My House , Car Bugged And Being Stalked.

This has been going on many, many years. My personal life spread around all over the town, where ever I lived, specially the people i deal with daily. They really corner and isolate me. I am target of vicious gossip and slander. They video tap and listen every inch of my house. They put chip in me. They make noises in my body, while I watch TV, while I sleep with my wife, pray, read holly books, in the kitchen, car and outside, where ever I go. They hacked my computer, they know what I am reading, while I am writing this, they are doing the same nonsense. My wife does not believe me, all this have been happening then we get into arguments.
We have gas station and convenience store business, seems like everybody knows my personal life. When I say I need help to stop all this nonsense, they say ignore them, people are people, they won't stop.
I complaint many times to police and other law enforcement agencies, no help. They say go see your doctor.
I know, while I am writing this, I putting myself to more ridicule and humiliating position. The way I feel and believe, they do not posses any integrity, good character and respect themselves, which they cannot give to others. They should be ashammed for themselves. They tornment other persons lives, while watching and listening innocent and helpless people, while hiding themselves in a remote corner. I am really afraid of people. My house was robbed, my wife's purse was stolen and my contractor took my money. This injustice must be stopped . Please help me, how I can stop all this bugging and listening to my house.
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1 Response Sep 28, 2013

i am sorry your going through this. message me any time.