggled with this it's been about a year for me. I believe I know who they are. I'm feeling compassion and hope and have faith in God to break the chains of bondage they are in.Believing God to change their lives making a spiritual impact in changing the lives of other people who do this. Prayer changes things. So let's pray for them. When our hearts go out to others, God blesses both. Be encouraged and pray always.

Maybe you have a neurophone and are an experiment for the training of expatriated/refugee citizens of war-torn countries into colonizing the americas/european countries. They can hear you breathing. But after reading your post, and other commenters, I realize that you have to have some kind of exceptionally deficient ability to protect your family and friends' privacy (which, by the way, is being used by these "watchers" for their own gaining of reputation and "quality of moral persona" among your friends' friends), or are slightly aware that people you know are in on the whole thing. Maybe you shouldn't have listened to their advice in the first place, when you were a mere child and didn't know any better. And don't even bother trying to become proficient at anything, because they'll probably use everything you learn to understand more about your psyche, and use your own psyche against yourself to keep you tame and meager so that whenever they feel like having a reaction out of you, they can get it, and use it for the training of their own primitive, brutal kind.

Just one more thing proudwoman...Is there any kind of imbalance of power in your life? Like are you poor in a rich nieghborhood? Are you prettier than your neighbors. Smarter? Richer? Do you have any kind of criminal background? Is there any reason someone may envy you? Did you do anything to **** someone off? Did you smart off to someone in power? Any of these ring a bell at all? If so think about it and you may find an answer.

I believe you're there first one i have found so far who can relate to what i am going through. I am an introvert and i prefer to be alone. I have no control over what others think or say. I have been having a similair problem for the past two years and no one believes me. Its almost impossible to explain without sounding like a paranoid nut. My life is being slowly destroyed and two of my pets have gone missing under mysterious circumstance right after my fathers death as well. My last job was a nightmare every one there seemed to take turns toying with me in some weird indirect way. One day when I was upset because someone ignored me when i said hi. I had eight workers surounding me and talking to me, getting real pysicaly close, though it was obivious I wanted to be left alone. its like they were psychologically poking me with sticks. I don't know what to do. I dated a girl related to police officer a few years ago and it did not end well. I think that may have something to do with it. I have a drug charge for poseession from 9 years ago, but have been clean ever since. I feel like a monster sometimes and i afraid it will always be like this. Well..im keeping my pets indoors always! I think this problem is going to to get more and more common in the next few years. I wont go into it but i'm doing my best to fight back. The right way. Im doing everything I can to let poeple know whats going on.

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My husband found peep holes the size of a dime from the inside of the wall but from the outside the hole wete size of a pin. I would hear them drilling but never knew what exactly they were drilling! I'm not sure if I should call thee authorities because I think they might be in it? Or they might not even care....

They use the borescope/ endscope, about the size of a pencil flexabel they can come up through your drain etc. they go between your walls atic etc. some are hundreds of feet long equipped with camera hooks and hands to unlock move stuff etc no house can defend against this. Period. They probably come through the attic down through your fan or celing light and rest in the dark looking at you in the light. They actually came through my celing fan and rested in the motor looking at me through the holes. If u have carpet then they got weight sencers their to to monitor whear u at at all times. Its very easy for them

I was searching the web to see if i can find anything that will help me figure out whats been going on these past few months. So i stumbled on to this site and read your post and comments and i have to say it really hit home and brought me to tears knowing there ARE others going through a similar situation as me. I thought i was going more crazy than i already am. Lol
I will be posting my experience soon. Thanks for your post and all the support in your comments.

Goggle borescope endscope it's their favorite tool. Also they use presure sencers under your carpet

These people are cops and gangs these cops target people because they use fake names and no one knows their true families.Thier families run criminal enterprises. If one of their family takes a disliking to you and your family they target people.It is just not where you are. They use a system that has a bunch of information you can't escape them because your social security number must be the same. If these people track you to different town they have cops helping them.These cops do enforce law on their selves like they like to make the community think.Judges are corrupt to they are powerless against the the large numbers of people. Your not crazy these people do what you say. The state I live in is same way corrupt government and gang controlled. They can watch you with IR cameras. They see heat and can see what your doing through walls. They also have planes with x-Ray it can fly over and record images. These cops and these gangs force people to admit to crimes they never committed and fake evidence. They force people from families to sacrificed members of there family to black and Mexican gangs and these gang get drugs and freedom to run wild in the community because these cops are theirs.They don't do it to everyone They pick victims that they turn their families against them and they have no way of fighting back.Indiana in the west central region is the same way. These families want money or silience.

I noticed that the comments are not listed in chronological order, for example someone posted a comment with the date stamp in 2014 and the next comment is answering/commenting to it but their date stamp says 2013. Wtf or am I trippin?

This is called "mobbing." Your neighbor is probably thermal imaging your home as a useful idiot who participates in this type of disgusting behavior to satisfy their (and your) handlers in exchange for money.

My book is on Amazon, and for free on my website, entitled "Tortured In America - The Life Of A Targeted Individual."

This may help to clarify your situation.

I have the same problem. It is like they read the articles about Gang Stalking and I became there victim with my Best friend of 38 years who not willing stepped into this with me. We had already planned for her to move here a year and half ago. Now its really bad! There is a fake squirrels nest in 3 trees around my home. A neighbor just came over and told me she has them on the street behind me and is hearing things in her attic. So I know that I am not the only one. Its a group of about 5 that I know of. The local Sheriffs dept wants me committed to a mental place. Just like I read about in these articles. I'm in to help stop it, but, I can't even stop this in my own home... It like I need to call Ghost Busters.!! but, in this case Gang Stalkers help! My dog was murdered. My home stayed in by them when I was out of town. And everything in the article. I have experienced,. Now what.?

First, gang stalkers will follow you in the day with one or more vehicles and because they will know your habits, they will stay far enough behind that you may not see them but they will see you. At night, they are likely to use cars which do not have the bulbs in the tail lights so that they go undetected. They can and will change cars if necessary to keep you off their trail if you happen to detect them at any time. They will use recordings outside your house, use objects or even their hands to thump or pound on your home to wake you out of your sleep in order to sleep deprive you, they will use drugs such as meth to make you hallucinate on top of the sleep deprived state they have helped to put you in, they will surround your home on all sides and use shadows, brush and trees to do their dirty work, if you document anything on a calendar or inside a paper tablet they will make a record and be waiting for you to arrive, they may honk their horns or appear wherever you are going to be, They will pick your locks and if you use an electronic lock system with an alarm, they will be in places you cannot see them with high-powered binoculars. They will bug your phone, call your home but not say a word, leave hair or blood streaks or other nasty things in your bed for you to discover, they will use your shower and toilet while you are away and make themselves at home with your food. They will use herbicides and pesticides on you without your knowledge which could be by spraying your toilet seat, door and other handles. They will take things that you need and may later return them to you. With that said and although that does not cover everything gang stalkers do, this should help some of you. When you move, do not do a normal change of address with the post office, online anywhere, friends, family, etc. Leave no trail behind that can be found. Move several counties away but put lights and everything under a different name. Use only cash to make purchases so that you will not have to give out your social security number and thus be trackable, traceable, findable. Color your hair a totally different color and paint your eyebrows and any facial hair as well. Wait until you know for sure that you are not being followed to stop off at a clothing section to purchase all new clothes and dump all of the old ones including your jacket, sweaters, shoes, hats, etc. in a dumpster at night where there are few to no people that would be up or watching. Dump the cell phone, computers, etc. that require your usual phone usage and purchase all new equipment. A hat with the new hair color would also be beneficial. Rid yourself of all papers and photos in your possession so that no clue as to your personal connections can be made. Leave or close the bank accounts, credit cards, and anything that has to do with any sort of banking so that you will not leave a trail there, either. Halfway through your trip to the new destination, get a newspaper or use a library computer to access the internet to find a different vehicle to drive of which you will then sell to a private party after you get to the new or surrounding area of your intended destination. Cutting your own hair is likely to be best and it should be in a totally different length and style, one that you have never before worn as stalkers, whether alone or in a group, will definitely have taken your photographs and filmed you when you were not aware of it. Stalkers like to call attention and if you pay attention and look, that is a clear sign that they are either filming you or snapping shots. Never mention where you come from, always give a fake location and length of time you were there and whenever conversation comes up, distract others away or say something like "oops, I forgot! I have an appointment so I have to be going OR I forgot something on the stove" and leave. If remaining because you cannot do a move, do not call the police but a few times because if they do not catch the thugs you may be seen as questionable in the head and possibly taken off to an institution for an evaluation which could lead to your involuntary incarceration, drugging, and so the story goes. Remove the electrical covers to your plug-ins and check for anything covert. Remove light covers and check for anything that would be considered covert. Repair cracks in walls and other places where the tiniest of equipment such as cameras can be installed. Anything with a cover that would give a camera the opportunity to see you, remove it and take a look around with a flashlight. Checking on a weekly basis may be necessary but once you know what you are looking for, it will not take you long to do a full home scan. Do jot down what you notice goes on inside your home, for your own sake and just in case the criminals are caught but hide the documented material behind a wall panel, in the ceiling, under a rug-covered floor board or somewhere that does not look like you would be disturbing it or would be a hiding place. Be careful what you say on a landline or cell inside your home and instead wait until you are in a location where they cannot sneak up behind you with their cars and/or pick up on you via RF devices. If you suspect you are being tailed at night, pull off the road somewhere, put it in park, shut off the lights or engine if the panel is lit up, keep your foot off the break and wait. You may need to wait twenty to thirty minutes, possibly longer, depending on your stalkers. Or, if you do know you have a tail in sight, wait until you have a spot you can pull off before hitting your brakes to do a slow down, putting on your blinker and going in for the "I know (it's you), stupid!" pull off. Cut down the bushes around your house and if you live on land with surroundings trees and brush, spots that could definitely hide people, clear the areas. They are like vampires and you do not want to give them anything or anywhere to hide. They may wear camouflage so be prepared for that as well. All stalkers like shadows and the ability to hide when they do not want you to see them. Put a bar across your doors so that once you are inside, you can lock them out for the night. Curtains should not be see-thru and should cover your entire window, end to end, top to bottom. Pay attention when outside because they may try to squirt you from unseen locations with bug killing liquids or other matter. Do not assume that they will not enter your home while you are out in your yard, gardening, playing with the kids, barbecuing because when you are not looking or your back is turned, especially when they know how you live your life and are "in tune" with you, they definitely will take advantage of that knowledge. Gang stalkers work in groups of three or more but do not let that intimidate you or make you feel like becoming a shut-in. What you want to do is look and be relaxed, even if you are not, and when they mess with you, your home, etc., you pay them no mind. Never talk to them nor acknowledge them in any way because they have no feelings for anyone but themselves and nothing you do or say is going to make them go away. Do take your locks to a locksmith, preferably as far away from your current county as you can, and have them examined for evidence that they have in fact been picked. If they have, ask the examining lock smith if they could write down what they have found and sign the sheet. Remember to not leave your purse, wallet or anything valuable and important inside, keep it with you at all times unless you do have a good hiding place for things, because you do not want the stalkers getting their hands on the evidence as they will take it. Make several copies and place each in a different location, if you want to be able to show evidence in the future. Stalkers of every kind are not and never will be your friends so do not get into the mindset that they ever will or that they will start caring about you. Gang stalkers are thugs and they are hired because, if the whole operation goes awry, they will be left holding the bag and will spend time behind bars. If you have a landline phone that you use at home, erase all the calls and dial a '1', wait a few seconds and then hang up the receiver which should prevent them from hitting 'redial' and finding out who you last called. If you do anything that they do not want you doing, they will let you know it by sleep depriving you, using bug or plant killing agents, or other things so do not be afraid when they do this but try to learn what it is you did and then try to either get around them, undetected or just go along with what they want so that you can take some time to debate moving to a different location. Do not take being stalked by gang stalkers personal and keep your chin up, eyes peeled, ears open and forgiveness in your hear. Be happy no matter what they do to you because their main goal is to destroy your entire life and entire existence if at all possible. That's the name of the game. Gang stalking is a dangerous game to play with those initiating it so anyone entertaining the thought should carefully get to know their stalker's patterns, responses, etc.

