My Maternal Grandfather Was From The Algerian Interior

Unfortunately, I never met my grandfather Hassan. He was killed during the War for Independence, when my mother was a baby. My grandmother brought my mother to France in 1963, and my mother grew into a little girl in Marseille.

My Berber forebears were devout Muslims from the interior of Algeria, to the west and close to the border with Morocco.

My grandmother moved herself and my mother from Marseille to Toulon when mother was thirteen. It was here that she met my father, and they became cildhood friends who grew up to be married.
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hamduulelaah . je suis amazigh et marocco

you know? I love the history of the family, I always liked to hear about the old timers and never missed a chance to do so.... seems like your own family has such a sweet stories to tell... I'm an Algerian boy and I live in Algeria... my old parents were freedom fighters and I always try to listen to their stories about the war of independence... I could still see tears rolling down my granny's eyes while narrating me what she's been through... Unfortunately, my relationship with mom isn't that much good, so I can't get lots of info from her, but my relationship with dad is much better, only that his relationship with his dad is very bad :( ... so as you could see, I'm very thankful to God that my grand parents are still alive ( except my paternal granny who passed away while I was only 6 years old) ...