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Invasion of My Privacy

I am being stalked by either private investigators or rogue lawenforcement. I am single, work part-time and go to college. I am changing my career late in life to become a nurse. But for the last year I have become aware that people are following me and that my house is being surveilled by strangers. I have also started to notice in the last 4 months that my house has somehow been infiltrated and someone is monitoring my phonecalls and things that I have said only in the privacy of my home with my mother, have been repeated...I overheard various people on my job and at my school repeat what I say in my house...and just in the last 2 months I became aware that someone can see what I am doing in my house!!!!!! I know this because there a few individuals who have said things to me or I overheard them discussing things about me ( about me and what is in my house). I am freaking out about this and I know that many people that I work with are aware of it but will not tell me what is going on...I need to know if this has happened to anyone else.
onlyhuman onlyhuman 36-40, F 63 Responses Sep 16, 2006

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Yes - it's currently happening to me as well and it's really frustrating. I'm not sure why as I am a law abiding, respectful muslim, South African born, Australian Citizen and I have nNever done anything wrong in my whole life. It's like they are waiting or rather "forcing" me to do something wrong. I know my rights and can make a massive lawsuit however the ramifications this will cause "internationally" is not worth the fight. I will let you know what eventuates in 2 to 3 months - I'm sure it will all blow over by then........

yes just relax while they plan the next thing. just wait until the *** holes around you finish all their lies about you and their classes in how to harm discredit sex crime victims. just let them graduate from tech school, while you have been denied education, contacts with family or friends and your entire life thus far. but do not react. the scum bag next door has something going on.

If you are being stalked my Australian friend it will not blow over, and it can't be an international problem unless you are here illegally, if you are on a passport your fine and if you are a citizen you have rights. But I assure it will not blow over. As long as you do not do the wrong you are fine, stay strong and do right, keep your eyes and ears alert. P.S welcome to America -- I hope it will get better we are not all criminals.

i am harassed because i am a sex crime victim of federal agents. i have only ever lived in america all my life and i was born here.

iam debraannsena 49th district congresmans real daughter . iam too going through the exact situation as you bare. my input is to tell you its electronic harassement survelliance. i recognize who is doing this to me, over biological fathers money that was left for me. my advise is to tape these people and turn them into the fbi or cia or a criminal lawyer. the poice wont be of any help,it messes with your head . they gave me headaches and it makes you gain/and loose weight. these people dont care they put on a rash on me. iam being harassed 24/7 . if you tape them and recognize their voics you caught them. these people may very well be your old friends and family,so be careful. dont give them any info to work with.

The same exact thing is happening to me as well Word for Word... I dnt understand it... I never heard of Rouge police...? What are they and why would they be after us? Why does Anyone Care to bombard our lies? Im just confused... ;( angry at times because ono one will give me Answers... What can i do to find out WHERE my car is bugged ? WHERE the cameras are ib ny room ghous... Ect .. nothing horrible has happened to me... I mean like nothing deadly... Although I.feel as though i am sometimes being poisoned and I have had weird stuff happen and just alot of it doesnt make sense... I try to think of why sometimes and I cant really find a reason .. only reasons I could thnk of is a psycho ex I had years ago but then again I.have a few psycho exs ;(

it happens to young pretty females. woman are jealous and want to see a pretty girl be alone and have her life ruined, men want to watch you have sex, see your every privite moment, and be allowed to rape you. i have heard men say they would rather stalk a pretty girl than be around one. so those could be some reasons why your life is being ruined.

My ex happens to be a Bounty hunter and His friends don't care for me. I think they use facebook to find out where I'm out 24/7. They have been profiling me to
dig deep in my passed and and cyber bulling me. He as well tells me private things I only discuse in my home to my mother and god. He has all my friend wearing there hair and make up like me all the way down to the shoes and even having girls cut there long beautiful hair so it looks like mine in my drivers id. They keep messing with my head 1 day he will know I think hes doing identity theift she he will put a photo of a girl on fb that looks like me and ask like some girl from mexico is using it. Just to mess with my head. I don't eat sleep and my once pretty self I can shoer brush my hair teeth. Stress is a understatement. Sorry about my spelling. P/s I found a photo with my face doing a lude act in my home and it wasn't me and hes never been in this house its my new boy friend house. I will take any advice as well

they fund people to take classes in what will help the group commit more theft. you got to break away from the fake people. they all hate each other and only can seem to get along when they are hurting someone.