No house can be defended against gov gangstalkers period. Their favorite tool is the borescope! With 1 of them i can come up through your toilet and unlock your door. Place equipment under ur carpet etc! If u being gangstalked like me by the pros your whole life is 24/7 hell. Period. No offense how do I know about under the carpet and the borescope? Hymm yea they with 24/7 just 24/7 period

Anyone can buy and use borescope. Funny you should mention it because, one day, I discovered my fifth wheel trailer's septic hose disconnected of which I had attached a second time very securely, it should not have become detached until I took it off the pipe, and recently, when I was installing a handmade door that had a gap on one side, I heard something being slid through the gap, it touched a thick plastic zipper bag sitting a few feet in line with the opening and a little while later I heard the foot of the metal oil heater I use clank as if something other than a mouse, spider, etc. had hit it. The group pestering us also uses an extension pole, window washing type, to fly rags, balls against walls/roofs, and to tie shoes and odd shapes to the end of to press into the ground for definite subterfuge. Never be afraid because there are things you can do to offset or even ruin their work and day. Put a padlock on your inside door with uncuttable chain, a high security Medeco, unbumpable, unpickable, etc. All of us have to relax and not give in because we are the founding fathers of the research into gangs of stalkers and the movement to stop the destructive, nosy busy bodies in their tracks. Domestic terrorism is not funny and it is we who they are trying to terrorize for Communism's sake (Stasi mind control method) that is going to help bring it all down. The stalkers and their leaders do not realize that they are using a form of mind control which failed at one time. And by and by, they want us all to be suspicious of and outwardly angry toward everyone. Some mind control, eh? It's a game, sometimes it can get nasty or lethal but a game, none the less. It is when we fight back and succeed even with a hundred failures where we begin beating the losers at their game.

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Get a bug detector

I have a problem with neighbors harassing me at my apartment in Bloomington, IN. Neighbors say my name so I hear them through the walls. I also have reason to believe they that some look at what I view on the internet because of what they say. Neighbors also make threats by saying they are going to have me criminally charged when they are harassing me constantly with their words. You could get earplugs and surveillance. That helps some. Call the police if they are decent people in your city. I had a police officer help me once in my life. I am disabled, so my neighbors attempts at intimidation are especially painful. Bloomington has a serious alcohol and coke problem, which is incredibly annoying. I guess that is what you get these days with the college 20 something scene.

Hopefully their drugs, if powdered, are not blowing into your home through a roof vent or poorly sealed door, gaps occur that can be very small and we not notice them. Certain drugs can cause fear, anxiety, anger, aggression, hallucinations and do a serious number on the mind. Hearing your name...they could actually know somebody with the same name and are talking about them. I was once in a store with a shopping cart and saw two men several aisles apart turn at the same time and head down different aisles. They were not even aware of one another nor that they had turned at the same time. Like two people which are speaking and say the same word/s at the same time, two people on the same block can visit the same internet sites and do the same things on the internet because their interests just happen to be the same or greatly alike. Not saying that there is nothing going on but when we are being stalked, it can seem/look like everyone around us is trying to harass us when they may not really be. I am wondering if there are a few college-goers who were school bullies that have been out and about, harassing certain residents and you just happen to have been randomly chosen by them. Get a closed circuit camera set up which sees in the dark and let it be your guide on all sides of your home.

Please help- I have a similar situation. I am in danger RIGHT NOW. Please somebody help me. They have bugged my home, car and belongings. Threaten to kill my dog and do horrible things. I'm terrified but am being accused of hallucinating as I'm on meds for anxiety. Please please help.

I am going through this right now. Are you still being stalked?

That is what the non-remote spy cameras and recording equipment are for. And high security locks that cannot be tampered with in any way, shape or form. Lock them out and put some eyes on them and then you will feel more comfortable and confident when you call the Police. There are sweepers for bugs, cell cameras, gps tracking equipment being sold online so look for things like that so you can find out if/where they have put things, remove them with gloved hands and insert them into ziplock baggies for future reference (Police, courts, etc.) If the harassment stops then the perpetrators are afraid they will be caught and until they find a way to rid your home of what they are afraid will get them caught...a good high security deadbolt, like a Medeco, is what you need and not let anyone handle or borrow your keys for a second nor forget and leave them someplace where others can get their hands upon them.

my phone was hooked up to a tape recorder. I found it by following the wires that lead to the device under bedroom dresser. It recorded everytime I picked up the phone to dial out or to receive an incoming call. It was set-up by my boyfriend at the time. I had suspicions & followed my gut instinct. It was a hard thing to go through, but made me a cautious person.

Anyone in southern California feel free to email me. Eeelaine929 is my email for google Careful of these stalkers pretending to be victim's also avoid FFCH as they are perps I only trust a website called fightgangstalking as far as tactics and help

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I've called the police because my neighbors was selling weed by the pound in Norristown Pa.A week later I was being sprayed with chemicals. I couldnt find the source . I moved to Philadelphia, Pa. It began again using my upstairs new neighbors. How can this be stopped

i have exactly the same experience. The owner goez out of the gate always after i bath, and go back to his house. I suspect he watches as i fix myself. I looked anywhere but could not find any. How come he knows when I bath, or things i spoke with someone over the phone... Another group of men, in another apartment seemed paid my neighbor to cam me inside house. They spy my emails, chats, and badmouthed me to would be employers. I am not aware what they use to spy, please help

I'm being stalked by an organized crime ring, go to Google counter spying sites, there are support groups for victims of stalking, you have to be strong. There are ways to stop this. I am poor but managed to buy an radio frequency detector. Next on list is from www.lonestarconsulting.com please look at that site, it explains a lot about the equipment used in these black ops. Good luck, stay strong.

There are mindcontroller eyeball pediphile babyfucking psychopath sociopaths narssasitic Deyette"s out there with technology stalking innocent women with families. This **** rapes,sexually assaults you,lies about you and your beautiful family. follow you around illegaly. this filth is at 10919-141street Surrey BC and at 142-108 first side alley you see with a camper parked out back. watch for this filth its a gross ring of Deyette babyfukers who take pics of naked women and children its soooooooooo disgusting how this filth thinks with technology its a crime and this filth should be arrested. if any honest athorities read this please investigate, NWO is one the corner of 109-141street is doing this as well its a gross ring going around doing this illegally with technology thats against the law please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Omg I would really love an opportunity to speak with you. I currently feel like I am being stalked. My neighbors hide from me and I have had a similar situation where people have done things in front of my apt while I was in other parts of house. I would love to speak with you about these matters. Trust me I am 32 and I feel like my neighbors are always watching what I do and looking at me with hatred. When I open my front door someone next door opens their door. It's crazy. I too want to put a stop to it. I thought maybe the mirror in the bathroom is a camera. I can't say for sure. I do know that I have contacted psychics about the harassment and they never denied it was such.

Please reply with authenticity, support, and respect try using a bug detector

I have the same problem real-estate is really huge in every city, sometimes you can rent a home and your next door neighbor will secretly be the owner of the home your renting, for the last 2 years my neighbors been doing the same thing. <br />
<br />
I hired a private investigator and we are in the process of collecting evidence to revoke the title of the home, get their real-estate license taken away, put them behind bars and make sure they are never able to buy, lease, or sell a home in the United States for the rest of their lives. <br />
<br />
Sometimes owners lived in the home prior to leasing it and equipped the home with hidden cameras so they can monitor their tenants, and it gets real ugly from there because some may be drug or alcohol addicts, have financial problems etc. <br />
<br />
When the first of the month comes along and you are constantly late on your rent which is due on the 1st of each month but not late till the end of your grace period the owners become desperate because they have bills they need to pay and can not pay those bills until you pay your rent.<br />
<br />
So owners will sneak into the home your leasing and poison your food and water supply, brake your electronic, cars, anything of that nature that has value to it; to get even with you. <br />
<br />
In my eyes if you only own 1 or 2 properties you have no business in the real-estate game because you can not afford to maintain the properties properly. <br />
<br />
I am going to murder my next door neighbors for sneaking into my home but first I have to move then come back and do home invasion murder everyone in their house. <br />
<br />
If they do it to you they will do it to the next people that move there and if you have small children 8-9 years old they will become pedaphile's.

Oh yeah I forgot to add they hired someone to hide in the ceiling of the home there is someone hiding in the ceiling of my home.

Ever since my step father passed away and my mother insisted we move out of the abuse shelter into his old house life has been hell. I do not say much to many about anything. My mother would know things that I had said verbatim. She would and still does lay into me about how much electricity is being used, or how much mileage was "done recently" to his old truck that I drive. Too many things were cropping up out of her mouth or other peoples from where we live. I could never explain any of it tho. Finally I put out cameras to find out who was tearing up the trash I would leave outside for trash day... it matches the neighbor behind us. Something said while the neighbor was near by but not in earshot would fall from peoples lips. Things being moved around late at night again video shows it is a match. Recently I took the desk top and moved it into the living room because the laptop died for no reason. I know now the lap top was sabotaged with a viral agent, and that the agent was sent thru the desk top. Desk top used to belong to the neighbor. (I accepted it before I knew he was an ***. I would connect them to update the desk top since its XP and the lappie was win7. I have been going thru the desk top deleting things I do not need/know what they are and dont use. All of a sudden today I get several messages stating that "the other user has cancelled this action" and these files are suddenly off limits to do anything with. My parent knowing too much about my life that I didnt share with her. The neighbor fitting the image almost to a T of the shadow figure ripping up the trash and going over everything on my then van (was mine until it died from a sever case of being screwed with) and the neighbor knowing a high school knick name and other details about me that my kids or my ex husband never even knew... to the computer showing me that pop up... and I could list so many more things that we would be here all day asking ourselves am I crazy and lost my mind or is this really happening.... made me take a stance today. I have been typing notes on the computer and leaving them with the neighbors name on it. Going by the time given when I saved them written down on a piece of paper near me I can deduce that hes seeing them because the last used time stamp is different. I have all of the evidence set aside away from where I live. If something happens to me this info will all go to the courts and he will be arrested and put in jail. I have found personal information of his wife. I am more than happy to share this info as well with people if he doesnt back off. I mean who leaves a social Sec number... on a computer you are giving away. I will not let anything happen nor will I allow her ssn to be stolen and her credit wrecked, but should it disappear from my hard drive it is again more proof that hes got remote access whenever he wants it. I left an abusive situation from my ex only to have my parent encourage the neighbor to stalk me. knowing that I have no qualms about putting her and him jail for the three years of hell.
Dont take the ****. Do everything in your power to protect yourself because its your rights they are violating and its your life they are ruining.

I am a 49 year old American indian male residing in Durant, Oklahoma ,I have been a victim of somebodys evil ,odd and imappropriate .as well as illegal, its like I hear a auditory confirmation everywhere I go. and these persons claim to also have a visual of me everywhere I go.so someone has a visual and auditory affirmation of my current private and personal living situations ,even sex and the private residential bathroom seems to be targeted as they voice sexual gestures when Im naked or using the restroom.Its been nine years with countless pleas to friends family neighbors police politians doctors ,etc..etc..and no one will take my word as the truth ,they just shrug it off and then it seems as though they tt start voicing gestures and slander and private happenings in my personal life, they sound as though they are on a power trip ,.,as they have told me that we sre doing this too you :CAUSE WE CAN".I an a gay man also a minority and i know I have alot of friends in this county..bUT FOR SOME UNKNOWN REASON OR PURPOSE THIS THREATENING SITUATION HAS NO STOPPED...CAN SOMEONE help me...desperate for safety and understanding of why im being targeted...Kevin G.

