Doubleclick And Mrs Dash The Walmart Serial Killers Brag With Nicknames

January 18th 2005 Terry Wagar and his three daughters waited outside in the parking lot at East Port Walmart for Terry Wagar's wife Joan Wagar to come out of Walmart on her lunch break at 3 am.

Terry Wagar and his daughters were napping in their minivan while they waited for Joan Wagar to come out, they were approached by three Portland police officers and by a Multnomah county sheriff, the police knocked on the driver side of the minivan.

Terry Wagar was in the front passengers seat and his daughter Megan Wagar was sitting in the drivers seat but she was not driving at all, we were just waiting for Joan Wagar to come out for her lunch break.

The police was asking Megan Wagar for her drivers license and of course she did not have one, she was not even driving she was just waiting in her mothers seat for her mother to come out of Walmart.

Terry Wagar realized the cop was in error treating the situation as a traffic stop when the minivan was not running or in motion and Terry Wagar tried to explain to the officer that they were just waiting for his wife to come out of Walmart but the officer was still treating the situation as a traffic stop, ignoring Terry Wagar.

Terry Wagar, being the mature and responsible adult in the minivan, stepped out of the passengers seat onto the parking lot, the police ordered him back into the van but he treated the cop with the same respect the cop gave him, he ignored the cops warning, Terry Wagar walked around the minivan to talk with the police officer and to try to explain the situation, Terry Wagar demonstrated willingness to cooperate by lifting his shirt up and turning 360 degrees voluntarily so the cops could see he was unarmed and he did so on his own without being told to.

Terry Wagar then cooperated with the police and tried to explain to them that he and his three daughters were just waiting for his wife Joan Wagar to come out on her lunch break and he explained his daughter Megan Wagar was not a driver and that she has no way of knowing what they want from her, she did not drive the minivan there she was just using Joan Wagar's seat while she waited for Joan Wagar.

The police did not care that Terry Wagar was cooperating and instead seemed to want to provoke Terry Wagar, the police asked a couple of questions to Terry Wagar and he cooperated and answered their questions, and buy the third question Terry Wagar asked his own question of the police officer and that's when one of the Portland police officers struck Terry Wagar from behind him in his ribs, Terry Wagar was in a half circle surrounded by three police officers and a multnomah county sheriff officer and the cop that was on Terry Wagar's left just out of Terry Wagar's vision was the one that struck Terry Wagar in his blind spot, Terry Wagar did not see it coming and was hit with the full force of the officers body weight and Terry Wagar was flattened out on the ground from the attack.

There was a scream from the minivan, Terry Wagar's daughters witnessed the attack on Terry Wagar and they were horrified, Terry Wagar laid on the ground for ten minutes trying to recover from the pain, the cop blind sided him and he used something to hit him with in his ribs, Terry Wagar suspected he might have a broken rib, the police and county sheriff officer stood around him as he laid on the ground, they did not say a word, they just stood around him in a half circle and looked at him and waited to see what he will do about it.

After about ten minutes Terry Wagar tried to sit up into a sitting position and then just sat there, he realized at this moment the police and county sheriff's were not conducting an investigation and that they simply had it out for Terry Wagar, Terry Wagar believed at this moment they wanted him dead for some reason.

After Terry Wagar got into a sitting position the county sheriff officer was starring intently at Terry Wagar's face, and as one of the police officer's took a step towards Terry Wagar the county sheriff officer held out his hand at the cop and told him "Wait!" and then the county sheriff officer told the police to talk with him over there, and the county sheriff officer and two of the three police officer's went with him about twenty or thirty feet away from Terry Wagar and started talking.

Terry Wagar was in a lot of pain and he knew better that the police wanted him to stand up again just so they could knock him back down again, Terry Wagar sensed from the county sheriff officer that their was some sort of personal reason they were doing this to him but he did not know why, his daughters were still sitting in the minivan and they were Terry Wagar's main concern, and Terry Wagar tried to listen to what those officer's were talking about but it was hard to hear them they were intentionally talking to each other quietly, but Terry Wagar did hear the county sheriff officer use the word "Double" more than once while he talked to the Portland police.