Thats so weird , something similar has been happening to me .The reason I figured this all out was because I over heard these two middle aged women at the grocery store who Ive never met talking about me and said that there were rumors going around about me and they have to make up rumors as well. After that scenario Ive over heard made up stories about my family and I . When I go out there are people that will receive text messages about me with false stories about me. But then there are other times where people will repeat the same stuff I have said in a conversation with a friend or family member in the privacy of my own home and vehicle. I have a crazy ex boyfriend that I am suspicious it is him. Because after I broke up with him these events have been happening. I have notified the cops and they said they cant do anything about it, unless I put a restraining order against my ex. It's so creepy and weird, why would this be happening to me? It's getting to the point where I dont even want to speak or go out any more. I wish it would all stop. I am in my 20's I have so many good things going for me and I dont want anybody ruining my perfectly good reputation. What should I do ?

i heard there were a bunch of older woman making up rumors about me and photoshoping pictures of me for various websites and stuff. i asked why and all anyone would tell me was they were really jealous of me and i was all they talked about so much it was annoying. later i found out it was about guys that use to rape me when i was a kid. and me surviving a murder attempt after one of those times.

I notice too that this is a very old post, over 6 years...

Yes onlyhuman, it has, there are several of us. If I'm not mistaken the majority are women and very few if any males.

Hi , omg... Something similar is happening to me just that my kids father and his brother and neighbors ! I can't stand it no more

Yes it seems to be happening to a lot of people. It's a form a pychological attack to, it would seem manufactured to break you down.

I can relate to alot of what you and PleaseSomebodyAnybodyHelpMe are saying. Stalked everywhere outside and spied upon at home. It's bad enough having no privicy and being watched in your own house but when you can hear people next door commenting (often critically) on it seems, everything you do, its hell.

I've often wondered why they are so critical? I've been criticed for the way I'm sitting on the sofa, eating, dressing, getting in and out of the bath, almost everything. I guess the character assassination that often goes with this gives them thier justification to hate you. Then they just sit there watching thier neighbour for entertainment.

I've tried recording them with a Xoom recorder with some success, and when they've seen me doing this they've become enraged... Yet its ok for them to watch me. No doubt they are frightened of becomming implicated in some way.

The Xoom also shuts them up, so I dont have to hear their hateful comments and gossip all the time... and if they do make them I can record them so its win win.

Having said all that you do get used to it after a while. You'll get to the point where you dont care what they say or think. No matter what they've been told, what kind of person would violate thier neighbour like that anyway? No matter how they make you feel, they are in the wrong both legally and morally for doing this ... and they know it.

This same thing has been happening to me as well. Neighbor want their privacy but yet if I look out my window or take the dog out I'm told I'm horrible and you should hear the names and the criticisms that I get and like you said it's all because they hate you and mostly because they are miserable people.

it is exposed to targets. but this tech is used on everyone.

All gov agents use their spy wear to make money on the side. Alot of them "moon lite" as P.I.s or pimps or bouncers or just to spy on teenage girls having their first time.

Often the men use fake pics on the internet and pretend to be female. The woman use good looking mens pictures and pretend to be men. So use a dating service? The man that shows up is not the person who spent days weeks or months calling you.

Yes!!! And using voice over apps they can sound like any one. They switch out your phone with a look alike. They do this with many things. So you ever you call will be one of them. Your Mom has not really heard from you sice who knows when. I have even had look a like ppl when its been a family member I have not seen in a long time.