I am a 49 year old American indian male residing in Durant, Oklahoma ,I have been a victim of somebodys evil ,odd and imappropriate .as well as illegal, its like I hear a auditory confirmation everywhere I go. and these persons claim to also have a visual of me everywhere I go.so someone has a visual and auditory affirmation of my current private and personal living situations ,even sex and the private residential bathroom seems to be targeted as they voice sexual gestures when Im naked or using the restroom.Its been nine years with countless pleas to friends family neighbors police politians doctors ,etc..etc..and no one will take my word as the truth ,they just shrug it off and then it seems as though they tt start voicing gestures and slander and private happenings in my personal life, they sound as though they are on a power trip ,.,as they have told me that we sre doing this too you :CAUSE WE CAN".I an a gay man also a minority and i know I have alot of friends in this county..bUT FOR SOME UNKNOWN REASON OR PURPOSE THIS THREATENING SITUATION HAS NO STOPPED...CAN SOMEONE help me...desperate for safety and understanding of why im being targeted...Kevin G.

Please see FFCHS, there are many people being stalked as you describe.

When I was a young woman, I experienced a similar thing. It didn't matter where I moved to my home was being broken into, sometimes before I had actually moved in. I had strange calls all hours of the day and night, even when I had given no one my number yet. This went on for 4 long years. The police couldn't do anything because I couldn't prove anything. I had my windshield wipers fly off, in a storm, on the freeway. My brake lines had been cut and my kids and I could of died. My underwear would be thrown all over my room when I got home sometimes. It just went on and on. So my friend (female) took me gun shopping and taught me to handle a gun and shoot it. I moved in with her for awhile and she had an alarm system. It still got broken into, but it was great because she knew what to do and finally she really believed me. That's because we were shopping together when it happened. So we started camping for awhile, because we didn't have to use our real names at camp grounds. Then her family gave me and my kids a house to stay in for as long as we wanted, but it was in the middle of no where. I did not have a single stalking incident while living there. I stayed for a year and then tried to get a place in the city. It was broken into before I moved in. So I went back to the middle of no where. I then got all of our names changed in court. They wouldn't change social security numbers back then, so I did what I had to, not use mine on anything. I waited another year and then rented a place. Nothing, no stalking, no calls, no problems other than ordinary ones. Stalking really happens and you really can defeat the stalker(s). Start with an alarm system and then buy a dog. Install hidden cameras in your house to see if you can catch anyone. Install hidden cameras focused on your walkway, mailbox, and any areas you think are a problem, ect. Use audio equipment as well. I know it's hard to think clearly when you're in the middle of it, but as soon as you feel safer, you will be able to think again. Sometimes this kind of thing can make you feel crazy and that's exactly what they want. So don't give it to them. Best of luck to you.

Check out, www.ETSecureSpy.com we have covert camera detectors to check to see if your being watched., We have phone tapping devices to help you know if your phone is being tapped. We also have wire tapped devices to help to see if your being listened to. My name is Tara, co-owner of ETSecureSpy. Let me know if you have any questions I can help you with.

I've gone through this too. The difference with me is that I was being watched by the FBI and the local police, depending where I lived. I also received calls each night when I got home. It started when I was 12 and went on for over 30 years. In 2009, a cop barged into my home and I broke his back. His partner drug him out. When they called me, they didn't understand why I did that. The bottom line was that someone in Washington DC signed me up for the FBI. Local cops join in and screw with the new recruit until he breaks. Like I said, it went on for years. Because of this, I had no friends in school and after school, I was the guy no one wanted to talk to. Why do this to me? When I was 12, I started developing ESP. At first, I could see what people were thinking. It continued to develop and when I was 18, it was out of control. I've been in lots of fights and had guns pointed at me many times. I'm surprised no one was ever killed.

I too am going through the same thing it has ruined my life and my mothers they have taken all our money and property and it still goes on at work at home everywhere !

Hi, I would like to say that you are brave to say what is happening to you. You are not delusional, nor are you paranoid. There are posts on here claiming that you are without knowing you. They are stalkers. They are part of this type of activity.
You are being stalked digitally. It is an easy thing to do.
Stalkers like this are trying to destroy your mind.
You need to take really good care of yourself.
You really should move in with some else that you trust.
Again, I say that it really seems like you are the victim of digital stalking.
Those that want you to believe that you are paranoid or delusional want you to believe that so that you will not do anything to protect yourself.
Get a video camera. Carry it with you everywhere. Get use to using it. Get a small powerful one.
Start documenting what is happening to you.
Get a bug detector and use it often.
Learn about digital stalking, high tech stalking by proxy
and you will see how easy this can happen to anyone.
Learn as much as you can about technology and especially digital stalking.
My guess is that you caught the eye of some perverts who want to hurt you. He can't touch you physically, yet, so he wants to destroy your mind and your reputation.
You need to build yourself up and care for yourself.
You need to trust your own instincts too.
Also, you can develop PTSD from all of these occurrences.
That is a normal human response to terror that never ends.
I can't tell you everything that I know about this subject but you are NOT alone. There are others.
Also, if I were you, I would delete the mean, nasty and condesending replies here that want you to believe that it is all in your head. That technique is called gas lighting.
I am so sorry to hear that you have such difficulties.
But, read up and learn great self-care.
All the Best to you!

One more thing: before you delete the negative, nasty and condesending posts, make sure to have copies of them, including source code. Then delete the stalkers' gaslighting comments. Good Luck!

go to freedom of informations act, find out who thought bs about you and have a lawyer clear your name.

Get idea!

You know - its wonderful to know you're not alone in this - I have always known that quite a few people are actually victims of what I found out is called "vigilante" or "gang" stalking. It has a few other names as well - "street theatre" being one. It's surreal at time. For a period of time I resided in that awful space I can only refer to as the brink of insanity. A few things you new to know - these folks are organized. Not organized in a sense that each individual member knows what they are doing - they know their small role. Nothing more. I truly think that the numerous people involved in this realize how large or how horrific a thing they are doing - their scope just is not there. Simply. Now - these people will threaten you; slow down their cars, quickly speed up. Gun their
cars at you - harass you at your work place. I've lost several jobs as a direct result of my experience over the past few years with this. Things I am able to difinitively allow any one going through to know 1. This is intended to MAKE you SEEM crazy. 2. These people are vigilantes, in their own eyes. What that means is for some obscure and possibly porposterous reason, they feel somehow, someway, you have escaped justice. That is what they have been told. I have been called and accused of awful things I wouldn't dream of doing. I will admit to a checkered past, but I would like to think, actually, I know for a simple fact - I have not ever done anyone else any worse than the majority of people. You need to find your inner strength - it's imperative. Yea, you know what - it's ok to be paranoid - sometimes - they've given us 101 reasons. What's even funnier is they mock us for said paranoia as they're witnessing it.

It's like saying "Hi... Pot calling ya, Kettle... Look - I don't know how to say this... You're blue!" What I mean by that is they don't even realize they potentially would be much worse than you or I in our shoes, openly mock us - and sit there in a complete state of "euphoria." Meaning they should know better - subconsciously they potentially do - but frankly, they do not give a damn.

They are going to threaten you. Scream at you. Belittle you. Do what they can, sometimes at all cost (they brainwashed me in San Fran - surreal) to their moral fiber to make you feel inferior.

Something to remember. When a group of people surrounding you act south of insane to make you think you're crazy - who are they crazy ones? Smile - enjoy the amusement.

Try. I read somewhere that those of us who end up with this "predicament" will often carry it for the rest of our lives. It never goes away.

Ultimately - you're not allowed to give up hope. I'm not anyone - but I command you as a fellow human and person going through this - you are NOT ALLOWED TO GIVE UP. Ever. Why? Because, they were trying to get me to jump out the window in my 22nd floor apartment - I was once so far gone that I actually questioned the laws of physics. I truly lost my mind... I almost believed them; then. The theme for me was "if you believe you can fly - you can. Jump. Try it."

It's sinister.
Just be a good person.
People will see you for who you are. Do not, however, do it for them. They are worthless to you - those that act like they actually have a right to participate in it. Why? Because they're myopic - someday - it may be their child. Karma and god have a very peculiar way of making sure what comes around goes around. Just be you. Don't lose you. Don't be afraid. Be vigilant. Speak up. This is modeled to resemble schizophrenia - so. Yea. It's hard to find a therapist. But write - put it this way - if they know everything, maybe you can harrange them with the notepad on your iPhone apps. Make yourself heard. Try not to be myopic. Even though it sucks - in a monumental kind of way - there is a genuine world out there too. You just have to look for the beauty in it. My name is Jacob. I have no shame in my face, my past, my sins and the way I have lived my life. I refuse to hide. You should too. I wish you all the very best.
- Jacob

P.s. for god sakes, everyone, calm down, please. They want to see you panic - freak - disintegrate. Cool as ice, baby. Not always easy, but worth it to learn

I am going through the same thing no one will believe me how sick n pathetic some people are what can I do I told my spouse she thinks im crazy what do I do I've been being stalked for months now what do I do

my spouse had a difficult time in believing i was being gangstalked, the crap this corrupt block watch did to me for four yrs, took illegal ****, gang raped, looked at my family in a dergitory manner, lied try to defimate people i love character, watched us go to the bathroom, the only person this **** never called down is my spouse, which is odd. this white french family of corrupt block watch i pray gets arrested its filth, it finds happiness in filth. its gross ring of mindcontroller eyeball pediphile babyfucking gross trolls, this **** is at 10910-141 Street surrey, BC.


go to the freedom of informtions act and clear your name some peice of **** had you tagged for no reason, this **** has technology that looks in your home and takes illegal ****, this **** is corrupt misfits of society there are web sites that may b infomative, dont ever sign any petions with ur real name. take 5- htp to help with the controlled emotions. STAY STRONG AND NEVER GIVE UP !!!!!!!!!!!! take pictures of the **** thats looking at you and get there licence plate numbers. corrupt block watch is stalking me with this criminal technology which is. illegal to have.

youre probably not delusional. theres more of us out there. i've changed cities a lot too. i wont ever buy a home or have a permanent place to rest my head because of how sick it has gotten. my roommates will start repeating the same things i discuss at work with people. im currently looking for a new place and going to lie to my roommates about where im moving. how do they know what i talk about at work? its like i have 24/7 camera/microphone on me and my computer has been bugged. also, random stalker people will approach me at bars and start discussing things and topics and interests that they wouldnt know about me unless they were stalking me and my life. its sick. i just want to live in peace by myself without being stalked and criticized and followed by psychotic people with no life. i cant take it anymore. i feel imprisoned. my hair is turning white and im still young. i feel like a lab rat. its scary not knowing who people are that do this sick crap to people. im a private person and just want my sanity and to live in peace by myself without people observing and judging and criticizing my life. i just want to live alone and dont like a lot of people in my life. these are people that i dont even really want to know and they assume everyone wants people in their lives or something. i dont get it. im sick of this sick twisted ****.

