Minus the Bugging

He has not learned to tap my house lines yet, but I'm waiting for it.

While he and I were dating,  he slowly penetrated my life and tore it apart. Those who were so close to me started to hate me, so I only had him. Then, I didn't have anyone, because I refused to rely on him. He got my house key, and my security code and would break into my house while no one was home. He would go through my things, read my journal entries, hack into my computer. He had the friends that I used to have spy on me and report back to him.

He finally moved, but it didn't stop. Finding me on internet pages, and hacking into my accounts. Calling me all the time and having people tell him what I was up to. There is no peace.

I finally got him to stop showing up unexpectedly at my home and work, and I have cut out everyone that we both knew and found myself starting my life all over again from scratch. All my passwords have changed and I found websites he doesn't occupy and will have a harder time finding me in. The security codes have changed (but not the locks, yet. Instead I have a dog that wouldn't mind ripping him to shreds).

In the back of my mind, he is always there. He moved closer to me recently, so in my head it is only a matter of time till it all starts again. It won't stop untill I move and leave to trace behind me.

The worst part of it is, my fear is not enough to go to the police with. Especially because he's been laying low lately. I have no proof.

So I wait.

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Its been a few years for me now, I moved far away, I did the whole police thing, he was charged, he also was released, on bail, which he broke several times, He has a new girlfriend now, but I know that one day it will start up again, I now want to face him, I now feel strong enough to deal with it and just get it over, cuz this is no life for me. Living in fear can cripple you, it can turn you to drugs and booze, it can make you feel crazy. I think the only peace I will ever have is to confront the SOB with alot of TALENTED people around me.

Thank you. These tips will be helpful, I know.

Oh you must be terrified. <br />
Steps To Proect Yourself From A Stalker<br />
<br />
To begin with, if you feel that you are being stalked, take the situation seriously! Don't ignore the person's behavior and assume that it will go away over time - chances are it won't! Here are a few things that you can do to protect yourself:<br />
<br />
* Consider obtaining a restraining order.<br />
* File police reports for harassment and save them.<br />
* Destroy all personal paperwork or buy a shredder. Some stalkers have been known to go through their victim's garbage to secure personal information.<br />
* Keep a daily diary of harassing behaviors. This may prove useful should you have to go to court.<br />
* Tell your friends, co-workers and supervisors of your situation so that they are aware of the threat. You may also want to advise human resources.<br />
* Change your telephone number and get a caller ID Box.<br />
<br />
Good Luck!