Cops always get apartments around their target they rent apartments above and or below and alongside their targets apartment!
TV and movies want people to think only two cops investigate someone, that's a lot of crap, cops always surround their target so they can control the area so that they can better frame or murder off their target.
No matter what happens the cops have you surrounded and it's their word or yours, and of course the cops are prepared to lie and frame and plant evidence or they will toy with their target to torture and drive the target into taking extreme actions, all of which the cops would just get on video so they don't care.
Cops kill innocent people on the streets all the time and don't stand trial for it because the whole system is corrupt.
There are many people that are friends or relatives to cops and many of them get recruited into targeting someone especially if the target happens to be in their neighborhood.
Charge a cop with a felony and watch nothing happen! complain to cops your being stalked and watch nothing happen! why? because the cops are either the ones doing it or they gave their permission to others to do it.
Cops want their target to know their is no one they can turn to, they want their target to do something about it, and of course when people act in self defense the cops pull out their guns and shoot the person, and the cop never stands trial!
Cops are vindictive "Put meanest word you can imagine here!" and they enjoy battering people, framing people, stalking people, killing people, and generally ganging up on people, they don't care if people know, they don't stand trial in criminal court rooms, at best you can get them in a civil court, but prosecutors and police are bro's and cover each others butts no matter what happens.
Our society has been this way forever, most people don't know about it but hear about how so and so in such and such neighborhood or town is a bad guy, and we all know how those type of rumors run wild.
Have you ever said something bad about someone because you heard about something that someone else told you about? have you in turn told another person afterwords?
This is how people get targeted, someone with the blessings of local law enforcement has it out for someone and they are free to do whatever they want knowing no cop will arrest them.
Nazi Germany government encouraged it's citizens to rat on one another during WW2 and neighbors in Germany turned on one another all the time, people feared talking to people or angering people because they feared they would send the Nazi SS at them and they would be taken and disappeared.
People in Nazi Germany knew it's government was targeting it's citizens and many people that favored the Nazi party would spy on their neighbors, it was a nightmare for decent people to be surrounded by Nazi sympathizers that turned on it's own neighbors just so they could get in good with the Nazi's.
Nazi Germany was a admitted socialist country, but in reality it was a fascist country, a police state.
In many ways are own USA has become fascist and cops are flaunting it on our streets by killing unarmed citizens and not standing trial for it, a sure sign of fascism.
Many people that are targeted/gang-stalked are labeled crazy by police and hospitals and government refuses to acknowledge victims complaints.
Jews in Nazi Germany did not get help from their government either but we all know because of Germany that governments can and do go bad! and in big ways!
I am sure if any Jew in Nazi Germany during WW2 complained to their government I am sure they were also ignored and labeled mentally ill on Nazi paperwork!

Things like this really make me mad at the people who are doing this to you. I have encountered this too from a next door neighbor (wife+husband), but in my case, I can hear the bastard just plonk himself near the edge of the wall that connects both of our bedrooms, and I can hear him listening to my sleeping/breathing patterns. I can hear the floor under him creak with every slight move he makes. It's almost as if the floor is going to cave under him and he is just going to fall straight through it and hit his head so hard on the ground that he suffers from a major concussion, maybe just maybe that will give him more reason to stay at home and spy on me. I mean c'mon. Those fools they think they can't be heard when the ventilation system, and the refrigerator system comes on. They monitor my every move. It's so frustratingly annoying. They spy on me constantly. This has occurred to me too many times for it to be solely due to chance alone. I have observed this on a daily basis. When I awake from a good night's rest they are always there listening and gossiping about me. The slightest turns I make in my bed. I can hear them say what's happening? They really don't seem to have a life. Their whole world revolves around spying on me 24/7 as soon as I get back home from a long day's worth of hard work. I mean I don't even have the time to relax. I can't even have normal conversations with members of my own family because they are right there listening to every word I say. One time I was having a usual conversation with my mother, and I heard the bastard say "damn" right after my mom uttered her age. I can hear them constantly gossiping, and laughing at 2am in the morning. It seems to never end. Every time I say something, I can hear his wife go "huh?? as in what did she say??" They monitor everything I say, and do. Even as I type this out, I heard her ask that idiotic husband of hers "damn" what is she typing?? They also try to instigate me in more ways than one. Their method of checking up on me when I am asleep in bed is knocking on my wall to see if I cough, or make a turn. I am so sickened to my stomach. Life is really hell right now. It doesn't seem to get any better. I hate it so much. I can't move, I don't have the means to move. It really is just not fair. Please somebody anybody help me. I have prayed daily for relief from this insanity. It really doesn't seem to get any better.

I have someone listening to my conversation and do not know what to do to get rid of this neighbour, I am an unemployed CGA and looking for work but she hacks into my computer also.

