This Is the Story of My Life!!

Ok this is a very extremely brief summary I'll go in detail about stuff by people's request I just want to warn you, this is real!!

It sounds like a novel, but believe it or not, those secret societies that nobody knows about, they are for real! I was approach one time by one girl claiming she had powers, and guess what? she indeed gave me proof of the powers like mind reading, thought broadcasting, astral projection, some kind of hypnosis, and some other magical stuff. she was the most enchanting charistmatic person, but on the inside she was evil (as I later found out) anyways, she explained me how this was a very secret society that works as a pyramid were one person manages a couple and each one of them other couple, the top of the chain is a demon... anyways I refused to participate and she started to do witchcraft on me as I became sick, numb, disoriented, and with this urge of being with her, went to church, they help me a little, at nights couldnt sleep, noises, sounds, shadows.... some of my friends joined, and they became my enemies, and their personalities totally changed...  

It's been 4 years now, I have grown spiritually and I am still fighting... but they keep bothering me even though I left the country for my sake.... Trust me if you are not on God's sides, this people will get you.... I will give orientation to anybody going throguh weird stuff that nobody understands!!!

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prayFor 10 yrs n know they devide n concor. finally i have proof, i have been drugged n violently attacked n 6hrs lost time/memory also. i am being set up. my end is meant to be soon, but angels exist n i take comfort knowing. am writing a book called soul n sabitage. The trueth will be exposed even if they put me in that hole. All help would be a god sent.

Heres the deal on the secret societies. I have come from a generational satanic family that has been traced to Skull and Bones secret society. This IS REAL. Stay strong in the light of Jesus Christ and fight the good fight everyday.I was contacted through a private investigator. Only he really wasnt a private investigator. He is working for them.If possible try to get the geneology of your tree done to see any clues to where it originated from. Whatever you do-do NOT look into the eyes of the bad people. They are hypnotic. Do not give into them either. If you find one of them in your life-tell them to go to hell. I did and they keep trying to contact me. Ignore all attempts to have contact. The urge to tell people about your experience is overwhelming as this is such a shock to normal people(sheeple) Be careful who you tell as they also try to play you off like you are crazy. You know you are not crazy because it is in the Bible. I find it ironic that those who profess to believe in God deny that the devil will try to take your soul in reality. It's ok for them to say they believe in the Bible but until they lived what we are going through -they cannot understand it is real. Their immediate thought is"they must be crazy". Therefore they are not as in tune with God as they think they are. If they were then they would realize and aknowledge the fact that the devil does exist and is actively soul harvesting as we speak. We ARE in the end times.

Just an update to confirm the working in couples mentioned in the original post. While occasionally they work in isolation, there does seem to be some kind of couple activity, their predominant demographic being white and 20-something - that is to say, white, middle-class boy and girl that tend to dress down, casual, a bit scruffy for the guy (rocker type) and loner/weirdo clothes on the girl.

I'm glad to read about your experience and the pyramid scheme thing.<br />
<br />
Basically, there's a group of them that stalks me here in town. For some reason they believe that I'm supposed to serve them and their judgments. Hence if they were to say I'm hungry to others in my presence, they'd expect me to go get some food. Apparently I'm causing all sorts of problems for them since, you know, I think they're fruit-loops and don't really care what they say.<br />
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It is apparent that they do consort with demons and therefore can do things like throw their voice (though they themselves may not know that they're doing it).<br />
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While I am being stalked by a group, two of their numbers are using an adjoining apartment in my apartment complex to tunnel in-between the floors of my apartment and harass me basically all day and night! They're totally obsessed and have been doing this for two years. They've become quite sick of being in there so much as I overhear them talk to one another and say they want to leave.<br />
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Its really wild but if you keep persevering under their persecution, you'll become really strong! Its actually kind of cool.