If I may bring something in your story. I also have been stolked and still are being stolked by my upstairs neigbour two old men. I have also noticed that they dont realy have much of a life and it looks like they just want to take revange on anyone. Now knowing that these two men are jewisch doesnt matter to me where they are realy from but picking up signals from outside that they only want to distroy other people,s life...only looking at my own slowly been sucked up bye them two. I have had police that have neglected me not to mention my personal things financialy it seems scary to know that even this man or his group interfer. I have been called all kinds of name,s pyscotic crazy woman...scitzofrenie paranoia...but that only idecates that accutualy I am not realy the one who is sick...they are. I call them pathalogical lier,s they live a dubbel life style...intend to place there life and make others believe they are a part of mine. Dangoures people in the matter that they intend to look for new people or expand there group. I personaly think he is looking for someone to cover his ****...now that I know that they are old and wealthy, they are also servivers of the secound world war. I am trying to live my life with my girls and protect them and my friends who I dont contact just to keep them safe out of his range. He do believe He has been steeling money from outside, and he is looking at me when I go outside were I go what I buy. Stolking is a crime. investagtion about who does this and why they do, leaves with tomany question marks. my advice is leave them to rot in there rotten live,s and drown in the money that they dont intend to give back easaly... this thing is reading my message write now....I call it a thing.. like a gost...draw a picture of it,s face then stamp on it every morning hahaha. that was my experience hope you will experience peace and like want protection from them and have a private life.

ive now been stalked for 8mos! I started documenting all accounts of this person driving by over and over noting dates,times and my feelings.Finally this person got charged with stalking.Although this person didn't get a dui or handgun taken even though the law enforcement was well aware of this inappropriate behavior!Im so exhausted and angry how ive been treated by all the persons involved that are suppose to be protecting or hell even concerned at this point about my welfare. I also soooo understand the feeling of the very folks that are closest to me have mad me feel like im crazy! The thought of someone saying to me just ignore it or don't look out my windows ****** me off!This is my home that nobody has the right to take away the peace we are all suppose to be able to feel and enjoy inb our safe place.All of this craziness started for me when I finally had enough of this persons aggressive way to involved interest in my life and gave his *** the boot out of my and my familys life!Now im being electronically stalked under constant survellience.What im experiencing now is a very organized type of stalking! I really have just wanted to give up at times but know I cant due to the fact aii know im a very strong woman and if this **** can just about break my spirit what woulf it do to someone that wasn't as out spoken.Ive have so learned this is very hard to prove but if anyone has any suggestions in blocking infrared camera surveilence or what type of security system to get pleasw let a sista know!:) lets not give up but unite in putting a stop to this unjust bull! Wishing all well!

does anyone know how I can legally bring my stalker to justice even though I cannot catch him, a year ago a man I know from my old neighborhood approached me about the situaltion. He seem to know a lot about the details of my stalking, I was suppose to meet with him but he won't come forward and the police in Detroit said I can't make him so in the meantime I keep getting my clothes cut up or taken, nails in my tires, money missing from my purse weaking up with the odor of cirgarettes, on my clothing even though I don't smoke. and you can only image what his been left on my clothing or even body decussing

I'm going through a similar situation where I'mbeing stalked he comes in and out of my home takes things, and I never can seem to catch him. I've been to the detroit Police but they either would'n or couldn't help me. so because no one will take me serious he's getting away with muder and making my life a living hell. I told them who it was and he's still free and everynight I lose sleep trying to catch him in anyway possible. but can never seem to catch him this has been going on for over twenty years he's obbessed.

Well for anyone being stalked or harrassed I feel for you all.two years now I myself I have had 24hr survailance done on me by my employer.the company has a lot to hide so to stalk me and harrass is there way of revenge. When my brother started seeing what was going on things got real we were pushed beyond breaking point they use police and even our family and friends to divide us. My brother ended up in mental hospital for a week and since then we don't talk he has fear of anything electronic and going out in public.we both found that if we go to get help we get odd advice and or manipulated answers. As far as seeing people post on web sites that are new or never have spoke rings true. I personally have had this happen on many post I have put out and only verifies that we are stalked via computer. Honestly if this is what your seeing ask why. I have a huge possible class action suit that could bankrupt my employer that I had no clue of till a week ago. Nobody spends time and money for no reason. Rember if u are sure people are stalking then why post if it bothers you to the point they get to see you are being drove crazy. If you truely cant prove it is happening then get your self a rf detector and sweep house. Or do as I did turn off wi fy on smart sit rf detector next to phone and watch to see if it goes off on occasion or as my case every hr almost like clock work. This is pinging phone to make sure you have not left location. This too is illegal.only other option is to hire a counter private investigator but do it from a pay phone cause anything u say on own phone is most likely heard

there is a lot of stuff you can do to stop these people from spying in on you. I found a lot to stop these perverts.there is technology to stop them. these perves can put cams in your outlets your vents etc. places you don't think a perve would put in which is more likely they did and watching every movement you make. they can even watch you as you leave to go in your house. these are crooks and criminals that needs to be stop

Me and my family going thru the same thing they can put cameras as tiny as tiny as a small pin from a needle in your home or in your furniture there is more to tha they can do

I'm going threw the exact thing u are. I have no one. Its just my children and I. My friends, my family. Everyone thinks I'm going crazy. There is 2 people that seem to see what I see but still refuse to help me. If there are any real answers that could help. Please I need it. Before I loose everything I love.

Stay strong - that's the only answer. Protect your children. People are frankly 1. Afraid to help you - 2. Under the impression that this is supposed to make you a better person.

Ultimately what you can do is BE a better person. It's hard. You need to start learning to control the adrenaline when it kicks in. Let it slow you down. Give you a little clarity. It's perverse, but true, that eventually it's like a rush. When they swarm - I mean swarm - you're frightened... Then you realize they are all cowards. Hiding in vehicles, rushing past - using their technology to make theirs malfunction. Screaming; watching from far away but unable to actually say hello. Those that do not have malicious intent can turn out to be fans. You may not ever escape this - and I know that sucks ( I miss my autonomy and privacy - the feeling of being in control of my own destiny,) however, you can create those who see you for who you are. You actually are in a position of power wether you realize it or not. They will attempt to tell you how to live. You can show and teach them how to be compassionate, caring, genuine. They see you. Try and eventually inspire them. New lies will circulate - its a cycle... But I once divided a city. This one I don't care too so much. This one is my home, for a long time. Refuse to allow them to keep you from your dreams. Yea. You have to work a lot harder, handle extra stress. Eventually you will be saying to them "you call that a challenge?" I won't forget the day I mumbled that at work waiting tables after a very random busy lunch and a third of the dining room stared laughing. You can do it

Legal Shield. It's the answer! If you are really seeking help, you may want to check out something meaningful. Yes there is a cost, but it's also worth it. I believe the Bible helps us with problems but sometimes we would like to see things happen faster. God bless and hoping the best!

Hey! Well said. I've made a bit of a personal attack on some Christians for this. It's no more appropriate than others taking a personal attack at me, I suppose. But it's not so much Christianity I'm attacking. I have read the bible (long story, years ago) as well as the teaching of Buddha, looked into some pagan beliefs, astrology, blah blah. The point is that I find all religion is useful - it teaches us principals for a happier, fuller life if we choose to actually listen to the words, become informed on their meaning... Most Christians know the saying "a camel has a better chance of getting through the eye of the needle..." Etc? Now, I may be wrong, but for some reason it sticks in my brain that the "eye of the needle" it's mentioning is actually a passage way in a wall that the poor or homeless would use. I'm sure that's not exactly it... But it's not a literal eye of the needle. Another monumental issue I have with the religious aspect of vigilante stalking is simply this - I, myself was born catholic, baptized Lutheran and later attended Christian reformed churches - one massive and monumental thing with Christianity is bearing witness. Testimony about how you yourself came to find god; maybe you are telling a friend just getting into spirituality about how your own faith was tested, etc. it does not matter - what does is you do so when asked to. When its pertinent. Shoving, figuratively, Christianity down anyone's throat is not going to work. Ever. It's going to end up causing that person to feel as if its something forced upon them. Yea. We all were forced into Sunday school. I know. Telling a adult as if they are a child what to believe, how, and then questioning their beliefs because they are not exactly your own... Accomplishes what? Particularly if you don't actually take the time to 1. Know that person 2. Know their beliefs and why 3. Allow them to discover spirituality - which is much more imperative than "religion-" on their own.

Finally - read the New Testament guys. And gals. Do it. It's about love, forgiveness, trials, tribulations. It's about a man who is rumored to have married (religious scholars, quite a few actually think this) a prostitute. Mary Magdalean. Now before any of you relate me to her (it has been done before, don't ask. SF is weird) I admit I sold myself when I was young. 18 and 19. To pay rent. It was awful. I asked forgiveness in my life - I disliked myself for it. Who are you to judge me, Christian one, when I've admitted it to The Lord? Now I'm just a ethical ****. You don't like that? How many of you were a part of the 70's? Ok. Great. Go look at your past and then preach about my present. Or am I wrong about cocaine, NYC swingers bathhouses, platform shoes and a open sexual attitude at the time? If so, man, you baby boomers need to go call the guys writing the history books and putting out movies. Otherwise, you streaked naked, smoked pot, did coke, listened to disco and **** rock and you all were as caught up with being 1. In your twenties and able to drink legally at 18 as possible 2. Drafted - terrible 3. Still burning your bras. Those were the times American society lived in. Simple. You did it. Who are you to inhibit anyone, even your own child, from doing it? Show you care, be there. Hope for the best. Pick up your kids if they fall. Do not tell them how lucky they are. If you did a decent job raising them, they will realize it someday.

In summary. 1. New Testament is of love, forgiveness and ways to live a happier better life. That's the core message. Please, if you call yourself a Christian, spend more than a hour at church with your bible every week. Don't be... A person who throws out scripture in order to belittle or throw religion in someone's face. Not your place. Teaching, asking is fine.

2. If you were born in the 1950 - you know you experimented. Not only with what there was out there to try, but also yourselves. Each other. If you did not. I'm sorry. Please get to know a more - ok - that was wrong. I think we should all adventure, explore, find out who we are and what we like for ourselves. I think we should all do things we shouldn't - face fears down - etc. There are those who have lived like saints. You're commendable to this hedonist, but on a personal level - I'm so glad I went out and lived. You did too! I know! I may miss out on what you may feel like you yourself did. Lets swap stories of kids and wild parties :-) we can all learn from one another when we stop hearing and begin listening.

Id get some medication if i was you.Sounds more like attacks of psychosis than this.

you sound like a doosh..... free drugs are always useful but its not psychosis its called being aware.... only way to get by is to be honest all the time and try not to get too pissed off

I accept that answer. I don't blame or think its a unreasonable one. Other than many see truth in my words. I'm not speaking for anyone but myself and my experience. Do what you will, say what you will.

im having similar things happening to me and a friend her for over a year i push it our my mond but the facts are just non stop i need help pllease how do i know for sure

Plausible deniability is the name of the game. Take pics of odd things you can look back on. At its worst reality and fantasy can become very blurred. It took me a long long time to even begin living in reality again. I have one woman to thank who put herself at risk. Pics of it too. 8 signs on her vehicle about gang & terrorist stalking as she put it. Pulled up in front of me. Got out of her vehicle, eyes blazing into my own, closed her door and walked into the store. That was the moment I began understanding; my phone had 53% battery and I managed to get two pics of the signs on her car before my phone mysteriously shut off and would not turn back on. I'm happy to share those pics with anyone who would like to see them

I keep reporting a homicide that cops and their ****** committed and everyone in this group is hellbent on covering it up and distracting from it and even flaunts the fact that some people in this group are poisoners themselves!

I am going to take a snapshot of this webpage to show others that there are people within our system that are gang-stalking and are admitting their poisoners and are trying to discredit their victims by labeling victims as mentally ill.

It is my belief that gang-stalkers themselves are posting on this page, one acting like someone involved in the medical field and labeling victims as mental, while others are admitting their poisoners and talking about how they poison people!

ive been through all this stuff and my exes are drug dealing wasters with friends in the police in the health services, everywhere and they do discredit me all the time they provoke me then i get sectioned

There are of course people in on it on here "WPM." And don't you know the Internet just flat out lies. Kind of like people. Anyways - it's true. It can also serve as a forum. I can't be the only person not flipping out about it all - losing my damn mind still over it. I can't be the only to learn - you potentially could all be vigilantes with a warped sense of what is justice. You know who else had that? The KKK. Point is... Maybe one person sees what I am writing, thinks a bit different. Maybe it helps one person in this situation. I've made a difference. I can't ask for more.

These ********* cops and their ****** committed a early morning break in on March 26th 2007 and they raped and photographed and killed a female child!

Here they are in July 2009 right by my front door early in the morning at 5:45 am and they are armed with guns and recording devices and they were waiting in ambush right next to my door just outside my apartment, there was at least four people involved in this attempted murder and all of them had my apartment flanked from all sides while they waited in ambush to kill me!


If I stepped outside then they would have shot me!

********* cops and their ****** caught on video armed with guns and recording devices and their caught waiting in ambush outside my home to kill me at 5:45 am and they DO NOT LIVE THERE AND ARE TRESPASSING!


You my friend, in my humble, non medical opinion need a Xanax, a break and a evaluation.