I have the same problem. Only it's not the police that's stalking me. Its 4 ladies I met at church. Of All places! Can you believe that I met them all at CHURCH!!! Anyway, they crashed my computers on Christmas day. They listen in on my cell phone... EVEN when it's off!!! I have to take the battery out of it just to make sure they're not listening. They messed with my email accounts and they still spoof my phones. It doesn't matter how many times I change phones or phone providers... they have all of my contacts numbers too and all I have to do is call one of my contacts and these very mentally ill ladies have my number again! They have tapped into my land line as well. I have gone to the police and they don't do anything. They tell me there is nothing they can do. I have noticed people following me lately. This is getting a little crazy. I can't believe the police won't help me. It really blows my mind. I thought the law was there to protect??? Anyway, I'm sorry that you all are going through this but I am relieved to see that I'm not the only one this sort of thing is happening to.

Cops or county sheriffs are to blame, they do this to people all the time, they would describe their activity's as "An Investigation." but like I said many many times over the internet they TARGET people, Not INVESTIGATE people, and they don't care if anyone knows it either!
Most private investigators were cops before they became private investigators which is why it's a waste of time hiring private investigators to find out who the stalkers are, because they will just lie to cover their "Bro's" butts!
When cops/county sheriffs TARGET/investigate someone they love to include the neighbors into it by destroying their targets reputation by asking neighbors about you, you can JUST IMAGINE THE RUMORS NEIGHBORS WILL BE SAYING ABOUT YOU AFTER THAT! and then the cops/county sheriffs sit around while your neighbors spreads the rumor!
That's how cops/county sheriffs get others to spy/stalk people, and they do it thinking their helping the cops/county sheriffs to catch a "Bad Guy!".
One cop, just one cop, going door to door in your neighborhood asking questions about you will turn hundreds of people against you, behind your back, and none of them will tell you about it, because they think it will get them in trouble if they tell you cops are investigating you, not to mention they will fear their neighbors will turn on them.

It may be just your imagination. But to be sure, google: organized-gang stalking. There are many articles on this kind of 'UNLAWFUL' surveillance. I hope it's not this, because then you, and your love-ones may be in for a very rough ride. Try to be very careful not to let anyone lead you into any unnecessary confrontations, at least until you know what the hell is going on...P.S. Good Luck!

I'm going through it too. I have phoned the police so many times that they seem to be getting fed up! I'm on sleeping tablets and i am a nervous wreck.. I have cars creeping round me and parking on the other side of the road. Flashing their lights. I'm fed up.

Im goin through it now since I moved into wadena mn. It sucks but I know im a good person stronger then that. I know why they stalk me. There paid to mess with me.

I can sympathize with many on here. I acquired a very bad foot injury on property insured by Travelers Insurance. Ever since, I have dealt with Gangstalking harrassment. Bugging, 24/7 surveillance, etc. is what I've seen too. It needs to be stopped. People need to stand up and say no more.

Google this news story and scroll down to the bottem of the page and you will find a link to a video of my wife and her lovers in law enforcement gang-stalking me outside my apartment.
"The Doubleclick and Mrs Dash real-life Walmart Serial Killers"
I would post a link on here if I could but EP does not allow posting links.
My wife and her lovers were outside my apartment at 5:45 am and they were armed with guns and camcorders and my wife was recording on her cellphone.
I caught them hiding on the stairs next to my door, I was sitting in my apartment on my couch when my wife's lover and then her stepped in front of my door, both left hoping I would get mad and chase after them.
They were going to shoot me and record it and I did not realize it until after I viewed the video.
The two dudes on the video are police officer's in plain cloths.

The Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff's in Oregon are gang-stalkers and they commit their crimes under the pretense of an investigation.
They battered me in January 2005 without charging me with anything and me and my family was gang-stalked by them and they acquired apartments around ours by gaining our apartment managers help in getting apartments around ours, by pretending an investigation.

After these cops spent a month destroying my reputation BEHIND MY BACK, they decided to try and recruit my wife into it, they approached my wife in early March 2005 and they wined and dined her and bought her expensive gifts using tax dollars to pay for everything and in my wife's gratitude towards them she started lying FOR THEM and she began having an affair with a couple of them.

By mid April 2005 my wife turned my whole family against me and when I discovered their murder conspiracy my wife started poisoning me, with her lovers in law enforcements consent.

