I Can't Pay What I Owe

I am being sued for $2,000.00. Court date is in May. There's no possible way I can pay that dumb debt. I don't have a job or income or bank account or assets. I am penniless. I have nothing of value. I told the greedy fools all this. They said they are taking me to court anyway. Man are they retarded! How do they think they can get money from me? I don't have any and can't get any. Idiots can't garnish my wages,cuz I don't have a job. Can't seize my assets,cuz I don't have any. Can't put a lien on my house,cuz its a rental. I read on the net I can't be jailed for not being able to pay. So,what do the greedy morons think they can accomplish? NOTHING.

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1 Response Mar 7, 2009

You sound like me lol I mean really what do you expect to get from a stone blood? Which is what it sounds like the person who is trying to sue you is doing lol.