I'm not in fact even sure if it's correct to call this crazy woman my husband's "ex" - it seems that he had one coffee too many with her pretty recently, in fact!  And the stalking has stopped... but only after I got desperate and scared enough to actually press criminal charges!

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Sometimes people who are stalked by exes aren't even aware of it. My husband's old ex-girlfriend used to keep trying to contact him right after we got together, and even after we got married. She would send letters to our house, which he never saw! That stopped after we moved, but her stalking did not. We did not know this, but she has kept tabs on him all these years by contacting his family and his old high school friends to find out anything she could about him. We had thought that she just gave up and went away. But no. Now with facebook, she stalks our facebook pages, photos, and even our kids facebook pages. She has friended all of his family and friends so she can continue to keep tabs on him and see any photos. She leaves comments on facebook, pretending to still be involved with him and his family. She is very sick and needs help. People need to be aware that even if it SEEMS that an old ex has stopped stalking you and your family, they may not have! It might only surface again years later.

Wow. Just wow! My husband's ex-girlfriend from 20 yrs ago has been stalking us for the past 17 yrs ever since we got together. Never thought of getting something done legally about her harassment, but maybe that's what it takes. She is stalking our FAcebook page, and also our kids' facebook pages, and also both of our family members Facebook pages. She seems to like to pretend that she is still involved with my husband in some way - in her sick sick mind. It is very scary!

Spoons anybody, it makes stirring less painful :)

If you're offering, jackdaddy... then DEFINITELY!

Kinkitty... that would be making assumptions on sooooo many levels!

if you ever decide to kick, make sure it's in the nuts

JustJessie, I did talk to her!! She didn't take me very seriously... until she found herself in handcuffs in the back of a police vehicle! <br />
<br />
Kinkitty - this coffee's cooled down and is not at all sure she wants to be stirred by him any more ... <br />
<br />
Intrepidtraveler - funny enough, even I had the most amazing visuals reading these comments... a scary subject's actually made me giggle like a schoolgirl!<br />
<br />
And finally... HWP, in principle I agree with you completely. However, there's still a bit of unfinished emotional business in my head that needs to be solved first, before any kicking can be done!

Damn, now you guys made me thirsty with all your stirring. I'm off to make a cup of coffee. And I'll use a spoon thank you.

I think he should try to stir the cup at home too, that would be a start

Unless he's stirring with your consent you need to kick the ***** to the curb. Yeah, it's a tough choice and complicated I'm sure, but it's the only honest way.

Nah, I'm not easily offended, actually!! And he might very well have been ... uhm... stirring?!? her coffee for her - he's been known to ... stir... in strange cups before!

PS THat last comment was meant as a joke... please dont take offense. I have an Ex who stalked me for the first two years of my new marriage.

I was thinking that he was stirring her coffee for her... with his_________________________!

lol - I think I didn't express myself properly here. In fact, this is a woman that he has (according to him, of course) never had any relationship with other than a few business-related coffee's, and a few shared confidences. And the stalking stopped very abruptly after she was in fact arrested for harrassment, and warned very sternly to leave us alone :)

So your husband has been seeing his ex? UH OH... and the stalking has stopped? UHHHHHHHH OHHHHHHHHH