I was a regular plasma donor at the time I donated plasma twice a week, so my wife became a serial killer when she started poisoning me with antifreeze in my coffee cup.

Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff's target people for sport, they do this to people for the FUN OF IT, and they don't care if they get caught because NO ONE WITH A BADGE CARES WHEN COPS ARE THE ONES DOING THE CRIMES.

I just described their motives and opportunity's yet no one cares, law agency's ignore any and all FELONY COMPLAINTS AGAINST COPS AND THEY IGNORE VICTIMS COMPLAINTS.

My wife's lover the cop nicknamed my wife Mrs Dash and he called her by that nickname in love letters.
Three of my family members died during Mrs Dash use of antifreeze as poison and POLICE PRETEND NOTHINGS WRONG!

An "Investigation" means (Multiple people in law enforcement is targeting someone.
And "Gang-Stalking" means (Multiple people in law enforcement is targeting some one.

Thousands of Badge carriers called law enforcement MAKE A LIVING SPYING ON PEOPLE all the time and they have a name for it they call it an investigation.
They are PAID by our government to target you, me, and anyone else that draws their interests.
Now what happens when cops themselves, acting under cover, commit crimes such as breaking into peoples homes to plant evidence or to bug someones home.
Nothing happens, why? because if you report it you are reporting it to the ones that did it to you, so they will ignore your complaint.
Since when do cops admit to their target THEY have them under video and audio surveillance, think about that, they will NEVER admit they are spying on you, why? because for them to admit to that is to admit they are guilty of crimes.


Report to the police these crimes and they will do nothing about it because they are the ones doing it and they don't care if their targets know it, under cover police officer's love to troll their targets and make their lives miserable because the under cover cops know THEY WILL NOT BE ARRESTED FOR ANYTHING NO MATTER HOW HARD THEIR TARGETS COMPLAIN.

The more their targets complain the bigger thrill the under cover cops get from their crimes, they want to destroy their targets lives by interfering with it and their is a never ending "Bro" system of their buddy's helping them to destroy their targets.

If cops are spying on you or anyone else in their homes then you need to understand that it is a precursor for larger crimes such as murder.

Spying on people is a covert crime, well so is poisonings, and since the under cover cops committed several crimes to bug people covertly then it is not much of a stretch for under cover cops to start poisoning peoples foods in the kitchen, they already have regular access to their targets homes now don't they.

Nieghboes have all been spoken to and we all have agreed:If anything happens to anyone of unknown circumsatnces we will all letting the cops know the leading stories and evidence and possible reasons or people involved!Also some neighboring amsih will add in some stories they had happen too! You bet.... I don't leave no stone unturned!

I have taken self defense class and police type class as of the happens to learn ways to defend myself because or the certain person 's threatening actions.., if it comes to that and a law officer also told me to do this on case court situation would be called upon for evidence! I thank him very much as I depend on our police as fightesr to our saftey! God bless them all!

Oh and complain about abuse to our rights to our safety to live in the same area without being under such dangerous abusive activity! It is abuse and I will force that issue also!

I am watching my stuff and property now and if anything is out of place, missing ect...I am going to start a hell raising with the state about this activity. I will contact every law type of help and County, State, Reps..State, Distsrict Atourney...and get the news out and even news papers and where ever I can for help to stop this CRIMINAL activity! The cops/lawyere/ attourney ect.. would not take this from thier neighbors, So why should we... RIGHT?I think we could sue them or start some type of legal action or force the issue even if it means to get in trouble! I am doing investageting ..we can also demand a stop stalking/ Harrassment /Terrorism or a "Cease and Desist Law with the help of the local police...Which means s to stop what is going on and if it keeps happening they could end up in j and court....ect! I will just dig for every law I can pick on to fight the issue at hand! They won't hear the end of it!

I also have kept a record and posted incidents on calenders of the happenings for the last two 1/2 years since all this stuff happened..and it is a deffenet pattern!It is deffenet planned situation..I am not crazy and I don't do drugs!Cops have been spoken with, but they can't do much at the time...You think that is crazy... I have nieghbors who told me about the same people doing stuff to them also, even worse! and they tear the roads up with thier vehicles and shoot at homes and have also at people and road signs...So, No one can say I lie because I have other witnesses to these people and the stuff they have done!It's crimal and they get away with it..Hopefully someone has taken heed before someone gets shot or killed or other happens! HOPEFULLY!

