He Does Not Understand the Word No!

My ex is a biker, and very pround of it, I knew I was going to have a hard time leaving him, but I never thought this hard!  He seems to know everyone, where ever I go, someone tells him. The police just tell him to leave me alone, but he does not. My ex was in my house while I was sleeping, he hacked my computer, got all my friends e-mails, wrote down all my friends numbers from my phone. Threatened some of my new friends. They were told in the beginning about how he was, yet now they are not my friends. I guess I did not need them anyway! He just won't stop.
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I think its time for desperate messures CLOSE THE CURTAINS! or....just buy another house or just through him in acid and say he fell

Steps To Proect Yourself From A Stalker<br />
<br />
To begin with, if you feel that you are being stalked, take the situation seriously! Don't ignore the person's behavior and assume that it will go away over time - chances are it won't! Here are a few things that you can do to protect yourself:<br />
<br />
* Consider obtaining a restraining order.<br />
* File police reports for harassment and save them.<br />
* Destroy all personal paperwork or buy a shredder. Some stalkers have been known to go through their victim's garbage to secure personal information.<br />
* Keep a daily diary of harassing behaviors. This may prove useful should you have to go to court.<br />
* Tell your friends, co-workers and supervisors of your situation so that they are aware of the threat. You may also want to advise human resources.<br />
* Change your telephone number and get a caller ID Box.

My Ex is a biker too and its been over a year and he is just finally starting to leave me alone, although I don't believe he's done, he blames me for all bad things that happen in his life and turns psycho at times wehen I talk to him. I told him to stay out of my life for good 6 weeks ago and have not heard from him, buthe lives across the street from me. For some reason over the past year, men that have been intrested in me, turn and walk away with no explanation- my life may never be normal till I move- I believe truly that this man is crazy.

Wow, this is kinda scarey. My boyfriend is also a biker. Never thought of this type of stuff happening at all. Makes me wonder. Should make us all wonder just where *@it can take us.

I would take up Judo. Purchase a weapon and learn how to use it. A cell phone with a camcorder might help too. Or leave one on in your house at all times to get him on video.