If your previous residence was a rowhouse then it's very easy for surveillance equipment to get set up. Your apartment can have been breached through the attic. Also, a two way mirror in your bathroom. Furthermore, locks are a false sense of security. Search for bump keys.
Have you asked the current tenent of the apartment where the problem began if their experiencing similar issues.
If I where to write a fiction story about this. The fictous character would stalk the stalkers keep quiet. Plan for the right moment to throw hygrofloric acid in their face. Also find the residence of the other stalkers, mix ammonia and bleach, seal their doors and pump the vapours in their home.

Here is some Admissible proof of gang-stalkers bragging in writing to being poisoners and flaunting the fact that cops and county sheriff officer's cover their butts from prosecution and I am very sure there are a few someones in this group that will ignore admissible proof to cover gang-stalkers butts (You know who you are!) and I would like to point out that the love letter was written by officer Eric Carlson of the Portland police department and that he admits he calls my wife Joan Wagar by the nickname Mrs Dash in it!

That's very interesting considering my wife Joan Wagar brags in her diary she is a poisoner and serial killer and admits to poisoning plasma donors and she even admits to hiding her poisons (antifreeze) in pills and in alcohol!


You need to copy and paste this in your browser.

This is easy. You have been targeted by a psychopath who just happens to be a cop and who is in breach of the public trust. You may have been informed on or it is just a serial killer with a badge. either way they are going to murder you if you don't get real help.

i.e. you sense more than one because they are probably team killers who won't usually kill by themselves but psychopaths non the less.

Eh - they've tried once. They've threatened a bunch. Seriously, what makes me so difficult is I actually get belligerent and daring when they do so. Sincerely, my death will look like no accident. I won't allow it. If they want me dead, someone will be known to be culpable for it. If they want me, I am not hiding. I'm sick of me, my family being threatened. Just because you tell me I should be scared doesn't mean I should. It probably means I should get louder. Have more people hear me.

Organized stalking and electronic harassment is real. Listen to: Paranoid Controllers on you tube. The guest on the show has written books concerning targeted individuals. Read his books, and send him an email. Visit: proparanoid.wordpress.com

Oh.. Btw.. I know these behaviors of which you speak cause my Ex Brother In law has had Paranoid Schizophrenia for nearly 22 years now..
I also have work/ worked with Men & women who are considered psychologically/ mentally challenged/ill for over 18 years., Along with my other business's I do on the part time,which are Non-Profit to assit with raising money for the Hospital/ Wards to help the ill
.. I see your/ their behavior's in each statement each of you have written... 99% of you here on this site actually.. Sad.. Get HELP!
My Ex Brother-In-Law has VERY exact,or similar behavior's/tendency's, as many of you all have written about... Trust issues... OCD, denial of life, stalking, paranoid about ppl "out to get me fear's" ....not understanding others .. assumptions of others /loved ones/ strangers targeting him too.. delusions of a fractured mind.. PLEASE SEEK COUNSEL for Yourselves. TY

People are murdered all the time and many many people that commit crimes are in gangs, for you to pompously label people that are victims of gang's is arrogant and rude and outright makes you appear to be a gang-stalker yourself!

I got news for you there are corporations that gang gang-stalked and many stores suffer from gang-stalkers that do mass ****** and grab robberies within stores and you can Google Youtube video's on it!

So are you going to tell us that JC Penny's is Paranoid Schizophrenia when they complain about gangs victimizing them?

You must be one of those brown nosers to gang-stalkers/cops that work at hospitals and help police to cover up battery's for the police by labeling the patient/victim as a perp and as mentally ill to discredit the victim as witnesses!

First responders including those in the medical field will lie non-stop to cover a cops butt, that's how they get their jobs in the first place, which is why first responders never testify against cops when cops batter innocent people to death!

Everyone knows that governments do go bad, and when they do then they pick on individuals in such a way where individuals simply have no where to turn to!

There are gangs of people committing killings in schools and that goes on the news all the time, but when innocent people as a lone individual gets targeted you ******* morons immediately label the victimized individual as Paranoid Schizophrenia, you are a ***** or a *******!

So according to you only groups of people deserve to have their complaints recognized and that when groups of people join into criminal activity's and target individuals then the individual does not deserve to have their complaint recognized and you ignore their complaints and label the targeted individual as mentally ill to discredit them!

It is because of people like you that work in and are a part of the emergency first responders and their associates that gang-stalkers are never arrested and are at all times protected by people just like you!

Fascists in government are quick to defend their officer's and their flunkies by attacking and discrediting their victims complaints, how many people did Nazi Germany killed before governments around the world admitted that Nazi Germany was Fascist and were killing off people?

You would fit in in Nazi Germany very well with your "Ignore the victims complaints and ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK the victims credibility!" mentality you have going there!

Yea - but you seem a special kind of constructed and coherent paranoia - it reeks of insincerity.

Hey - I totally get where you are coming from and I do not at all blame you for feeling that way. If your concern is genuine, I give you props. The fact of the matter is, while I myself have a pile of not a lot over five years, I have thing I can look back at. I know how it works. I have walked down the street with "friends" or as I sometimes say "stiches" in my life while they actually are in awe of the things happening specifically around us. My response was to simply laugh and inform them that this was everyday for me. I have had a few brave souls admit it. Guess what. It is real. It is also designed to mimic schizophrenia. The intent is to discredit a person, boss. It's not like it was designed by anything short of a genius sociopath. Maybe at one point it was something different. Maybe once it was something good. Meant to target actual murders, rapists, etc. now it's entertainment. What does that say about our modern society - so *far* removed from the bloodbaths at the roman collisuim (sp) either way. I am not hiding. Grow a pair cause I did

Ok.. I'm browsing through through the internet on different subjects about "neighbor's" breaking into homes and lack of privacy ect.. My pain meds keep coming up missing and two days ago we finally caught our male 32 year old neighbor/drug addict stealing my pain meds...(I have life-long chronic problems caused from an oral extraction surgery going wrong last year).. ANY WHO-
I have 4 children and a wonderful Hubby... He works/ I Teach/ Own Event Co. ect... So, we're Not there at home....

OK...When I come across your article.. WOW... I can believe that people are able to do what you have said ..Also other's are able to target another for pleasure of that fear, or dislike you being neighbor's, therefore, taunting you to move out..They feed on another person's fear's,too... Or, could be even a criminal investigation(s)..BUT.. Seriously, Dear?! WOW...
When was the last time you went to speak with a Professional Therapist regarding this paranoid delusional behavior's you have?... Doesn't mean it all is false,but mostly seems correct to exacerbated a touch, Huh?! Do you have drug issue's present, or past.. EVen with anti-depressants ,or anxiety meds given to you at any time also ??? ....Do you any forms of mental illness within you, or with ANY of your Family ties???.. Schizophrenia by chance? ANY previous/current Head injuries /concussions ect at any point in your life???..Even simple one's can manifest these feeling's.. Or guilty conscious ?
Curious.... To rule out..
Personally.... I know that being single, while living alone can make being a person..man, or Woman more paranoid...Especially, if/ when you haven't many friends visiting, alone mostly at your home by yourself,or bad neighborhood that is more scary to your personality/demeanor....
I Lived alone for several year's myself, in a new neighborhood and I personally have felt like I was being targeted, yet I also knew it was mostly my internal fears causing more of these thought's and more worry.. (Especially, if you haven't found a camera/evidence of them placing one in/tap lined ect into, or around your home.. walls thin?)
I also assume other's were speaking poorly about me to others with my low self esteem, after Divorcing my Ex from an abusive relationship.. My self esteem was crushed.. And everything bothered me too.. Simplest things..Seemed everyone who may knew of me from my Ex spoke that way.... know how that wonderful BS game of telephone works through ppl, who assume they know you..rather...They know "OF" you instead , which in return, they makes those horrible assumptions of another person to other's around them in conversation..
Before my second marriage, I had someone ( one younger male neighbor and his wife) felt like they were taunting/stalking me..
I felt many times I may have over exacerbated my feelings when being alone during those every other weekends, when my three children would visit their Father/My Ex -Husband..
I now happily Re-Married for last 3 years and we even have one Daughter/child together..
So.. it basically has ended for me since my Husband I got together and he moved in. I knew after time that it was my own fear's causing this for me... I made this life for myself of terror,which more so scared the crap out of myself too. Cause of my loneliness at that time before meeting new friends, my lowered self esteem & had no life and needed something to think about to keep my brain going,cause it was a boring lonely life at that time.....when in realty was many coincidental things that were happening..
Even ,when my Neighbors moved out and that fear of them taping my conversation/stalking me and I even assumed there were camera's in my home too..
Too many things I have said in private ,in my house to my friends through cell conversations were lightly suggested to me when I briefly spoke with/to my neighbors, so how could they possibly know.. They brought my private telephone conversations up to me..
Basically.. some of my windows left open, or they could hear from my patio when I spoke with the wind blowing the right way.. simple explanations is why and they tried to make friends with me by finding a simple topic to conversate about together and would mention certain private things I spoke about with my friends on the phone.. (ie Dancing,music bands, Places I would eat/drink with my Friends ect)
When they moved.. Perfect...Logical explanation ...
My fears stopped and I ALSO stopped driving myself nuts from those internal fears to make me a basket case daily and acted like a schizo! .. Others noticed this and blew me off a bit and some even asked me if I was mentally alright .or deranged!
Scary to have been asked those questions my sanity ..I had too much time upon my hands, so I made things up to keep me busy... (Ie : anxiety kicking in), but that changed when I changed my patterns of my life ;o) ..MY thinking of this.. It only lasted for a short time too, cause I knew deep down I was doing this to myself intentionally out of boredom..
OK..Sorry ..BUT have to state this to you...By doing research on other from this site for example... To prove by some kinda caddy off minded suspicious delusional behavior you are exhibiting to us.. Perhaps to strangely validate to others commenting for you on here , just to prove you are nuts.. OR Maybe true.. who knows, cause many wouldn't make that extra time to do background searches on others commenting for you.... just for replying one time WITHOUT having an account set up.. I DO it all the time.. I have limited time and not mundane to sit here wasting my time by putting personal information our by writing a blog about my self on some of these site.. DOES NOT mean they're creepy Officers stalking you..Means they have better things to do with their time, than this.. I do cause I care when I read about you feeling this way and have taken my time to reply cause I truly KNOW you require help. I also can empathize with you,therefore, not a victim but trying to open your eyes..cause they're very closed to help you.. Been there.. Plus.... Officers are NOT going to waste their time, City/County Money to "stalk" you.. Get real now please. Btw.. This is my first time EVER being on this site.. found for other search through Google.. Yes.. I'm not writing about myself...Oh no... Guess I'm an secret CIA agent, or "Mr.Officer", too??? Lol..
..To make a point some that one comment by a" Mr.Officer" , who you found you out .... solely on this website to perhaps "play victim".. OR ...They aka "Stalker's" of your's alone can still follow you around.... (Ie:License tags.. 5-6 ppl watching you, even AFTER you have moved.....ect) Probably cause they are in YOUR head... NOt your neighborhood ..
BTW.. ----->>WOW..Is ALL I have to say while reading this, Dear..... Comical indeed...Just so "they" ( Officer) can relate to you, or act like a victim?! .... Hmmmm? Interesting spin.... To say the least..

My issues feeling this way were stemmed form my Ex abusing me and why I felt in fear of others,but as my self confidence grew ..Those fears diminished too! ;o)
Just consider speaking to someone about your feeling's/thoughts/emotions reading to your/this post please!!!!!! ...
Maybe you are seeking negative attention from others cause of your life being mundane?! Hysteria actually... IDK... Maybe a Professional Therapist can help you sort them out . ;o)
AND so you can move forth your life in a positive better direction.... Or you're going to mentally kill yourself continuing... BTW... Keep it up...Your loved around are going to Baker Act you and be committed... Good Luck ! =)

Yeah that's how you Fascist bastards silence your victims you just label your victim mental and laugh about it like a psychopath and brag about how our system of government locks up people that are victims of organized crime to silence them!

