What Is This?

Someone knows everywhere I go and everything I do.  It is very weird and hard to explain.  I have people approach me in public and ask me strange things.  It often seems that people are trying to get close to me physically, and it is very offensive.  People that I know purposely tell me things that are untrue.  My friends act strange when I contact them, like someone I do not know, and I am unable to converse with them normally.   The last time I called my best friend, she treated me like a stranger and terminated the conversation after a few minutes.

I feel isolated because of these things and have no one to turn to.  It has caused me to become completely withdrawn and introspective.   

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Wikipedia>Unethical Human Experimentation in the United States<br />
Youtube>The History Channel>That's Impossible: Mind Control, Parts 1 - 5<br />
YouTube>Mission Mind Control (1979)<br />
Youtube>The Missing Secrets of Nikola Tesla<br />
www.areyoutargeted.com<br />
www.mediamatrix.org<br />
<br />
This happened to me starting at least 3 years ago. I am trying to rebuild the career that I dismantled in response to the psychological trickery (psyops). You are probably a fellow nonconsensual test subject of likely govt. experimentation with neurotechnology. <br />
<br />
Sadly, most of the public is ignorant to the pathetic history of unethical human experimentation in America. Most folks are not sociopaths, and so can't fathom our own govt. and military harnessing people without a conscience as useful tools in military and corrupt scientific experimentation. <br />
<br />
The history of the CIA and MKUltra that was too-briefly exposed in the Church Committee Congressional hearings of 1975 revealed much about this (and more shocking things about our govt.!). In our own time, the apology of Sec'y of State Clinton to the innocents in Guatemala, and the recent public comments by targeted individuals (the "tin foil hat people") in the Mar/May 2011 Bioethics Commission meetings are recent evidence of this evil.

Furthermore, once that I learned how people can be remotely manipulated with this technology, I understood that my friends, loved ones and most strangers were not "in on it" and were only unwittingly responding to evoked signals. That knowledge, knowing "the punchline" so to speak, made all the difference in my inner peace about the harassment. Hope you have not suffered irreparable loss in these last two years. God bless you and all like you.

To control something, you have to watch it!! <br />
Could a small group of people want to control a larger group of people.<br />
Doesn't really matter what the motivations are!! <br />
The "Why" is unimportant.<br />
Possible, just the "control" is the ob<x>jective!!

Could you be just fine!!! Maybe you need to find a hobby you really like!! Get more independent!!<br />
Friends aren't necessary!! <br />
Kids raised alone with no mom at home to talk with after a difficult day at school are not going to turn into nice people!!<br />
Do you party, no, then not part of the immoral part of american society!! You will be bugged, if you know what I mean!!

I believe you. If the rest of the commenters would read www.gangstalkingworld.com, wait till they<br />
have something these scum want, it's going rampant.

Oh dear its hard to comment on this, especially if it is what it sounds like. From personal experience you sound ALOT like me a month before I had my breakdown and was diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia. Although seeing your age it seems like an awfully late onset. The problem being is that if it is that, you are just going to think I am "one of them", so if by me commenting it causes you additional pain I am truly sorry. Please do yourself a favor and read up on it, both some stories on here and online medical sites. <br />
<br />
The only other thing I noticed is that you are part of a group "I need some legal help", does this have anything to do with the onset of the paranoia? If so than that is probably all it is and I guess all I can say at that point is good luck!

sounds like a case of paranoia!, has anyone said this to you? who is witretrapping your house and who has bugged it?

you might need to talk to a medical professional about this.