They talked for about five minutes and then they approached Terry Wagar who was still in pain and sitting on the ground where he was knocked down at and the county sheriff ordered Terry Wagar to stand up, Terry Wagar stood up even though it was very painful, the county sheriff then ordered Terry Wagar to walk over to his sheriff's car, Terry Wagar then in disgust said out loud "I am complying with your demands under threat, duress, and coercion!" and started limping over to the sheriff's car, Terry Wagar realized his knee was badly injured as well after he stood up, his left leg was in pain and it was not easy to walk on it.

Once Terry Wagar reached the sheriff's car the county sheriff told Terry Wagar to put his hands behind his back and Terry Wagar put his hands behind his back and said out loud "I am complying to your demands under threat, duress and coercion!" and after Terry Wagar was handcuffed the county sheriff opened his door and ordered Terry Wagar to sit in it and Terry Wagar sat down in his deputy sheriff's car.

At no time was Terry Wagar told he was under arrest and the authority's did not accuse him of any wrong doing, he sat in that car and watched how they systematically removed each of his daughters from their minivan, one at a time, and the Portland police had new officer's to arrive on the scene to pick up each of his daughters, one by one, with the exception of his oldest daughter Shawna Wagar, she was 18 at the time, she was also being held in a police car and after her two sisters were taken away they let her out of the police car.

After the police arrested his too daughters Megan Wagar and Kayle Wagar without a charge they then released Shawna Wagar and then Terry Wagar.

Terry Wagar was then being told by the county sheriff officer that he and his family will need to attend a hearing to get his daughters back and then the county sheriff booked it out of there like the criminal he is and Terry Wagar and Shawna Wagar was left standing their in shock over the situation, Terry Wagar felt like he was battered and robbed and he witnessed them steal away his two youngest teenage daughters in handcuffs and then they make it known to Terry Wagar they are going to blackmail him in order for him to get his daughters back

Terry Wagar was not charged with anything and was left standing there, at this point Terry Wagar noticed one of East Port Walmart security officer's was standing nearby and he headed over to him to try and find out what's going on, as Terry Wagar approached the security guard he noticed the security guard was also in a state of shock over what happened, Terry Wagar immediately started to explain to the security officer that he and his daughters were waiting for Joan Wagar to come out for her lunch break and that they had a right to be there for that and that they did nothing wrong.,

The security guard was in a state of shock over what happened and he himself was at a loss for words, he was not bothered by the fact Terry Wagar was there and Terry Wagar told the security guard he was injured and that he needs to remain there until his wife Joan Wagar comes out, at this point Terry Wagar is under the impression his wife Joan Wagar does not know about what happened yet.

Terry Wagar asked Shawna Wagar what happened after she walked up to him and she just said they arrested Megan Wagar and Kayle Wagar, she said .they will leave her there because she was 18, and she said the police said something about a hearing, she herself did not know what really happened or why.

Terry Wagar asked the security guard if anyone had call the police over this, Terry Wagar was suspecting that security may have called police about this, but the security guard did not know why they came, but he did say something about Walmart management had made the complaint to police.

At 7 am Joan Wagar came out of Walmart and she approached the minivan with Terry Wagar and Shawna Wagar and she started to explain that she knew what happened, she said she was outside talking with a police officer at the time in front of the store, she said the police officer was explaining to her that they will need to attend a hearing in order to get their daughters back, Joan Wagar was in tears as she explained it.

I asked her if she knew who called police on us because Terry Wagar was very angry and wanted to know who is to blame for this, the only answer he got that suggests who's at fault came from the security guard, but even he seemed not sure as to who called police on them.

As we discussed what happened the sun was coming up and another Portland police officer pulled up along side my wife's minivan and the female officer walked up to our minivan holding our daughters dog Pepsi and she handed the dog to Joan Wagar.

At this point it was all starting over again, the female officer just started pretending to be makinmg a traffic stop and was asking Joan Wagar for her drivers license, Terry Wagar at this point lost it and told Joan Wagar "You do not need to do anything for them!" and the female officer started smirking and yelled out loud "The woman can think for herself cant she!?" the female officer was trying real real hard to provoke anger out of Terry Wagar, the mere fact that she pulled up and handed us our dog of which the police stole and then to just start pretending a traffic stop, again, for no reason, was just too much for Terry Wagar to take!

