At One Point I Was.

my activity was being watched at one time by a person that i blocked a few days ago, after she blocked me first. this started after she mistakenly thought i was referring to her when i answered a particular question. after that, she would look at my activity, then write snide stories or make snide comments contrary to what i had said. the kicker of it all is that she always portrayed herself to be above this kind of behavior but it seems that she's just as flawed as the next person. as irritating as it could be i also found it amusing that someone that was so busy with her own life, supposedly, took the time to keep up with me and what i was up to. that's why i didn't bother to block her before, i got a kick out of it. but now that she's blocked me, i can't say i shedding tears of sorrow. i thank her instead yes
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i looked at your profile and you don't seem pervy to me, just horny lol.

I figure that kind of behavior is a bit like carrying a billboard that says "I am a weak minded narcissist" or maybe something with more syllables. At best it is self reflective.<br />
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Jerrica, I'm checking out your experiences / interests and find them kinda cool, so I've sent you a friend invite. A word of caution, though. I might be one of those pervs that **** you off. Life can be like that, I guess. Anyway don't sweat the small stuff. And people who lord it over others for any reason are small stuff.<br />
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Tom Lehrer, a great comedian, once observed "Some people don't love their Fellow Man and I HATE people like that."

they got a big light shined on them thus they went underground lol. you must have been terribly important to them, kitten :)

you're so right, willboo, good advice. all i can be is myself and i'm not into pretending to be anything but that.

jerrica don't let that get to you, live your life, thats all that counts!.......your always going to run in to people like that. You have many friends here!..............just be jerrica...........:)))

i know you know how it is. myself, i don't have much going on in my life other than working and caring for my sister and i'm not about to pump myself up to look big for others. i'm happy with my boring life lol

My friend, I know just how you troll acted the very same way!!

i don't think this person had half the stuff going on in her life that she claimed to and was called on the carpet for it. some people just have to make themselves look so important. there must be something lacking in their lives for them to do that.

someone truly busy wouldn't have the time to creep around peeking at your business. sounds like a person with not much on their plate.

marji, i call her the self proclaimed grand dame of ep lol. i don't mind you checking my profile at all and i'm doing ok. could be better, could be worse, you know how it is. i agree with you, destiney, when it's all said and done i don't care about being blocked either. it's not like i was blocked by people that i had regular communication with or even knew.

it's even sillier, babe, when it comes from people that would swear that they wouldn't do something like this.

this was going on before we blocked one another. it kills me that people try to act like they're better than this when they're really not. just as jacked up as the rest of us.

Isn't that such silly behavior!

If you've blocked her, she can't see your activity because it wouldn't show on her profile UNLESS you write a story for a group in which you both belong. <br />
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Yes, its sad when people can't move on when they realize it just isn't working anymore.