I seriously need to talk to you, I am driving crazy I am having a similar experience and no one I know relates to it please help me do you have an email

actually i can't have children anyway. thanks for reminding me<br />
if you think this way you clearly know nothing about dragons or other nonhuman higher beings.<br />
i will never do anything in a church except attnd a family funeral, i am very much agaisnt the concept of churches<br />
*pets nick on the head* there there, you'll grow up some day, maybe, hopefully

Alright, sounds good, prove this to me. <br />
That's very sad that your mate is a dragon. You will not be able to have children. Of course, he must not be too thrilled that he can't take you anywhere during the day. And I guess you're going to have to get married in a courtroom and not a church.<br />
Also, it must be hard to be intimate with something that is huge, scaly, and breathes fire.<br />
I believe that you think you know more than most people.

of course buffy was made up, it was rediuculous and contained no actual vampiric characters, it was pure fantasy.<br />
but magic is real, and i am a vampire, my mate is a dragon. You may not think i know as much as mr. hawking, but i do know more than most people. I have documents to prove this.

I'm sure Angela, but by that logic the other existence that 'god' came from had to have also been created. And then you have an endless infinity of creations with no start. A real chicken and the egg scenario.<br />
Another thing to consider is that very linear logic is theoretically created by 'god'. So, God is kind of a self-justifying concept. Since, we have to realize that there is no way we can possibly understand the universe. For example, Stephen Hawkins seems to think he has a pretty good idea of it, and none of us know marginally as much as him. Therefore, how can we hope to EVER be able to understand all the workings of the universe. How can one person know enough.<br />
Therefore it seems less silly to say that God created himself as well as everything else.<br />
It is also generally accepted that science may have all the answers. Technically science is just empirical data. So if demons really did exist, science would acknowledge them. And if it doesn't there is a religious and spiritual aspect to dwell upon.<br />
Something that isn't science is anything that has no concrete proof of its existence. Almost the definition of faith right there.<br />
<br />
One last thing, DEMONS, MAGIC, VAMPIRES, DRAGONS AND MANY OTHER THINGS are fantasized creations that work well in fairy tales and manga, but otherwise are completely fictitious. Buffy the Vampire Sla<x>yer is one of my favorite shows of all time, but it's clearly all made up, the writers know it, the actors know, and the creators know it.

science doesn't have all the answers. neither does religion. and no god created everything. any being that may have created nthis existance, came from another existance where it was created

Honestly....Angela, you believe in magic and demons, but you don't believe in God? It is kind of silly for anyone to think THAT. Science might have all the answers. If the technical version of God is correct, he created science. Why would he create a faulty system?

Honestly....Angela, you believe in magic and demons, but you don't believe in God? It is kind of silly for anyone to think THAT. Science might have all the answers. If the technical version of God is correct, he created science. Why would he create a faulty system?

demons aren't all evil and god is not going to save you, he's not there. but magic and the spiritual, those are very much real. science doesn't have all the answers and it actually kind of silly for anyone to thinkit does.

I'd like to know more about spiritual warfare. Do you have any more information about spiritual warfare? Its hard to find any, I know you can order it from the vatican library online, but I do not understand italian!

I believe you about the people in the secret societies and I believe you had the experiences you said you did.<br />
<br />
However, I'm suspect they tricked you with conjuring tricks and/or drugs and hypnosis. <br />
<br />
I feel certain that there is no such thing as magic or demons and I'm not convinced about God (although I appreciate the teachings of some religions).<br />
<br />
I spent 4 years as part of a psychic group and believed implicitly in the spirit world. I gave tarot readings and did psychometry and my clients believed in my readings. <br />
<br />
I believed in what I was doing at the time. But we were all deluding ourselves.<br />
<br />
I started evaluating and testing to prove that what we were doing was real. I could not prove that supernatural activity was taking place - even though everyone else was convinced. <br />
<br />
Nobody else in the group cared about proving the existance of the spirit world - they felt that lack of proof just showed that the spirits were smarter than us and not prepared to play along! <br />
<br />
The simpler explanation (and therefore the most likely) is that there were no spirits.<br />
<br />
There is a real shortage of educated scientists who believe strongly in the paranormal. I wonder why?

Just in general terms, you describe a very frightening reality. I am afraid for you and your friends. Without knowing what country you came from or went to, I'm not sure about the environment this happened in. Remain vigilant (and it sounds like you are), and keep your friends close to you. And we all should pray for your protection. God Bless you.