They did this earlier with Terry Wagar and his daughters, now their doing it again and this time their doing it to his wife Joan Wagar, the Portland police were trying to provoke some sort of reaction, any reaction, from Terry Wagar, and Terry Wagar noticed their were several other police cars within a block away from them so Terry Wagar realized at this moment the police are deliberately trying to provoke them into defending themselves so the cops could justify shooting them, at no time did any of us even start up our minivan, we all knew at this point the police were deliberately provoking us and that they still have vehickles within a block from their position, Terry Wagar feared they were trying to create a situation where they could justify shooting them, that is what it appeared to be at the time and police did not care if anyone knew they were still hanging around!

At this point I told my wife Joan Wagar that she is going to need to call her family up for help, I tried to explain to Joan Wagar what they did to me and now their trying g it again and I and Shawna Wagar pointed out several police cars that were parked in East Port parking lot a block away, I told Joan Wagar they are just waiting for us to move, so Joan Wagar went to a phone booth and called her family and by the time she got back to her minivan her sister Vickie Rosales and her husband Elmer Rosales and her mother Donna Minor arrived and pulled along side us, as they did the police cars parked a block away started up and they drove off.

Joan Wagar then tried to explain to them what happened and Joan Wagar's mother offered to take us to her home, they could see for themselves those cop cars were parked a block away and that they left as Joan Wagar's family started talking to us.

Because we knew they were waiting for us to get on the road we decided to leave the minivan at East Port Walmart, we greatly feared for our lives at this time because the police was not hiding the fact they had it out for us and that they were not even trying to hide it from us.

A week later was the hearing over our daughters Megan Wagar and Kayle Wagar, Terry Wagar was unable to attend the hearing due to his injury's but Shawna Wagar and Joan Wagar along with her mother and her brother Don Minor and her sisters and their husbands did attend and all the hearing was about was the police wanted signed waivers saying they did nothing wrong and that they will release Megan Wagar and Kayle Wagar to their family after they get signed waivers from all of them present at the hearing.

So the Portland police blackmailed the family by kidnapping our daughters without a charge and demanded signed waivers from us saying police did nothing wrong, it's amazing how our tax dollars are being used to fund courts that protect criminal cops from prosecution by extorting signed waivers, but since Terry Wagar did not attend the hearing he was not their to give a signed waiver.

While Terry Wagar was trying to recover from being battered by the Portland police AND county sheriff's the family tried to get back to a normal life, but the police and county sheriff's had other things in mind, they were stalking Terry Wagar and his family members and they were wearing civilian clothing to hide their stalking, Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff's started getting apartments around our apartment and they were trying to hide the fact they were in law enforcement.

Under the pretense of an investigation authority's gained our landlords and apartment managers help in acquiring apartments around ours and they started to systematically destroy Terry Wagar's reputation in his neighborhood with false rumors started by police and county sheriff's, at the same time they had under cover officer's take over the assembly department at East Port Walmart so that they could get close to Joan Wagar when she is working there, and one of those officer's was named Eric Carlson, and he was almost a twin to Terry Wagar.

These under cover police officer's were not hiding the fact from Walmart employees they are cops, they just pretended they are investigating Terry Wagar and his family and that they would appreciate their cooperation, and by early March 2005 those under cover police officer's befriended Joan Wagar by introducing themselves to Joan Wagar and they wined and dined Joan Wagar at the Tick Tock restaurant on 82nd and Powel st and they even bought her an expensive gift costing around forty to fifty dollars, and in her gratitude he started lying for them and a few days later she started having an affair with Eric Carlson.

At the beginning of Eric Carlson and Joan Wagar's friendship she told her husband Terry Wagar that Eric Carlson was a twin and was her new friend, but she neglected to mention that Eric Carlson was a twin to Terry Wagar, and from that point foward Joan Wagar was showing signs that she was cheating on her husband Terry Wagar, Joan Wagar did not admit she was cheating but she was not hiding ANY of the signs of it, she came home from work reeking of sex and perfume and she got in the habit of taking immediate and short showers the moment she walked through her door, and Joan Wagar's clothing had stains that suggested as to what was going on if you know what I mean.