You are demonstrating for everyone reading on here that you are a psychopath and that you WANT to silence people that say they are victims, and by doing so you protect the gang-stalkers from prosecution.

Your response id very typical of grinning smirking cops right before cops batter an unarmed innocent citizen to death!

That happens in Portland Oregon on a regular basis, which is why cops never sit trial in a criminal court room because they kill off their victims!

You come on this webpage and insult everyone on this webpage by decreeing that their complaints are meaningless and dismiss everyone's complaints as none-complaints and just magically wave your magic wand and label your victims as mental to discredit them in others eyes to cover your own Fascist butts!

How dare you claim to be a victim of crimes yourself and expect us to recognize that and at the same time attack our credibility and honor and complaints as non-complaints!

Your open Fascism is so loud that I am having a hard time understanding everything your explaining, maybe you should turn down all that Fascism and recognize the fact that everyone has a right to make a complaint and have that complaint recognized and acted upon!

In Portland Oregon gang-stalkers commit murders and they run straight to Clackamas Walmart and they brag about it and then they spend the rest of the day asking people to lie for them while they print flyers giving blame to innocent people for the crimes that GANG-STALKERS committed!

I am not going to put up with some self righteous ***** that expects me to give a damn about her opinion when she clearly can give a damn about mine!

I am going through the same thing. It is very mentally disturbing and more frustrating when nobody believes you.
Just wanted to thank you for sharing. Although it is unfortunate it helps to know someone else out there is experiencing this. I guess it helps mentally to know I am not crazy
Hope things get better

Only law enforcement has the time, money, resources, and desire to target people from city to city.

Are you people forgetting law officer's go under cover all the time under the pretense of an investigation.

Cops under cover stalk people all the time and they recruit their family and friends in it, just the mere simple simple fact that you point out you are a victim of felony crimes and make NO MENTION AS TO WHAT COPS ARE DOING ABOUT IT makes you suspect, because REAL victims would be mentioning what the police said about it and name the cops that said it.

All you pretenders keep claiming your being stalked and never ever mention anything about police, go watch some TV news for awhile and listen to news reporters ADMITTING cops conduct investigations.

Just because cops conduct what they call investigations don't mean they will look you in the face and admit they are stalking you, because they don't admit.

Assuming you are a real victim then you can bet it is law enforcement doing this to you and when you move to another jurisdiction then local authority's simply contact the police in your new town and tell them to keep track of you *Stalking) and that's all it takes for it to continue elsewhere.

But I remind you people that the mere simple fact that people on here are claiming being stalked and yet have no details of the crime and cannot even name or describe the stalkers or the officer's they reported this to is suspect due to lack of vital information.

What makes you think there was a crime committed? Police and whoever else can abuse authority can stalk and wiretap innocent people. The same thing is happening to me also and I'm gathering all the evidence I possibly can, video, tag numbers, pics, etc... and when I have all my ducks in a row, I'm going to do something about it. These people watch my every move, at home, work, they know who I'm sleeping with and I'm just wondering if they can hear too. Thats a big no no without a supeana. Screw running away. I'm taking a stand and defending my privacy and my rights.

Eh - if you really are having it happen - get on a site like this and talk: lots of people see everything you have to say. You go use your soap box. They cursed you with it, make it work for you. Simple

I just checked your profile on EP howdareu and this is what I found.

howdareu has not joined any groups yet.

howdareu has not written any stories yet.

Questions and Answers
howdareu has not answered any questions yet. Why not be a superstar and answer one yourself?

So guess what howdareu you are a fake, you are not even a member of this group and you have never bothetred to post a story on this group or any other group for that matter.

You sir or maim are a fake and you don't even have a history of any activity on your profile for EP at all, which makes you complaining about my statements very suspect.

Cops go on this group all the time and fake being victims so that they can further harass their victims and that is exactly what you are doing to me.

Since your statement is aimed at me then you are clearly attacking my character and my own statements.

As of 8:28 am on 06-19-2013 you are a nobody with no history on EP and are not a member of any group, SO WHY THE HELL ARE YOU TARGETING ME MR OFFICER!?

Oh Boy... Just because someone has NOT joined until today,nor wasted their time writing lengthy posts/personal blogs about one selfs doesn't mean
they 're an " Officer" .. Geez.. Come on.. get a life please. Truly. I just signed up today and haven't either... Please SEEK HELP By A Professional Psychiatrist/Therapist!

You are weird, sketchy. I have no stories or anything on here. I mean other than family and a verifiable (and its been verified) history. I don't think he's a cop. I think you're a psychopath bully who really only feels good when you are 1. Berating others 2. Attempting to minimize others and their own experiences 3. Full of hatred, let it go. 4. Things are difficult for victims of this, and Ty, and all the others... But the fact is... Your wife poising you? *****, probably because you're a pathological liar who calls the dude you have been stalking for years your wife. He has no ring... Nor is he your wife... While it is certainly his longest relationship

Like I said howdareu I said if a person is in this group claiming they are being stalked then they are CLAIMING they are a victim of a crime, did you hear that howdareu or is that not sinking in with you.

So if you people are victims of crime then what is your case numbers the police gave you for reporting these crimes? what is the names of the officer's that you reported to? describe what the stalkers look like and stop being vague about everything, otherwise you just appear to be a fake.

Is this all too difficult for all of you?

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i know exactly what you have gone through it happened to me they came in my house and tracked my car , i beleive it was the job centre who has done it to me when i get my evidence i will let you know, buy a jammmer and block the lot of them bugs , cameras anythink you think you have in your house or car, then buy a punch bag for your frustration and stay saine xxx

i need help! did you ever find out what to do. or someone to contact?please help!

if i didn't have some things happen to me that are weird and unheard of usually I'd think you all are crazy but I too have been called crazy. I have holes in my bedroom that come when I'm away from my house. they are perfect round holes 1/8 inch and they weren't there when I moved into that bedroom two years ago. there are now 16 holes in my ceiling and two up close to the ceiling all in my bedroom.. no insects, or mice. They are man made totally. Good luck to all of you.

I just went to Mcdonalds on Rockford street in Mayberry after writing the article and think they have put something in my egg mcmuffin,my bottom area is very warm and the neighbor started yelling like she was being murdered,I have an internet phone and someone is cutting my phone dial tone off.

<p>I live in Mayberry and everything is not so sunny.The neighbors on both sides of me listen to everything we say and holler and beat on the walls when certain words are said by us or on the television.I have been hit in my car 3 times by people I know and my house has been egged twice.I was poisoned by a 2 liter 7up which caused me to feel like a fountain was in my head all of a sudden,it must have raised my blood pressure instantly.They had the poisoning planned years in advance because when my friend got drunk off hot beer at the beach on vacation he started saying cement 7up.Also I don't know this for sure but I think the North Carolina State Patrol had something to do with the poisoning before the beach trip in 1980 when I had a brand new Mustang Cobra and my bossman sent me before work to find out why Cecil had not been at work in a few days and on the way I got a ticket for 53mph in a 35 and I wasn't going that fast I think they gave this because it is opposite numbers like the left side of your brain controls your right side and the right side controls your left,this is just a speculation.Then when I turned 18 I was going to go into the USAF and I went to Charlotte for the physical they started giving the physical to us I got held behind for some reason I can't remember but everyone was gone by the time I got around to the last step which was the chest xray and the guy called me into get the procedure so after I was done I went outside and sat on the bench then the guy called me back and said he wanted to get another xray so I went in and got it then sat down on the bench again and he talked to the doctor and the he called me into his office and said I was in if I could lift the 70 pounds which I did.Then the next was a job evaluation and the recruiter wanted to take the test for communications which was morse code so they sat me and another guy in the room and played a tape recorder that gave the test with no supervision at all.So we took the test and I had missed some questions because it got more complicated as it went along,so we got finished and we were waiting for the AF guy and I told the other guy I was going to fill in the empty answers well needless to say the recruiter graded my test and told me that was the worst he had ever seen anybody do so I ended up going with the military police.Then I went and got sworn in.I was going in in 3 weeks under the delayed entry program so I came home and the next morning I woke up and I thought I was having a heart attack took a cab to the hospital because I was in too much pain to drive and got there and I had had a partial lung collapse,needless to say they didn't take me in the Air Force and I was given an honorable discharge and was officially in for 1 day no benefits and this was just the start of my troubles.About 20 something years ago is when I found my apartment was bugged and I moved and the house is bugged up to this day.Anyone one else got a similar story.MCC</p>

My wife has had same issues, and she we dignosed with delusional disorder. get some help.

There are many things at work. But these are some facts ; Gov agents want to do away with the police. Just like in early Germany. They want their to be no police at all. So your caught up in the middle of this and many other things being strong armed through.

I am so sorry to hear your story. It happens more often then not, to young single females like yourself who they feel is easy prey. What you did in every sense of the word was not mentally disturbed. It showed a true form of character and intergrity for yourself and your livelihood. You deserve the best quality of life. And inso far as protecting yourself (because you do live alone) it would be wise to purchase a video camera and tape recorders. Whenever you go out from now on. Use them. That's all I can say. You can't tamper with evidence. You can only tamper with words.

contacting government agency's does not get me help it gets me more death threats sent to me by email.
On January 8th 2013 the Portland police and Multnomah
county sheriff's sent me a video email and the people on
the video are asking what I want on my epitaph!
It's another death threat sent to me by my wife's lover in
law enforcement!
They gave me this hint/death threat because I emailed a
you-tuber about my situation!
Here is the name of the video that was sent to me on my
YouTube account that someone I DON'T KNOW SENT TO ME!
SpiritAndMindAsOne sent you a video: "Surviving our Streets | London Real"

They were probably stalking you because you seemed happy and successful in your life choice and they are not. The object of their obsession with you was to drive you crazy and from what you have written its seems to have done the trick. Get some counselling and move on mentally from what has clearly happened to you. You need to de-stress and find happiness in your life again. I am sorry that you have experienced this horrible insight into human nature but take the higher ground and pity the idiots with no life that did this to you and please move on or else those dickheads have won!

Gang-stalking is a crime, gang-stalkers commit murders, people that are VICTIMS of gang-stalking are being ignored when they complain, their complaints are lawful everyone has a right to complain about crime and being a victim of crime.
Police are gang-stalkers and they cover up victims complaints and victims complaints go ignored by police, and police are fond of labeling their victims as mentally ill to discredit them as witnesses and is another form of attack!
When a victim of cops speaks up on forums such as this then there attacked again by strangers ignoring everything they say and then label the victim as mentally ill!
I have been pressing charges and expect my complaints to be recognized which is my right as a U,S, Citizen top be heard.
I don't want people ignoring my complaints and then make mental illness allegations, I want people to recognize my damn complaint and I expect people to be arrested and stand trial.
When I make a felony complaint I expect courtesy and respect and I expect my complaint to be heard and recognized!
I am a witness to a murder in Portland Oregon and cops committed the crime, I don't take kindly to people that can ignore that and then pretend mental illness to cover it up!
Cops expect people to recognize their complaints so cops need to also recognize citizens complaints!
Anytime someone gets targeted by cops and complains about it the cops and their buddy's start making mental illness allegations against their target to discredit them and to **** them off and I don't think it a damn bit funny!
Don't tell me to get over it and move on with my life becau7se4 I don't have one4 any more and I want those bastards to stand trial and I am sick and tired of everybody ignoring my complaints!
I am not mentally ill I am a victim opf a bunch of pedo cops and too many people are ignoring my complaints to cover their butts!
I have the right6 to self defense and will use it to get those pedo cops in a criminal court of law and anybody that tries to discredit me will be labeled by me as a pedo buddy to cops!
Cops in Portland Oregon are pedo's and they harass their victims publicly and they enjoy labeling their victims as mentally ill to cover their butts!
Portland police stand trial in a criminal court of law face me in court you gutless cowards!

By the way the name of the child Eric Carlson and John Ray murdered is/was Jessica!
Now are you going to label me mentally ill again to cover the cops butts?