After calling cops on a few who had threaten everyone in our niegborhood and harassing with a loud muffler 4-wheeler and scooter, Things started happening...I see the same cars when I go anywhere..the nieghbors kids (Boys) seem to be behind me when ever I come home from work at anytime, any hour of the night returning from work..they drive by 15 minutes after I go into the they know I am not driving and out of my car...Tells me the car is deffenetly bugged I have it on video also!!! and they don't have a job near my work place and at night. My house has been broke in, dogs poisoned (I believe!) by how they went down and different nieghbor also called the cops because they did the same thing to them..her horse went down the same time my dogs did! My home broke into...and who ever.. left the door open a crack the second time, my car has been broken into, stuff missing like tapes ect,,,My phone seems to have people talking at times and sounds like breathing when I pick it up!We are not on a party line!!...My TV goes on by itself.. NO KIDDING, so I know someone is hacking into my television freaquenzies ..A fake cop car is following me and it's one of those nighbors boys friend from down the road, But this I can't put my finger on!Numerous other Lots of noise and passing by our house and entering our driveway when we are sleeping..I caught then do this numerous times...I think they rae also doing criminal activity like drugs or burgalary...and I have some proof because I did some investigating and talked with other they have a background that is out rages, the cops gave me the web site to find the information, but now you have to pay it's not free anymore!
I guess if they want to waste their hard earned mob money and time on me I call that pay back as ot is really dumb wasting thier time on me!And people know about the threats of hireing someone to get me as a freind told me, infact the town they bragged about doing it told me...So if I go missing the cops will have a whole town and lots of people to get evidence and a trail to folow also....I will make sure they do!I also feel that heart drugs or bottle bomb chemical where used to kill my dogs as the one boy made many bottle bombs and was blowing them up in the feild next to our home right at the time my dogs and the horse went down..they threatened!It's been a little quieter here ..But everyone is always on the edge because we all wonder what next these people will pull..It's all pointed toawrd a few who think they run the neighborhood..they don't even want people to take walks a freind was stalked by them and she won't even come down our road anymore, becayse I feel they might see something criminal of such ect!! Just plain terrorism and bulloney!So don't feel bad.... Hang in there! We need to contact our state reps and law enforcement and plead with them to update the laws and enforce this type of activity! Bring these people to jail and put them behind bars!

In January 2005 I was battered by the Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s.
I was not charged with anything but they did arrest two of my daughters and demanded that our family sign waivers saying police did nothing wrong before we could get our daughters released.
A month and a half later police were wining and dining my wife at restaurants and buyer her expensive gifts and in her gratitude she started lying for them and she started an affair with at least one of those cops.
By April 2005 my wife turned our daughters against me they helped my wife to hide her affair with a cop.
Those cops and county sheriff’s had our apartment under video and audio surveillance within our home and my wife was sleeping around with them and our daughters were hiding this from me.
In May 2005 my wife started poisoning me and police made sure I could not get help from a hospital, and the officer that was sleeping with my wife was calling my wife by the nickname Mrs Dash in love letters he wrote to her.
Police had the apartment below ours at the time so the apartment managers knew police were renting the apartment below ours and my wife was sleepi8ng with them.
Guess what no one wanted me to know about any of this, our apartment manager gave those cops copy’s of our apartment key thus giving them an easy way to bug our apartment.
Under the pretense of an”investigation” my wife and her lovers in law enforcement were having fun illegally recording me in my own home and they were poisoning my coffee pot.
Those officer’s gained regular access to our apartment by pretending to be maintenance men doing inspections and the apartment managers helped them by saying their maintenance men.

im in the same situation and know how you feel. Dont give up,your right & they know it. its wrong,controling and selfish, especially when your in an almost immpossible situation to try to explain this to anyone without seeming your going mad. They've made it this way making it that they care or have reason for it, inwhich if they have, its only the reasons you've gave them through your own rebellion (perfectly normal response) . Dont give up & you will get use to it and do something about it (without them knowing) and you'll win. THEY ARE WRONG....take care & be have a wise approach....