By mid March 2005 Joan Wagar was hinting to her daughters she was cheating and Terry Wagar was understanding the hints she gave her daughters, he already knew she was cheating on him, Terry Wagar did not confront Joan Wagar over her affair, he did not want to confront her, he loved her and he was more concerned over the fact that under cover cops were renting apartments around him and were destroying his reputation behind his back, Terry Wagar knew they are not investigating them for anything he knew they are just a bunch of murderers that want to cover their butts and that police enjoy doing this to innocent people, many many cops our sociopaths and psycho's with power trips, many innocent people get hurt or killed by cops and they never stand trial for so cops never really give a damn, Terry Wagar knew this about them and still feared for the safety of his family.

March 2005 Terry Wagar knew his wife Joan Wagar was cheating on him, he knew under cover cops were renting apartments around theirs and that they were destroying his reputation, he suspected his wife was cheating on him with a cop and he knew Joan Wagar admitted Eric Carlson was a twin, to someone she did not mention, and Terry Wagar knew Joan Wagar was hinting to their daughters she was cheating on him and that she wanted their favor on it.

By early April Megan Wagar and Kayle Wagar were hinting back to their mother Joan Wagar that they aprove of her affair, and Joan Wagar started anther hinting process to them, she started hinting to her daughters that Eric Carlson was a twin, and she used Eric Carlson's nickname Doubleclick as a way of bringing up the conversation with her daughters.

Joan Wagar's used Eric Carlson's nickname in her cellphone and she used Eric Carlson's nickname Doubleclick in her video games, and by around April 9th or 10th Megan Wagar confronted Joan Wagar over the repeated uses of that nickname and Joan Wagar spent fifteen minutes explaining it to Megan Wagar out on our patio while Joan Wagar was smoking.

Terry Wagar was in the kitchen working on dinner and was able to overhear their conversations about Doubleclick.

In a nut shell Joan Wagar was hinting to Megan Wagar that Doubleclick was Eric Carlson's nickname that East Port Walmart employees gave him because he was a twin to someone, and that she was cheating on Terry Wagar and she was in love with Eric Carlson, and Joan Wagar ended the conversation with Megan Wagar by telling her she will bring Megan Wagar and Kayle Wagar down to Walmart to meet him, and after Joan Wagar came inside the apartment she approached Terry Wagar in the kitchen and she said to Terry Wagar "I am going to bring Megan and Kayle with me to Walmart in a couple days to spend the night there with me, so they can see what my job is like!" and Terry Wagar already knew he was being lied to asked her "Why?" and Joan Wagar said something about it being "Take your daughters to work day" acting like it was a holiday.

Terry Wagar knew at this point his wife has her daughters support in her affair and did not know what to do about this, he knew the marriage was over but he still feared for the safety of his family, and when Joan Wagar's days off were over with and she went back to work she took Megan Wagar and Kayle Wagar with her to spend the entire night inside East Port Walmart, so they could meet Eric Carlson and his partners in law enforcement.

From this point foward Joan Wagar and her daughters Megan Wagar were turned against Terry Wagar and were not trying hard to hide it from Terry Wagar, his wife and daughters would whisper to each other in front of him and not care that he knows their being secretive.

This activity made Terry Wagar angry, Terry Wagar felt like his whole family had just turned against him and did not care if he knew it, the whole time Joan Wagar and her daughters thought Terry Wagar did not know about Joan Wagar's affair, well he did know, which is why he was understanding all their hints they were giving each other.

Joan Wagar's daughters started going to East Port Walmart on a regular basis and Joan Wagar would drive them their and they would take the bus back later on, Terry Wagar knew Joan Wagar was cheating on him and that she recruited her daughters onto her side over it, and he suspected that the man she was sleeping with was a Portland police officer, Terry Wagar was angry but said nothing, he decided he will go with them the next time Joan Wagar takes her daughters to Walmart and he will wait till the last moment to say it knowing his wife would try to warn her lover he is on his way down there.

This is a very crucial day for Terry Wagar, his wife Joan Wagar was on her day off in mid April 2005 and she was getting ready to go to East Port Walmart and her daughter Megan Wagar was going with her and she was very very excited, as the both of them dressed up to make themselves pretty Terry Wagar just sat in his chair waiting for them to go out the door, and as they opened the door and stepped outside Terry Wagar said "Hold up I'm going with you." and as Terry Wagar walked up to Megan Wagar and Joan Wagar he saw in their faces their grins turned to frowns, and then Joan Wagar said nervously "I,,,I need to go to the bathroom first." and she stepped back inside our apartment heading to the bathroom, Terry Wagar noticed Joan Wagar was holding her cellphone as she stepped into the bathroom.

