Cops Are Pedofying Innocent People For The Fun Of It And They Do It For Fun And Murder

Portland police officers and Multnomah county sheriff officers are openly discussing using Eric Carlson as a photo double and they admit they pedofying and pedofied innocent people using flyers and they laugh and brag about how pedofying people gets them killed off!
How many police departments use flyers over the USA? What are the statistics of deaths occurring shortly after police or county sheriffs issued flyers against them? How many people are behind prison walls after being pedofied by a police department or county sheriffs office? How many people will be able to get a retrial due to cops bragging about pedofying innocent people using body doubles and flyers? How long did Micheal Jackson live after he was pedofied without even having a trial?
How many officers are assigned to pedofying people using flyers and who gives the orders to pedofy someone using flyers?
How long have public schools helped the police and county sheriffs in pedofying innocent people using flyers?
How many police officers and county sheriffs officers have a history of pedofying people with flyers and what is the statistics on survival rates on people that have been pedofied?
Looks like their are some statistics cops don't bother keeping track of in relation to their active duties!

Eric Carlson the cop bragged to a female Multnomah county sheriffs officer that he pedofied me behind prison walls and then laughed saying "Terry's not going to survive this one!" and the female officer laughed and said "Can he walk on water!?" and this is after Eric Carlson and his lover Joan Wagar just got done printing hundreds of flyers blaming me for his crimes!

I never tried walking on water before but I sure know how to catch a bunch of ********* cops bragging! a couple days later the police put a audio death threat in my home and Eric Carlson's brother admitted on it "Were killing Terry we re-staked the whole town!" so I hope you are getting the point here, pedofying innocent people is a form of murder committed by law officers and they are caught on a audio recorder describing in great detail as how they do it and why they do it and how they get away with it!

Eric Carlson is a Portland police officer and he was having an affair with my wife Joan Wagar and she was actively helping the Police and county sheriffs in framing me for their crimes and they were HAVING FUN PEDOFYING ME FOR THEIR CRIMES! And yes cops do this to people for the fun of it! After all their is no one with a badge that will arrest a cop for wrongly pedofying an innocent person now is there!

Terry Wagar
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1 Response Jan 11, 2013

The Portland police and Multnomah county sheriffs are pedo's and they pay little children and photo doubles to make illegal photo's and they laugh and brag on audio death threats to people like me that stands up to them!
They sent me a video death threat in my youtube email account right after I contacted a youtuber about my situation!
The video link the cops sent to me is this.
SpiritAndMindAsOne sent you a video: "Surviving our Streets | London Real"
This was sent to me as a death threat, in the video three dudes are asking what I want in my epitaph!
I don't believe the makers of the video intended for it to be a death threat but the people in law enforcement that sent it to me intended it that way!
I got this death threat just three days ago on January 8th 2013.
When cops brag on death threats and my 911 calls are covered up and ignored then you know our country is corrupt, calling 911 does not get me help and calling 911 does not get cops arrested no matter what your local TV news stations say!