Define those dickheads

Here's video of my wife Joan Wagar and her lover the cop Eric Carlson along with his partner and buddy Shannon Caught on video by me!
They were waiting in ambush to kill me outside my apartment when I take the dog outside!
I noticed Shannon dive behind the trailer across the street so I turned out my lights and grabbed my camcorder and aimed it at the trailer to try to see who it was!
The next thing I knew my wife's lover Eric Carlson steps in front of my apartment!
Both Eric Carlson were waiting just outside my door and Eric Carlson was holding a camcorder and a gun in his right hand!
Joan Wagar was recording with her cellphone in her right hand and was hiding her gun in a shirt in her left hand!
I did not realize who they were until after I seen Shannon in his baseball hat!

They could be useing satalite, this is government ****, they hack into it. Move far,far away if you can.

My wife started an affair with my gang-stalkers in March 2005 and they are cops, they gave my wife permission to poison me to death after my wife recruited her family onto their side!
Have you ever seen the movie Misery? it was a lot like that movie for me, I was so badly poisoned I was just stuck, bedridden, and at the mercy of my wife, and our daughters just pretended nothings wrong so I know she told them to just act like nothings wrong!
My 911 calls were covered up by police, my emergency visits to the hospitals were covered up, the whole time my doctors refused to take a toxicology test even though I told them my wife poisoned me!
My wife kept me ill and debilitated by poisoning me with antifreeze and pills and in late 2006 my wife Joan Wagar was having fun writing signed confessions of her guilt and then throwing them at me while I was in bed, too ill to even get out of bed!
I was so badly poisoned I could not even read those signed papers she threw at me, and the whole time our daughters just pretended nothings wrong!

How can such crimes occur unless our police force permits their bro's, or in this case their ****** to do these things to people!
Gang-stalking is a real thing where a whole bunch of people simply have it out for someone and because police are permitting these crimes the stalkers simply don't try hard to hide their crimes, they know they got the blessings of law enforcement to do whatever they want!

Everyone on here is complaining about being victims of felony crimes and our so called police forces are ignoring us as victims and they don't care that we know this!

I live in Portland Oregon and half the police force in this town are non uniformed cops that do under cover operations, and they love to harass their targets under the pretense of "Doing their Job" and they give other people that impression so people will not suspect them of crime!

What happens when police doing an "Investigation" the police themselves commit a crime, now what? how do you or I report crimes committed by under cover cops? do you really think a cop will care if several of his buddy's are working under cover and targeting you or I or anyone else?

Under cover cops have the backing of their entire agency so they don't give a damn if I or anyone else knows their committing a crime!

I am not their only victim, on March 26th 2007 I caught my wife helping her lovers in law enforcement Eric Carlson and John Ray in a murder and they were planting evidence in my home trying to frame it on me!
I caught them because their early morning break in into my home woke me up, I believed I was catching my wife in her affair with a armed cop, so I put a audio recorder in my wife's purse and laid back down knowing my wife will be leaving for work!
What I caught on that audio recorder was them committing a murder of a child and they were trying to frame me for it, and my audio recorder caught them bragging about all of this to my wife's sister Vickie Rosales, and they were laughing the whole time they were talking about it so they were enjoying themselves over it!

Needless to say the Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff's are trying to cover this up and they tried to kill me several times, I almost died from being poisoned and my hospital just covered it up without even blinking, they just refuse to put anything I say down on paper and they refuse to take a toxicology test! instant cover up!

Now I have their butts bragging about these crimes on a audio recorder, and their is NO ONE WITH A BADGE IN OREGON THAT GIVES A DAMN!
That is enough for me to know full well who my gang-stalkers are! and it is enough to know why 911 is a joke!

This is just an example of how cops target people and many times it's either because for personal reasons or because they want so and so to get framed for their crimes!
This is a very short and condensed history of what has been happening to me from 2005 and to the present day.
These gang-stalkers stalking me are local law enforcement in Portland Oregon and because of that no one will help or wants to help me, my 911 calls are covered up so police don't care if I can prove anything.

The Portland police are poisoners and framers Eric Carlson the cop was having an affair with my wife Joan Wagar and he and his partners gave my wife permission to poison me to death and I was a regular plasma donor at the time!

In 2007 Eric Carlson and his partner John Ray tried to frame me for a murder they committed, they committed a early morning break in on March 26th 2007 and they raped, photographed, and killed a female child named Jesica! and they broke into my home to plant evidence in my apartment and my wife Joan Wagar helped them by opening her bedroom window for them to let them into our home while I was sleeping on the couch!

Eric Carlson was acting as a body double to frame me and his partners John Ray and Erica were photographing Eric Carlson having sex with a child!

Their break in woke me up and I at first thought I was catching my wife in her affair with an armed police officer so I put a audio recorder in my wife's purse and then laid back down on my couch knowing my wife will be leaving for work soon!

I not only caught them in their affair I caught them in a murder and I caught them planting evidence in my home to frame me for it!

Eric Carlson and John Ray and Joan Wagar bragged about their crimes to Joan Wagar's sister Vickie Rosales at Clackamas Walmart and my audio recorder caught that as well!

My 911 calls are covered up by Portland police and I have been denied emergency services ever since my wife started an affair with a Portland police officer!

My complaints are covered up and ignored by police and hospitals and I am severely disabled from being poisoned!

Eric Carlson and his partners in law enforcement have been stalking me and renting apartments around mine on and off for years now and all complaints I make are covered up and ignored!

I caught Joan Wagar and Eric Carlson waiting in ambush just outside my doorway at 5:45 am on July 2009 and they were armed with guns and they were recording with a camcorder and a cellphone! they were going to shoot me when I take my dog for a walk and they were going to record me being shot!

Eric Carlson's partner Shannon was wearing a baseball hat hiding behind a van and trailer when I opened my door and I saw him dive behind the trailer so I grabbed my camcorder and aimed it at the trailer trying to see who it was!

To my shock and horror my wife Joan Wagar and her lover the cop Eric Carlson were waiting in ambush just outside my door!

http://prntscr.com/m3bi4 http://prntscr.com/m3bpv http://prntscr.com/m3bun


The body double and the poisoner caught on video outside my doorway waiting in ambush for me to step outside and their caught fleeing the scene!

Eric Carlson had his gun in his right hand alongside his camcorder which is why he is holding his camcorder in a odd way and Joan Wagar was recording with her cellphone in her right hand and she had her gun hidden in her shirt in her left hand!

Terry Wagar

Jamreka- being in fear for your life is easy- I understand, but that person didn't tell you what to do! Don't call a private eye from your home phone, use a never before used, public phone or borrowed from a stranger nowhere you're planning on going cell phone- very important, and use a funny name- just for fun. Waive at the bad guys if you want to, but try to get a good cell phone and pretend to hold it up to see who'se calling you, then take their pictures! Send them via text attachment immediately to someone, even your ex boyfriends or whatever, and say "oops" sent you the wrong pic, sorry! Then, send them a real pretty one of you to cover it up, anything to get the stalkers pics public, but have a backup of your "proof" because they will come into your home, while you are showering, and bug up your phone, and copy picture, steal anything they want, and scan your important documents- if it is the police- if it is real bad guys, I don't know what to say, my stalkers weren't the mob- but whomever it is, killed my brother last year- I could gladly go into detail, but won't, not tonight- anyway, my brother is dead and it is my fault- my big mouth said in my house "my brother said he is pretending to help them, but he is going to split the money with me" and 1 and a half weeks later he had an "accident." The mini blinds pop in my house, the metal responding to the Click from the recently installed devices. I always felt like my coffee was tampered with, even if it was just medicines, or extra caffeine- that can still kill you- and my coworkers admitted doing it to another coworker of mine, they were firefighters! Where did/do you work, who were you dating, did you commit any type of fraud or any internet "crime" you may be aware of? Where you live, is Interpol or the FBI around? Do the people break up into groups of two, then, still in identifiable groups of two pretend to be single- but you can tell they know each other? That's the cops, they rarely talk. The volunteers though, they talk a lot- when you get a handgun, they'll go away, you don't have to show it to them, the cops will tell them you are a Risk, and they'll back up, but they'll try to provoke you even more- it's tricky. I've given my gun away now, because I live in California and this liberal mania Obama state is nuts right now about guns- be careful if you say threatening things, even though I know that when the fear mounts and mounts, year after year, it's natural to want to hurt your attackers- look at what your life has become, because of them! I don't know if there is a solution, or if one can ever know "why" this is happening in a way that can make it stop. My brother knew, he is now dead. Why I am alive is perplexing, especially if this is all my fault, why didn't they just kill me too? You might be able to get someone you know to spy on you, to catch the other spies- that works sometimes, assuming it's not the military, they'll have ways to block the imagery so they never get caught. There are also thermal imaging cameras, FLIR and General Dynamics have them, to rent as well, that can see through walls- these are used by attackers sometimes, but you could use it to find hidden devices as long as they have an electric current. I want to rent one, but don't have the money!

people make the mistake of researching "gang stalking" instead of "target tracking" on the internet, then, fall into the same traps as the others, using seemingly obvious facts as explanations, when, if they truly are a victim, are only falling into the plan of their attackers. They actually plan to have pride and ego down, etc., to destroy you, systematically, by getting to know what makes you tick, then, picking at your life until you are in ruin. Financial, emotional, etc., it all goes together quite nicely for you, until every day bumps in the road are huge hurdles that because of one or more combining factors, you are unable to face them head on any longer, and fall victim to the "plan" assuming that this is what is going on- there are now cases before the USDOJ regarding electronic harassment- sometimes it isn't police, it could be a vengeful ex-coworker or spouse/lover. This seems high-tech, but, anyone with the time and resources can pull it off. Yes, it could also be Feds/etc., and sometimes, believe me, it can be BOTH! There are also religious or family ties that can cause this to happen, or a community grudge because you made someone mad, or threatened someone's job, sometimes just by being a witness (like a secretary who was stuck in a meeting with someone who was up to no good, but did it in front of you)... Yes, the military is contracting out for clinical trials and research- and that COULD also be happening to you, but, you aren't crazy, unless you know full well that you sat in your house, never went outside, never had a job and never lived near a military base and never shopped or blogged online- if you have done any of those things, you may have been made a target- you aren't crazy, necessarily. That is one of the first things everyone will tell you if you say anything though- modern psychology has yet to catch up with modern investigative techniques. Computers are the main target of spying now, not just by the gov't, but, they do actually teach classes on it, at the OJIP (office of justice information programs) website. No attorney will listen, not until you are charged with a crime. No private eye worth his salt will work for you for free, and by now, you're probably broke, having paid for popped tires while working and a cut up wardrobe and new locks all the time- but it didn't do anything but bankrupt you- sound familiar? Yes, I am going through this as well, five years now. My health, though better than expected, is failing fast. My finances, gone. Ability to work, nearly fully diminished. Counseling- how can counseling help, when for the first time in 2 years, someone has again tampered with my home locks (came home, residue in keyholes, won't turn property) and now weird pops an clicks are in windows, blinds and ceiling fixtures/walls? The light at my counselor's office just "clicked" when I started speaking, a few days ago, this is the first time this has happened- because I believe, a social worker wrote it into his report that I was seeing her. He also tried to get information about my doctor, church, etc.- get this, I have to have a social worker because I ALMOST enacted self defense on someone, and called 9-1-1, now I am accused of being stressed out? I already passed their psych eval, which was ordered after I admitted to being a "targeted individual suffering from the after effects of workplace harassment and police misconduct in a small military dominated Arizona town" Hmmm.... I can help people who need to talk, about nothing or anything- if you need a friend- don't tell me you want to hurt people, that isn't cool- but if you just want to type me some words, I'll read them and give you an honest opinion.

Meaning of "An Investigation" means multiple people in law enforcement is targeting someone!
Meaning of being "Gang-Stalked" means multiple people in law enforcement is targeting someone!

well I thought that I was the only person, I am going through the same problem and no matter who i complain to, they are totally ignoring me, I have moved twice, but the same problem exists, one man followed me all the way to Belfast, I have decided to consult a solicitor, we are not the only people, these people are working for someone and I want to know what is the real reason for the stalking and spying.. i'm pretty sure that my flat is also bugged.. thank you for writing this because most people do nothing about the problem, this is breaking me mentally... i would be happy to hear from other people too.