Terry Wagar had no intention of giving Joan Wagar the opportunity to warn her lover he's on his way down there with his wife, so Terry Wagar just stepped into the bathroom with his wife making pointless conversation with her so as to not give her the opportunity to warn her lover.

Joan Wagar disappointingly finished going to the bathroom and all three of them headed for their car, Megan Wagar and Joan Wagar were very quiet and not talking, neither was Terry Wagar, Joan Wagar drove to East Port Walmart and Joan, Terry, and Megan walked together into East Port Walmart.

As they walked into the store Terry Wagar noticed a large group of Walmart employees having a meeting at the far end of the cashiers area, it looked like a manager was having a meeting with around a dozen Walmart employees, and as Joan Wagar noticed this she started to panic and she started walking as fast as she could to gain distance from Terry Wagar and Megan Wagar.

Joan Wagar knew she had to walk past them all and she did not want Terry Wagar to hear what she was going to say to them, Terry Wagar noticed Joan Wagar was acting very suspicious trying to walk as fast as she did, gaining distance from Terry Wagar and Megan Wagar, and as Joan Wagar neared the group of employees Eric Carlson stepped out of it and walked right up to Joan Wagar in front of everyone and he started talking to her about their affair, and everyone heard it, and Joan Wagar silenced him by saying out loud "He's behind me he's behind me he's behind!" in rapid succession and Eric Carlson then turned to look at me, and I saw what his nickname really stood for, he was almost a twin, to me, and he was not the only one turning, half the people in that meeting turned to look at me, that's when it hit me that everyone in the store knew my wife Joan Wagar was having an affair with a dude that is almost a twin to me, in shock and horror over what I just witnessed I turned to look at Megan Wagar who was right beside me and she saw and heard everything I saw and heard, and Megan Wagar was cupping her mouth trying really hard to stop herself from laughing out loud!

In the span of a couple of seconds Terry Wagar learned Joan Wagar was having an affair with a under cover cop named Eric Carlson and that he was a twin or Double to Terry Wagar, and he learned everyone in the store knew of their affair and of Eric Carlson's appearance and he learned his daughters knew of all this and was trying to hide from him, in shock and horror Terry Wagar stepped away from Megan Wagar and stepped into the nearest isle to think, Megan Wagar continued to follow after Joan Wagar and Eric Carlson as they went down another isle.

As Terry Wagar tries to comprehend what he just witnessed the Walmart employees meeting ended because of this situation but they did not disperse to go to work and instead stood around looking over at Terry Wagar and they were talking to each other saying things like "Does he know!?" and "Did he find out!?" and "Is there going to be a fight!?" and there was a whole lot of laughter coming from that group of Walmart employees over this!

As far as Terry Wagar was concerned this is a murder conspiracy he just witnessed, he learned that a lot of people were involved in it and that they are not hiding it from other people, and as I overheard those Walmart employees talk about me Megan Wagar walked right past them and walked up to me and pretended nothing happened and asked me "What's going on?" this is the moment I realized Megan Wagar was doing the same thing everyone else was doing, she was trying to find out if I caught them or not, Terry Wagar said then that he was just looking for something on the isle but could not find it, Terry Wagar really had nothing to say to Megan Wagar after that, he was afraid he uncovered a murder conspiracy and he feared he and his family were in extreme danger and he knew Joan Wagar and at least two of their daughters were either fully involved or partially involved in it, Terry Wagar discovered their big big secret so many people were trying to hide, a body double!

Terry Wagar took a couple days trying to decide how to handle this situation, he did not believe he could get help from 911 because he had reason to believe the police are the ones that caused this in the first place, and Terry Wagar honestly believed at this point his family was in severe danger and he needs to make that his primary concern, so he decided to try and warn his oldest daughter Shawna Wagar as to what happened.

Shawna Wagar was living with Joan Wagar's mother Donna Minor at the time helping her out because she was a Senior citizen so Terry Wagar called Shawna Wagar by phone and told her there is an emergency and that he needed Shawna Wagar to come over right away, Terry Wagar did not want to discuss this over a phone because he did not want to warn Eric Carlson and his partners that he knew they were cops.

