3 Years Now, All The Legal Paperwork In The World Wont Stop A Psycho

My husbands ex has been stalking us for 3 years now. She has done so many awful things to me and our children. We have the no contact order and have reported alot of the nonsense to no avail. The police will no longer enforce our court orders. They do not have the manpower to attend to her mental health needs on a daily basis. I no longer bother to call them. We have had to spend a ton of money on surveillance equipment just to stop the daily vandalism to our vehicles, home, and office. Our insurance threatened to drop us if we didnt. She has broken into our home on more than one occasion, our vehicles, we have found her in the bushes around our home several times, shot birdshot in the air to rain down on our 2 children while in our yard. I could go on and on and on. Some of it is so crazy and still nothing is done to solve the problem. I am at my wits end with this mess and quite frankly considering leaving my husband over it.  I want my peaceful happy life back.
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I'm going through the same thing i am so stressed out, my husband ex is trying to get me fired from my job an I've been on my job for 8 an a half years she has gotten my husband fired from 2 of his jobs she texts an say all kind of threats I'm scared of what she will do next

I feel for you. I really do! I know what it's like. My husband's old ex-girlfriend used to keep trying to contact him right after we got together, and even after we got married. In fact, we found out that on our wedding day she sent a "spy" to sit in the church, who was not invited, to take photos/video of our wedding for her!! She would send letters to our house -which I did not let him see of course. That stopped after we moved, but her stalking did not. We did not know this, but she has kept tabs on him all these years by contacting his family and his old high school friends to find out anything she could about him. After many years we thought she just gave up and went away. But no. Now with the invention of facebook, she stalks our facebook pages, photos, and even our kids facebook pages. She has friended all of his family and friends so she can continue to keep tabs on him and see any photos and information on us. When asked by one person, she just claims to be "curious". She leaves comments on facebook, pretending to still be involved with him and his family. She is very sick and needs help! We don't know what to do at this point.

Thank You for your advice! I am working on trying not to let her control our lives and inject her chaos & negative energy into my life right now. I also have set up a very high end surveillance system to build a concrete case against her and then take it far above the local authorities if need be.

Apologies for the spelling errors. I intended to types safety deposit box - mine costs only $40.00 Canadian a year and it is also a tax write off. Then other spelling mistake is in the sentence where police won't respond (I typed respong). I know you ladies are intelligent and probably read it a I intended, but this is such an important issue I want it to be perfectly clear what my message is.

This person stalking you has a mental illness. First - educate yourself. Second, get a safety deposit bos and remove anything truly important from your house - passports, birth certificates, credit card's and bills, etc. Also, build a case here - police don't seem to respong to one or two incidents, but if you can document a history of ongoing abuse - they will respond, as at that point they know it won't be a waste of time to charge this lunatic.