My ******* ex is stalking me online. He found me on facebook, and on myspace. He knows I have an account here, and on lush stories. I am so sick of his ***. He keeps theatening to sue me because he gave me some money when we were dating, and saying that i have to pay him back, even though when we were dating, he said nothing about having to pay him back. Im just so sick of his ****! I wish he just leave me the hell alone...

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3 Responses Nov 24, 2009

I had the same problem with a guy I was involved with for three years. I got my number changed and blocked his profiles on facebook and myspace.

PaY him back for your piece of mind. If he doesn't stop then there is another problem . Ask him what it is? It may not be that complicated if you approach it faceon.

maybe i would be just easier to pay him back... and/or get a restraining order...good luck to you