Shawna Wagar began making very lame excuses to not come over saying she is too busy helping Donna Minor to visit him.

Terry Wagar got disgusted and told Shawna Wagar that THIS IS AN EMERGENCY I NEED TO TALK TO YOU IN PERSON but Shawna Wagar just ignored the fact that it's an emergency and talked as though nothings wrong, and then Shawna Wagar then said that she and Joan Wagar's sister Vickie Rosales will be getting a job soon at Clackamas Walmart, at this point Terry Wagar was done trying to talk to Shawna Wagar about this.

As far as Terry Wagar was concerned he now had reason to believe the Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff's were doing way more than just wining and dining his wife, it appears they spent a lot of money to win over Terry Wagar's daughters as well!

It is late April during this and after Terry Wagar tried to warn Shawna Wagar about Joan Wagar's affair with a body double that Terry Wagar started getting ill, at first Terry Wagar thought it might be because of depression and because of the stress he was under over the situation, for a brief moment Terry Wagar suspected that Joan Wagar or the cops might have poisoned him but immediately discounted that because Terry Wagar was a regular plasma donor at the time, it would be insane to poison him!

By mid May 2005 Terry Wagar was very ill and very depressed and unable to find help, his wife Joan Wagar and his daughters put on a show pretending to be a loving family and it tore Terry Wagar apart because he knew they were just pretending, and by mid may Joan Wagar had a talk with Megan Wagar and Kayle Wagar in front of Terry Wagar in the living room, in Terry Wagar's presence Joan Wagar admitted to her daughters that SHE NOW HAS A NICKNAME EAST PORT WALMART EMPLOYEES GAVE HER, and she said her nickname is Dash!

Terry Wagar went numb hearing this, once again in total shock over Joan Wagar freely admitted nickname, and Megan Wagar and Kayle Wagar were grinning and giving their approval of the nickname, and over that Joan Wagar became so happy she started dancing in the living room!

Their conversation was very much a hint hint wink wink type of conversation and once again they don't care if I hear them hinting to each other, I immediately took that to mean that she was poisoning me and that she wanted her daughters approval over it and that they gave her their approval, in front of my face!

As far as Terry Wagar was concerned Joan Wagar just admitted to her daughters she is poisoning a plasma donor and that East Port Walmart employees knew about it and don't care about it!

Terry Wagar decided to stop donating plasma until he confirms or denies his suspicions of Joan Wagar using poison, so Terry Wagar stopped donating and started paying attention to anything that he consumes that Joan Wagar has access to, it was easy to figure out, Joan Wagar worked graveyard shift all night long and she sleeps all day long. Joan Wagar was not cooking us meals and she was at home and awake for short periods of time, and the only thing she made that Terry Wagar consumed was coffee!

The very next day when Joan Wagar woke to get ready for work she made a pot of coffee, and the first thing she did was she made Terry Wagar his cup of coffee for him, needless to say Terry Wagar did NOT drink it, and then Joan Wagar went back to the kitchen to make her own cup of coffee, Terry Wagar noticed that Joan Wagar had opened the fridge four times to make those two cups of coffee, and Terry Wagar drinks his coffee black.

Terry Wagar noticed that when Joan Wagar makes their cups of coffee she was opening and closing the fridge four times, FOUR TIMES! that was enough to tip Terry Wagar off as to where Joan Wagar is hiding her poison, and when Joan Wagar went to work and her daughter Megan Wagar was out with one of her boyfriends and Kayle Wagar was in her bedroom Terry Wagar decided to check out the fridge.

The first thing Terry Wagar did was remove the case of eggs which was on the top shelf, and BAM! hiding behind the case of eggs was a Garlic Salt Shaker laying on it's side in the back of the fridge, on the top shelf!

Terry Wagar grabbed a paper towel and pick up the shaker with the paper towel and opened it, inside the Garlic Salt shaker was a green liquid, about 2 tablespoons full of green liquid.

I knew at this point my wife was poisoning me and that she had the support of her family, her coworkers, and her lover and his partners in local law enforcement, i was in shock, in pain, emotionally destroyed by police and by family members mind games they were playing, and not sure who to turn to for help, I did not believe at this point I COULD FIND HELP FROM ANYONE!

