Stalked By A Group Of People For Last 7 Years

I have been stalked by my ex's friends and sometimes my ex for the last 7 years now. I was followed to book stores, fast food name it! 3 years ago, I moved 750 miles away from the group of stalkers. They continue to stalk me today. They throw things at my house in the middle of the night, shoot lasers inside the windows, go by the windows late at night and whisper things into the window. I have tried ignoring them-which only makes things worse, When I ignore them, they walk across my front porch, open the screen door and slam it shut. They go up to my car door and pull on the handle to allow the interior light to come on. They whistle and make owl noises to signal to one another. They throw rocks and other items at me ( I live on 48 acres of land). They have a million places to hide. I went to the police only to have them tell me that they were not going to walk around in the woods. I suspect they have been inside my home when I'm not here. I have had things end up missing. I found one of my rings crushed in my driveway. I am at a loss. Don't know what to do.........
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I find it hard to believe that people flat out refuse to believe cops don't commit crimes, there are cops in jail right now because cops do commit crimes.
Nobody wants to believe cops gang-stalk people but everyone knows cops are paid to "investigate" people, investigating people and stalking people is virtually the same thing.
Many cops have personal reasons to stalk people.

In response to gumbone, I definitely realize that this is a game for them, maybe even an obsession for at least one of the members of the group. What cop or cops would do such a thing?? My ex does have a cousin whose husband is a cop in Florida. I know my first husband started this mess as the behaviors have always matched his. I just don't know if he's still behind it or who is responsible. This has been very frightening and frustrating at the same time. I have experienced anger, paranoia, depression, even PTSD as a result of what they have done to me and my kids. Now that I have moved, it has been fairly quiet so far but I have a nagging suspicion that they are not far behind me or already know where I'm at. Thought it was interesting that you mentioned crack heads. My ex was on Meth for awhile and I suspected that he was paying these men in the form of drugs. People just think I'm crazy when they hear my story but I have arrived at the point where I don't care what anyone thinks anymore. Thank you for your response. It was very informative. Tell me more about how they may be posing as cops and how they manage to transfer paperwork and such. This is all new to me. You have no idea how much I appreciate your response. No one knows what hell this brings into your life until they've experienced it themselves.

I have been the victim of gang stalking too. There are some things in your story that ring a bell with mine. Please message me as soon as you can and if you know if a foia will defeat it.

In response to wifepoisenedme........what is a audio death threat? Sorry I took so long to respond. And you are the second person now that says it's the police. I'm confused as to what police officers would do this and why. They recently threatened my second husband whom I'm separated from. I have moved to another state and for the first time, they made contact. They started by sending texts, then started calling him threatening him if he even so much as took me out of town. They again called him saying that they were going to kill him. Finally when I made the decision to move and started preparing, they called him laughing at him saying "I told you that she wasn't going anywhere with you." My husband had actually been trying to get me back. I had already suspected that my phone lines and home was tapped. There were even times when I heard a person's voice. Since my last post, I had an incidence where my car key ended up missing. I knew exactly where I had placed it. I searched my home up and down. After cleaning my kitchen and island, I walked out on my porch to take my dogs out, came back in and the key had been placed on the island in plain view as if to say "haha." I was pretty freaked out by this because I knew they were responsible. I just didn't know how they accomplished this. Also, I have heard them call my name before and it was coming from inside the house. I don't know how they do it. It's like they are ghosts and you can't see them. No problems since I moved that I'm aware of.

The police and county sheriffs put a audio file in my home and on my computer, they are admitting to their crimes on it and admitting they poisoned and framed me, it's also a death threat because they promise on it that I cannot get help from 911 and I tried calling 911 anyway and sure enough the first responders are backing up that death threat because they refused to help me.
I caught my wife in an affair with a cop and he and his buddy's had permission from their superiors to frame me.
After I caught them in the act of poisoning and framing me they bragged about their guilt on a audio death threat they put in my home.
So in my situation I know who is responsible for me being targeted and gang-stalked.
I was giving you my two cents on the subject.

What each group does is seprate. Yeah there are plenty of dirty cops. Gov, agents can pose as a cop or with some fake paper work "be transferred". But its not THE COPS. Every gang stalking story is a little diff. The police get false reports that is why they dont help. Not always cuz there all in on it. Remember this is a game of chess.

They will probly try to steal your property at some point. I think you should buy bear traps put them ALL over your property. They have no reason to be on your land.You should get dogs, but they may at some point poison them. Most of the gang stalkers are low level crack heads.

Buy a Doberman or Rottweiler and when you hear them just let it loose.

The police will not help you because the police are the ones doing this to you, the police wont help you because either they or their bro's are the ones doing this to you.
Talk to relatives and friends and tell them what is happening and tell them your afraid for your life because police wont help you.
Blog what is happening to you on the internet so you can prove in court if need be that you ARE reporting this so you can prove the police are covering this up by not helping you and taking your complaint seriously.

Get yourself a camcorder and a gun, catch them on video gang-stalking you outside your home and if they get within view then use your gun in self defense.
Police never hesitate to act in self defense and neither should citizens.

I am going through a simular situation only I KNOW my stalkers are police and county sheriff officer's, they bragged by putting a audio death threat in my home.