Jamreka I would like to let you know that if you have reason to believe you are being gang-stalked and spied upon within your home then you can bet on the fact it is law enforcement doing it to you.
ONLY law enforcement has the time, man power, resources, and willingness to spy on people and they make a living doing this to people.
You can report it to your authority's but they ARE the ones doing this to you so they will ignore your complaints and not file any reports on it, instead they will label you in their paperwork as mentally ill to discredit you should this go to court.
If you believe they are spying and recording you in your own home then you need to fear for your life, authority's that spy on people in their own homes are liking to start using poison in your foods, that's what local authority's did to me after my wife started an affair with a police officer.
You need to warn people YOU know about your situation and you need to make your complaints public just so you can prove you are reporting it because police WILL cover up your complaints.
If you have questions then please fill free to ask.

Police and County sheriff's gang-stalk people all the time under the pretense of an investigation and they enjoy harassing their targets to the point of a break down and when their targets complain the police and county sheriff's will just smirk at you and label you mentally ill and they will do that to your face just to make it known to YOU that they are responsible for the harassment!

When is the LAST time you ever saw a cop ON VIDEO being arrested? chances are you never have.
From time to time there may be mention of a cop on PAID ADMINISTRATIVE LEAVE OF ABSENCE and that they are INVESTIGATING the situation, but cops really never are shown on video being arrested and hand cuffed because they never are arrested!

Cops are never arrested and they never show video of cops being handcuffed because cops are corrupt!
Charge a cop with an actual felony and you will see first hand how cops cover up peoples complaints when it comes to cops, that's when cops label the victim AS MENTALLY ILL!

Cops have a lot of bro's working at hospitals and it is nothing for cops to get a doctor filling out paperwork labeling a victim of a cop AS MENTALLY ILL.
Hospitals do this all the time for their bro's the cops and county sheriff's.

You can complain about it all you want to they just don't give a damn they control emergency services and can cover up any crime they want to just by ignoring their victims complaints!

If you charge a cop or sheriff with an actual felony crime they will cover up your complaint, not file a police report about your complaint, and instead file a complaint of their own labeling you as mentally ill, they want to destroy you as a witness by attacking your mentality.


Authority's gang-stalk their victims under the pretense of an investigation and they ignore your complaints and pretend your dangerous under the pretense that you are mentally ill, and cops all over the USA are known for killing people that they LABEL as mentally ill.

In January 2005 I was battered by the Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s.
I was not charged with anything but they did arrest two of my daughters and demanded that our family sign waivers saying police did nothing wrong before we could get our daughters released.
A month and a half later police were wining and dining my wife at restaurants and buyer her expensive gifts and in her gratitude she started lying for them and she started an affair with at least one of those cops.
By April 2005 my wife turned our daughters against me they helped my wife to hide her affair with a cop.
Those cops and county sheriff’s had our apartment under video and audio surveillance within our home and my wife was sleeping around with them and our daughters were hiding this from me.
In May 2005 my wife started poisoning me and police made sure I could not get help from a hospital, and the officer that was sleeping with my wife was calling my wife by the nickname Mrs Dash in love letters he wrote to her.
Police had the apartment below ours at the time so the apartment managers knew police were renting the apartment below ours and my wife was sleepi8ng with them.
Guess what no one wanted me to know about any of this, our apartment manager gave those cops copy’s of our apartment key thus giving them an easy way to bug our apartment.
Under the pretense of an”investigation” my wife and her lovers in law enforcement were having fun illegally recording me in my own home and they were poisoning my coffee pot.
Those officer’s gained regular access to our apartment by pretending to be maintenance men doing inspections and the apartment managers helped them by saying their maintenance men.

i have been stalked and harassed to for 20yrs it just got bad 11yrs ago when we moved into a neighborhood watch neighborhood. we moved and things are happening little by little,aproudwomen is right things are going to change it will be worse i would rather know what i know than not have faith in God and pray

It is fear of loss of pride that fuels some of this... the rest is out and out loneliness! Yes, mental illness can be situationally induced.

Confront them hire others get others to back you, you got a posse they'll back off if not pop a cap in between their eyes!

To all the folks saying, "This is just paranoia/narcissism. These are simply delusions caused by mental illness, etc." The fact of the matter is, fascism is real. I know that fascism is on the rise in the USA because I see and experience it for myself every single day, and anyone who denies this fact has their heads buried in the sand. Hiding from it does not make you immune to it.<br />
<br />
I too, have been experiencing this 'gang stalking/domestic terrorism', it goes by many names. What came to my mind recently was Nazi/Gestapo tactics; that's the sad state this country has deteriorated into. My experience with this specific phenomena has gone on for about 4 years now. I live in a four story apartment building. I've lived in apartments all my life and it wasn't until the surveillance/eavesdropping started 4 years ago that I became aware of this pathetic behavior. I live on the third floor. I used to have two 'Gestapo's' living above and below me, now it's only above me. The first batch was evicted... the second batch does almost the exact same thing as the first, it's uncanny really. Too many examples to enumerate here and now, but I've a recent anecdote from a few days ago. I was going to take the car out in the afternoon. As soon as I leave my apt, I hear Gestapo upstairs walking down (don't hear their door close or lock). Instead of waiting at my door to lock it I pretend that I'm walking down the steps. When I knew one of the 'them' was behind me I turned around, smiled and looked them straight in the eye. I wait a few moments then walk out to my car. I see Gestapo with another occupant sitting in a car parked in the fire lane. It was raining so hard that I decided the visibility was too bad for me to drive. I stayed in my car for about 7-8 mins before I decided to go back upstairs. Lo and behold, as soon as I reach the ba<x>se of the lobby, I hear Gestapo get out of their car (parked in the fire lane). I hear 'it' come up the steps and walk into the unit above me, only to leave again about another 10 mins later. This incident only served to strengthen my resolve.<br />
<br />
This is just ONE incident of MANY that I and many others have been dealing with. The first batch was even worse. People who are not experiencing this are very quick to dismiss and not give a $hit and I can't say I blame them. <br />
<br />
I wish to make a point for everyone who's actually on the receiving end of this fascist garbage: While some of these citizen spies/bullies/informants, might be ignorant of what they're doing and the suffering they're causing, the ones I have dealt with knew EXACTLY what they were doing. Their purpose was to cause stress, distress, conflict, and suffering; people like that are EVIL. EVIL. I cannot speak for them all, but the ones I've seen have no life force; nothing in the eyes, no energy emanating from the body. It's the most empty, pathetic, human in appearance only, person who spends their lives trying to make other people miserable. If you are experiencing this, you are dealing with evil. PRAY TO GOD everyday. Follow whatever religious or spiritual practice you observe; whether it's alone or with a group of people. You will find your help and your strength in the SPIRIT. I know what I'm talking about because it's the only thing that has given me the strength, courage and insight to deal with this atrocity. This is spiritual warfare. There are forces at work which seek to oppress, suppress, and destroy the human spirit. That's what's behind it all. Find your strength in the spirit and you will be lead to exactly what you need to to overcome. That's what I've had to do; that is where I found my hope and my saving grace. I am outraged that this is happening to my fellow brothers and sisters. Try to hold on just a little while longer, the judgement of this earth looms. All this evil will be done away with soon enough, Thank God. This neo-fascism is on its way to destruction, I know it.<br />
<br />
God Bless you and be with you all.

It all sound similar to governmental and C.I.A. projects such as MKUltra Project and mind control. They get a kick of knowing some one's business,stalking, sexual assaults and assaults. They truly love to terrorize normal civilians. People who can help is an organization called " Freedom from convert Harrasement and Surveillance". www.freedomfchs.com/...check it out.

Skimming these entries really fast? Skip to the bottom paragraph of this posted comment...<br />
<br />
The thing everyone really needs to know about this is that the govt. has a long history of doing secret and unethical experiments on unsuspecting people (nobodies) in an attempt to learn how to disable and control people. Find "Unethical Human Experimentation in the United States" in Wikipedia. You can find out about MKUltra by watching a documentary about it on youtube entitled "Mission Mind Control (1979)". Also web search for how MKUltra, the CIA's quest to control humans, was exposed in Congress c. 1975. Many believe it was never really shut down.<br />
See also The Washington Post's Special Investigation entitled, "Top Secret America" (Lots of researching going on in America.)<br />
<br />
Disclaimer: In giving you the info in this post, I hope only to inform and protect you against what happened to me. I would never suggest solving your harassment problem with violence or lashing out verbally, etc. And even losing trust in others is not recommended, as you will see if you read through this post.<br />
<br />
The kind of paranoia-making psychological operation that you described in your Experience Project post can be done with a technology (neurotechnology) pioneered by Nikola Tesla, also known as electromagnetic technology (commonly shown in sci-fi). Find "Lost Lightning: the Missing Secrets of Nikola Tesla" on youtube. If you doubt that the govt. would be doing this to nobodies, watch "Syphilis Laboratory Guatemala" on youtube. <br />
<br />
If you don't have much time for all this, just watch The History Channel's "That's Impossible: Mind Control" on youtube. If you have more time, also find the public comments session videos of the March and May 2011 meetings of the Obama-appointed Bioethics Commission on bioethics.gov.<br />
<br />
This kind of terrifying stuff happened to me, causing job loss and loss of trust in just about everyone in 2009. I was convinced that people around me (from family and friends all the way to strangers) had been coerced by secret police or FBI into harassing me. The harassment consisted of people mentioning references to my past or private life (as if they knew my secrets and were participating in a reputation smear), references to my home (as if my home security were being threatened, references to things I had done in private (as if I were under surveillance), and later, things I had only thought of (which could make others think I was mentally ill, had I shared this fact with them), etc. <br />
<br />
Gradually, through web research, I learned that the govt. has a long history of evil experimentation and research on innocent people. I learned of its research with neurotechnology and synthetic telepathy and its history of working with and funding private researchers worldwide. (Makes me think some of these conspiracy theories are plausible, but I'm still researching that.) I realized that my loved ones' claims that they were not coerced were true - to an extent.<br />
<br />
When this technology is used on someone who is near (or noticed by) the targeted individual, they will do or say things that suggest to the target that they are knowingly participating in his/her surveillance or harassment, BUT THEY HAVE NO IDEA that they are doing and saying things that HAVE BEEN SUGGESTED TO THEM REMOTELY (by a third party) and WHICH ARE SIGNIFICANT to the target because they are acquired by reading the target's mind and therefore logging his visual field data, thoughts, emotions, actions and any info he thinks about.

Google "Are They Crazy or Is the Government After Them? on PsychCentral.com. See the article and see my other posts.

Wow. This makes me really sad. <br />
<br />
All I can do is repeat what PonderJoe has said ...<br />
<br />
"Posted by ponderjoe on Feb 2nd, 2011 at 11:04AM<br />
<br />
I used to work as an engineer for a power company. I received a odd letter from a woman who lived in the boonies and claimed our power lines were causing a vibration in her head. We didn't even have lines in the immediate vicinity. Regardless, I was required to check it out. I drove on back roads for nearly an hour looking for her house but could never find it. I did get out of the car however and listen - and damn if I didn't hear a low pitched vibration noise. The best I could figure is that it came from a natural gas compressor station several miles away.<br />
<br />
I wrote her a latter stating what I found and I received a very grateful letter from her stating I was the only one who listened to her and that she had become somewhat of a "political football". (for whatever reason, I don't know.)<br />
<br />
Anyway, I was reading the paper a couple weeks later and came across a story about this same woman. She shot and killed the mail man - claiming he was spying on her!<br />
<br />
Proudwoman - nobody is gang stalking you just for the fun of it. You aren't being followed from city to city. People don't have that much time on their hand. If you were my neighbor, I would definitely be watching everything you did for fear of MY well-being!"