Terry Wagar did not have living relatives he could turn to for help, only his immediate family,and they all appeared to be helping Joan Wagar and Eric Carlson, and over the years Terry Wagar lost contact with old friends, so there was no one Terry Wagar could think of to contact that would help him.

It is important to know that by this time Terry Wagar was under a great deal of stress and was not well from being poisoned by antifreeze and did not rationalize the situation properly, but he was acting in good intentions, he stopped donating plasma knowing local law enforcement gave his wife Joan Wagar permission to be a serial killer!

Under these circumstances Terry Wagar deserves a medal, he saved a lot of lives when he stopped donating, plasma centers test for drugs not poisons!

Not thinking clearly and under a lot of pain and stress Terry Wagar decided he will prove Joan Wagar was poisoning him in the hopes that it would win back his daughters onto his side and possibly make it a lot easier to find help if he has proof, Terry Wagar at this time knew Joan Wagar was poisoning his coffee and how she was doing it and when she was doing it, Terry Wagar figured this should be easy to prove with a video camera, and it was, Terry Wagar caught Joan Wagar on video making his cup of coffee and she is caught taking out the Garlic Salt shaker out of the fridge and pouring some of it's contents into Terry Wagar's coffee cup, Terry Wagar hid the camcorder under the table and used his remote to capture Joan Wagar in the act.

After Terry Wagar realized he caught Joan Wagar in thje act he then had to think about what to do with it, and he was faced with the realization that the Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff's already made it known to Terry Wagar they wanted him dead, so Terry Wagar pushed that out of his mind and decided he will catch Joan Wagar on video again, only this time he will literally ask Joan Wagar if she is poisoning him.

Joan Wagar of course denied poisoning Terry Wagar, but an hour later Joan Wagar went in to the kitchen to get rid of the Garlic Salt shaker, and Terry Wagar caught that on video as well!

People need to understand that Terry Wagar had no one he could turn to and he knew police organized these crimes and funded it and protected the criminals from prosecution, Terry Wagar knew if he handed the video of Joan Wagar poisoning him to the police that they would just make it disappear and probably murder Terry Wagar off just to be done with it, that was Terry Wagar's perspective of the situation.

Terry Wagar made the decision that he will not survive this, too many people joined into it, too many cops were promoting it and allowing it to foster, and there was still the underlining fact that the Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff's were USING A PHOTO DOUBLE NAMED ERIC CARLSON TO frame TERRY WAGAR FOR GOD KNOWS WHAT!

Terry Wagar decided that if he cannot find help then at the very least he can keep acquiring evidence of their guilt and deny them the ability to frame Terry Wagar, Terry Wagar proved right away what Joan Wagar's nickname Mrs Dash stood for, now it was time to prove what the body doubles nickname Doubleclick stood for!

This was a war as far as Terry Wagar was concerned and he was going to try to warn people, try to protect people from Eric Carlson and Joan Wagar's open murder conspiracy of which they sit around that break room and brag to Walmart employees about how they screwed over Terry Wagar this week and the next and so on and on and on!

Terry Wagar suspected Kayle Wagar and Shawna Wagar were involved in this but did not know to what degree they were involved, and until he knows one way or the other he decided he cannot trust them but at the same time wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt, so Terry Wagar for the most part treated them the same way they treated him, they pretended nothings wrong around Terry Wagar so Terry Wagar just did not bother trying to discuss anything with them.

Terry Wagar knew he needed to prove Eric Carlson is a twin to him AND prove everyone at Walmart knew about it and was trying to hide it, this turned out to be almost impossible for Terry Wagar to prove, each time he went to Walmart Joan Wagar or his daughters or Walmart employees would warn Eric Carlson that Terry Wagar was outside Walmart waiting for him to come out, so managers allowed Eric Carlson to sneak out the back of the store, and Eric Carlson got into the habit of wearing beanie hats to better hide his hair and face with when he left the store!

It became obvious to Terry Wagar after a couple attempts to prove Eric Carlson is a twin failed because someone was warning him that Terry Wagar was down there, Terry Wagar knew it would be easy to prove since they hide nothing from Walmart employees but it was impossible for Terry Wagar to prove it without help, so Terry Wagar got help!

This is the beginings of a very large murder conspiracy and several family members died within a three year period while Mrs Dash has fun with her antifreeze!

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